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5257 Vineland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91601, USA
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I moved to LA for the same reason that many others do: to pursue a career in the entertainment business. However, the uneven pace of life as an artist forces many of us to either face ourselves or leave. In search of myself, I turned to yoga, to meditation, and eventually to reiki, which has created massive shifts in my life.

I became certified in the Usui System of Natural Healing and ever since then, I’ve been regularly sharing reiki sessions. Throughout these sessions, I’ve come to deepen my understanding of the chakras and to our connection with earth and source energy. I had been told that we’re all whole, perfect and complete, no matter where we are, but sharing reiki has allowed me to truly see this in my clients.

I have felt glimpses, if not long stretches, of what it can feel like when we are in harmony, and when our energy is circulating powerfully and confidently. This is what I aim to share with my clients. When our chakras are balanced and moving freely, they become the engine that allows us to move about this world with great ease.

For specific offerings or to book an appointment, I ask that you check on my website, as it will be more up to date with my Google Calendar. My sessions are currently all travel-based, so I will be coming to your home or office space.

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