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The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind. – Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus

Preparing for Reiki 1 – The Path to Reiki

People from all walks of life are drawn to Reiki for many different reasons. Many people come to Reiki after a personal recommendation from a friend who has already attended a workshop. They notice positive changes in their friend and decide to experience it for themselves. A large majority of people simply need healing and want to take responsibility and control of their own treatment and well-being. The most common factor seems to be that people are searching for hope and guidance. Often people feel empty and are looking for a way of filling that void.

Many students begin as skeptics just curious to find out more about it, and leave as Reiki enthusiasts. The secret to getting the most from Reiki is to be open to Reiki. Instead of being negative and skeptical let the joy of Reiki envelop you. Leave your fears and doubts behind and jump head first in to a life changing experience. Reiki draws you to itself. If you are attending a seminar / workshop on first degree Reiki, you are there for a reason — you need it. Trust in the omniscient wisdom of Reiki. Remember you will only need the First Degree attunement once in your life, so make it a celebration you will never forget. It’s up to you.

Preparing for Reiki 1 – The Initiation Ceremony

In order to work with, and become a channel for Reiki you need to go through the first degree initiation ceremony, which consists of four attunements. These attunements are normally done over the course of a two day workshop. I prefer to do the four attunements at the same time as I believe it is beneficial to the student. The energy is stronger and the student is able to work and practice at their full capacity throughout the workshop. This process also allows the student to feel sense and experience more of the Reiki energy.

The four attunements are given on both days of the workshop, to supercharge the student and raise their energy vibration to the peak level possible with first degree Reiki. We also offer a distant attunement service as part of this home study course; please click here for more information.

Preparing for Reiki 1 – Preparing for the Workshop

Before attending the first degree workshop there are a few basic things you should do in preparation. These guidelines will enable you to get the most from the workshop and the Initiation ceremony.

Avoid taking alcohol or any other form of drug for at least forty-eight hours before the workshop. These substances slow and hinder the flow of Reiki throughout the body.

Avoid eating meat, fish, processed foods or any other junk food for at least twenty-four hours. If possible have a day of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables. The digestion of food takes more energy than any other bodily function. Proteins and highly processed foods take more time to digest and will steal vital energy from your body.

If possible meditate each day for a week before attending the workshop. This will help to focus your thoughts, expectations and mind on becoming a Reiki channel for healing.

Preparing for Reiki 1 – The Morning of the Workshop
  • Get up earlier than normal so you have plenty of time to prepare for the day ahead. You will then have time to relax and not become rushed or stressed.
  • If possible take a walk or a gentle jog to energize your system.
  • Avoid tea or coffee. However, naturally caffeine free herbal tea is fine.
  • Eat only fruit for breakfast. You will have more energy for the workshop.
  • Mentally prepare yourself with a short meditation.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. The stress of being late can upset your day and your enjoyment.
  • Come to the workshop with an open mind body and spirit. You will get out only what you put into the workshop.
Preparing for Reiki 1 – What Happens During The Initiation?

Many people wonder why the initiation ceremony must remain a secret and why the students need to close their eyes during the attunements. Questions like these are quite normal, and understandable. The reason for the secrecy is to keep the rituals sacred and cherished by the Reiki Master and their students. The eyes kept closed allow the recipient being attuned to go inside and focus on the experience, it also helps the Reiki Master concentrate on what is a complex set of procedures.

During the initiation, the Reiki Master uses the ancient symbols and mantras (holy words that activate and direct certain energies) rediscovered by Dr. Usui to connect the student to the universal life force.

Dr. Hayashi described it to Madam Takata so beautifully when he said, “the universal life force is so big we cannot measure it, so deep we cannot fathom it; therefore in Japanese we call it Reiki.” He continued “it is comparable to a radio station, broadcasting radio waves everywhere. There are no wires connecting the radio station with your home, yet when you turn on the receiver and tune into the radio waves from the station you receive what they are sending. Likewise, the principles of Reiki are the same. The energy is everywhere; it travels through space without wires. Once you have been connected to the energy it flows automatically, forever. It is a universal and immeasurable energy and its power is unlimited.”

