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Martin Stefanov Petkov helps people master their super power – mind, body, and heart in balance and alignment. This naturally brings more happiness, health, and harmony into their lives.

He uses the Japanese system for relaxation and subtle transformation Reiki. It facilitates growth and healing by naturally harmonising and strengthening mind and body on a deep level. Martin also teaches Reiki and offers courses dedicated to happiness or life purpose.

Martin has studied and applied mind-body integration and development principles for over ten years. His experience spans across various traditions from East and West. This allows him to meet people exactly where they are in their journey and guide them through the subsequent steps.

Martin has also been practising and teaching mindfulness and meditation formally since 2013. He acknowledged his life-long calling to make a contribution beyond himself by embracing the bodhisattva ideal of dedicating one’s life to the universal awakening of all beings. He took the vows in a monastery in the zen tradition and accepted the name Sei Do, meaning ‘sincere way’.

Martin’s approach is inspired by ancient traditions and grounded in science. It is supported by the latest insights from the fields of quantum physics and neuroscience and his knowledge and experience with human anatomy, physiology, and psychology. He also offers 12-session courses on happiness and life-purpose for people wanting to focus on one of these areas in particular.

His real credentials are the healing and growth he empowers people to experience.
Formally, Martin is a certified reiki master and teacher, personal trainer, and life coach.

If you are willing to experience the growth and healing you deserve …

If you are ready to embrace balance and wholeness …

If you want more happiness, health, and harmony …

This is your opportunity to … Master your Super Power

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