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Australian based, white light healer, psychic and intuitive empath.

When clearing a home and land of unwanted energies, and gridding/shielding the property is done. There is a great lift of mood afterwards, that makes an old home feel new again. The ongoing shielding keeps the property aligned to the energies of the occupants, and keeps the peace, calm and serenity. The clearing is felt immediately.

Do I need my property/ land cleared?

  • If you feel that the space you reside has emotional residual energy from previous occupants. 
  • If you know the property has had drugs, violence, arguments and other strong negative energies. 
  • If you generally feel areas of the property are not positive. If your children are suffering nightmares too often. If your pets will not go into certain areas, rooms or parts of rooms. 
  • If you or others are suffering from feelings of fear, nightmares, dread, anger and sadness. 
  • If the home has ever had any gatherings of: ceremonial magic, black magic, all forms of witchcraft, different forms of shamanic practices (ayahuasca) medium circles, seances, or other forms of circle gatherings talking with spirit or learning to do certain practices that involve channelling of spirit, guides, old gods, and angels etc…Using any form of plant based or synthetic hallucinatory drugs.
  • If you have had any negative situations happen or very strong, ongoing negative feelings and discussions are happening in the home.
  • When you can feel some unexplained energy or occurrences that leave those who live in the house with an uneasy feeling or inability to sleep well.
  • Someone has used a ouija board, seances, circles to conjure spirit or lower astral planes, any and all forms of witchcraft, black magic and occult practices in the property.
  • Or if the space you reside just doesn’t feel like a true home, where you feel safe, peaceful and secure. It might be time to have your property and land cleared.
  • If you live in an apartment, the clearing will clear the common areas also of the building. It won’t clear the energy of the other apartments, and I can explain why to you when we meet.
  • Find out more here >
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