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1906 Electric Road, VA 24018, USA
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Susan Jackson Mills, PhD is a Reiki Master with over 30 years working with Bach Remedies and Aromatherapy. Trained in Myer Brigg Instrument she has developed Typology, a visual learning tool, for individuals. Professional experiences include 20 years in the nonprofit sector and 10 years with UVA Continuing Education. Her goal is to help people to move towards balance and wholeness by using a simple relaxation Reiki technique which reduces stress and activates the body’s natural healing response. Currently teaching Reiki I & II classes.

I have a limited schedule at Belle Sante Day Spa & Wellness Services as I travel internationally. Please call (540) 566-3519 book either Master Reiki or Assess Bars Services.
What can Reiki do for me?

Reduce stress and anxiety
Boost energy levels
A feeling of inner calm, contentment and serenity
Better concentration or focus
Deep relaxation, contentment and peace
Better sleep
Improve metabolism, digestion, elimination and immune function
Balance energy
Increase awareness and mental acuity
Restore optimal organ function
A speeding up of the natural healing process

Reiki can also help you to:

Feel more positive, confident and better able to cope
Deal better with stressful people and difficult situations
Develop a strong sense of purpose and clear-thinking
Remove some of the “clutter” from your life

Reiki Treatments
Receiving Reiki from a practitioner, the client lies on a treatment table and the practitioner will gently lay their hands on the body in a series of hand positions on the head, torso and legs, sometimes hovering the hands rather than touching. During the treatment, energy is drawn through the practitioner into the recipient, helping to produce a state of balance. The recipient remains clothed throughout the session. Each Master Reiki Session includes a pre and post conference and Reiki Session, approximately 1hr 30 min. Reiki level I is a 30 min. Reiki Session.

Access Bars
There are 32 points or bars on your head. By activating the bars by gently touching these points lets the energy flow through the bars releasing electrical charge that holds all of your concerns, thoughts, beliefs, decisions, emotions, attitudes you have stored there for lifetimes after lifetime that limits the way you live your life.Access Bars Emotional Peace healing Master Reiki Peace stress reduction wellness Access Bars Emotional Peace healing Master Reiki Peace stress reduction wellness

Access Bars Emotional Peace healing Master Reiki Peace stress reduction wellness
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October 31, 2018

Reiki sessions with Susan are the most relaxing, rejuvenating sessions I have ever experienced. She goes to the next level to ensure that each session provides the optimal results. For me, Reiki is better than a massage.

November 6, 2018

After one session with Susan I felt a noticeable reduction in my stress level. Everything was very relaxing during the session, and I could feel the effects in terms of energy flow and balance during and after the session.

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