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Samantha-Jayne Ludbrook from Walk Of PrYde has been healing with Reiki since 2003. She loves being able to be a conduit for the energy to flow through into clients. She also has a love for crystals, colour and aromatherapy which she incorporates into her sessions.

Samantha uses Reiki in her everyday day life with her family & friends and has found that she uses it a lot with her pets and new baby. She found that when her baby wnet to day care she contracted a virus that was going around and in sleepless nights doing Reiki with her baby eased her back to sleep.

She has found that the deeper she is connected with the universe the deeper the healing experience is for her clientele and also herself.

Samantha has now who is now a counsellor has found that in sessions she will use Reiki to help clients to release and realign.

Testimonial from Leisa F (2016)
‘A year ago I had a car accident where a truck had hit me on the way home from Geelong. During that time I was feeling that it was my fault and I kept having bad dreams about it. Then I went and saw Sam and had some Reiki done. By the end of the session I felt better within myself and didn’t feel guilty that it was my fault and could sleep better, and haven’t had any more bad dreams about the truck hitting me’.

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