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At the RHA we have a vision of a world where Reiki is universally accessible so anyone can harness the power of Reiki energy for self-care and healing. Our extraordinary members work ambitiously both separately and together to help educate, promote and spread Reiki Healing and Teaching to every corner of our planet – and we support and empower them with the training and resources they need to succeed personally and professionally. If you are a Reiki Professional, looking for a community to help you develop your skills, find new clients and connect with like-minded Reiki Practitioners, then the RHA is the perfect next step for you.


We’ve been supporting and inspiring the Reiki community for nearly a decade, setting the highest professional and ethical standards in Reiki Practice. We help our Member’s get the recognition, training and support they deserve so they can thrive. 

Promote Your Reiki Business on a Global Platform

List your Reiki Business on our Exclusive Member’s Directory and attract more clients who are seeking your unique talents and services. We work with you to raise public understanding & awareness of Reiki.

Connect with Other Reiki Professionals

Network and create meaningful connections with your Reiki Peers who get your purpose and passions and share your values, with exclusive member’s groups and forums to help you connect. 

Essential Tools and Professional Recognition

We are the only Reiki Association that provides your with Ready-to-Go Reiki Manuals, Professional Materials and other Marketing tools to save you time, money and energy. (So you can focus on doing what you love!)

Grow Your Skill, Confidence & Reiki Practice

Access personal and professional learning and development opportunities and get the Reiki-specific resources you need to thrive. Stay up to date with the latest Reiki news and scale your business quickly without overspending.

RHA Member of the Week

Colleen Fletcher, USA

Colleen is a Reiki Master Teacher and Somatic Wellness Guide based in Boise, Idaho. She offers Reiki and Chakra Balancing sessions distantly to clients as well as various Meditation experiences and retreats. Colleen is also a Certified Hypnotist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician, Mindful Meditation Guide, Philosopher of Metaphysics, and Ordained Minister. Keep up the amazing work Colleen!

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Latest RHA Blogs


Reiki During Homelessness

Reiki During Homelessness

Reiki During Homelessness: RHA Member Patricia Herlevi shares her personal story of finding strength during homelessness, as she explores how Reiki and the Five Principles can help Practitioners gain wisdom and courage during some of life's greatest challenges...

Heeding the Call to Change

Heeding the Call to Change

Heeding the Call to Change: RHA Member Rod Bravo recounts how one of the most difficult times of his life, led him to the best decision he ever made. “...Every day for several months, I meditated and performed Reiki on my situation and feelings of low self-worth and...

Healing Past Lives with the Reiki Symbols

Healing Past Lives with the Reiki Symbols

Healing Past Lives with the Reiki Symbols: RHA Member Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, shares her experience sending Reiki to past lives, and explores the benefits of using Reiki to cleanse spiritual baggage from the past  “...We begin to understand that there really is only one...

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