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My name is Catherine W Dunne. Rev Dr RGMT,RGN WMA RHP RMP
I am a full time Nurse for 30+ years, Ordained Reverend in 2013, Minister of Healing since 2016, Dr of Metaphysics PhD in 2014 with ULC. Holistic Healer Practitioner (practicing Reiki since 1992 ), Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Grand Master/Teacher (20th Degree RGMT)since 2015, Master Chakra Practitioner(2012), Master Pendulum Healer(2014), Certified in Animal Reiki (2015 after 80 animal treatments), Lemurian Seed RGMT and Crystal Healer and Teacher. Colour and Sound Practitioner. Reflexology (over 100 hours) and Aromatherapy – AromaTouch Therapist (DoTerra 2015). I am studying Taoism Cosmic Healing and Acupressure and Touch for Health ongoing since 2012. EFT Practitioner since 2013.

Since 2016, Ireland’s only Ho’oponopono Practitioner.
As a result of Ho’oponopono, inspiration came to me and shown me two new symbols and their meaning for the Reiki Grandmaster Series. In 2017, I have registered these levels, giving the Series a total of 20 levels.

WMA (World Metaphysical Association), RMP (Registered Metaphysical Provider), RHP (Registered Holistic Practitioner), Member of TRA, British Dowsing Association, IARP (International Association of Reiki Practitioners). Owner of Holistic Health Care Wexford, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Integrated Energy and Spiritual Learning Centre (IEaSLC) both online and in workshops.
I offer distance healing/clearing with pendulum, chakra assessments and tuning/balancing. I run my clinics and workshops from home, to keep the costs down.
Chakras are our energy centres. When they do not function correctly, we become ill.
Over the years I have developed my system in combining Chakra with Reiki and balancing/tuning the Chakras with my special Hunter Healer Pendulum. I have also developed my own Integrated Intuitive Energy Healing practice, which can become a 2 hour session.

In the 2015/2016 votes for World’s Best, Most Trusted and Most Popular Lightworkers, I came 2nd in the Worlds Best Pendulum Healer, 5th best Reiki Master in the World, 8th Best Healer in the Europe, joint Best Crystal and Stones Energy Healers/Practitioners in the World, and 9th Best Animal Reiki Practitioner in the World. All of these I am very proud of.

I am also Co-Founder/ Co-Owner and Director of Integrated Energy and Spiritual Learning Centre For Attunements, Empowerments and Flushes (
AUMVEDAS ACADEMY of Personal Development, Human Growth, and Spiritual Expansion (

Also offer Home Study courses via

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