Preparing for Reiki 1 – What Happens After Initiation?

When you receive your first attunement during the initiation ceremony, energy will start to flow through your hands at the thought of healing. You will also start a 21 day cleansing and detoxification cycle through the chakras. The Reiki attunement has a powerful healing influence on the mind body and spirit, activating all seven chakra’s, beginning with the root, and ending at the crown chakra — each one taking approximately twenty-four hours. This happens three times.

You may not be aware of this depending on how fit and healthy you are. The more toxic you are the more you will be aware of the cleansing process. Your body is preparing you for healing. When the toxins are out of your system your body can work at its ultimate level for healing. Your whole system will be readjusted and re-balanced. You may experience symptoms of physical cleansing and detoxification such as a running nose, headaches or diarrhea. There is no need to be alarmed the body is simply flushing out the toxins. It is a good idea to spend a bit more time resting over the twenty-one day period; use the time for self healing and reflection. Place your hands on any aches or pains you may be experiencing and allow Reiki to ease your discomfort and speed up the healing process.

The healing energy works on all levels of the mind body and spirit. This process can be quite emotional and exhausting at times as the Reiki energy goes to work on the emotional and physical blocks, scars and baggage that your body has collected and stored throughout your lifetime.

Reiki’s wisdom will do whatever is needed to release you from the fears and barriers that prevent you leading a happy fulfilling life. If you find yourself getting emotional and wanting to cry, scream or shout, let it happen. The old saying better out than in is so true and therapeutically beneficial to your being. Release the ties that bind you to your old habits and lifestyle. Reiki is like a rebirth. You can cleanse your mind body and spirit and start again. Trust in the healing power of Reiki.

Some reactions may seem unpleasant but by accepting them as part of your personal healing process and not attaching a great deal of importance to them, they will soon pass. You may also find yourself dealing with certain issues in your dreams; it can be helpful to keep a record of them in a dream journal. Then when you have time you can meditate on the issues. There are also two extremely good techniques for unravelling the meanings of dreams and how they relate to your life.

The first is ‘Dreamwork’ which is a form of Gestalt therapy developed by Dr Fritz Perls. It is simple and easy to understand. You are shown how to conduct conversations with your dreams. During these conversations your unconscious mind will unlock and reveal the true meaning of your dreams to you. There are many good books on this subject including The Red Book of Gestalt by Gaie Houston.

Professor Eugene Gendlin developed another technique for working with your dreams called Focussing. This subtle yet profound skill teaches you how to get in touch with the wisdom of the body. Ann Weiser Cornell’s excellent book The Power of Focusing is a practical guide to using Professor Gendlin’s techniques to unravel the meanings of your dreams.

The attunements ‘switch on’ an extra surge of power which fuels all life. The more you use Reiki the stronger it becomes. Establish the habit of giving yourself Reiki before you fall asleep at night and when you wake up in the morning. Remember, once you have been attuned to the universal life force you can begin channelling the healing energy of Reiki to yourself and others.

Reiki is never sent, it is always drawn through the channel. This is one of the major differences between Reiki and magnetic or spiritual healing. Because the energy is drawn through the channel by the recipient as opposed to being directed by the healer, the Reiki practitioner will never feel drained or take on the condition of the patient. On the contrary, the practitioner is also receiving a self – treatment as the Reiki energy flows through them to the recipient.

Your psychic, intuitive and creative abilities will be raised by between 50 to 80 percent. By raising your vibratory level you will begin a Tranceformational process on all the many levels and aspects of your life.

We all live in an extremely stressful and hectic world, which can influence our total being. Reiki helps control how our mind body and spirit responds both internally and externally to the often negative and destructive external stimuli from our world. If applied regularly, Reiki will reduce the extreme highs and lows of life, gradually leading to a new balanced existence.

Preparing for Reiki 1 – Ways to Use Reiki after the Attunement

Once you have been attuned to Reiki, the energy will flow through your hands whenever you touch with the intention of healing or helping. You can use Reiki on:

  • Yourself
  • Other Adults (Family, Friends, Colleagues, Clients)
  • Children
  • Prenatal babies
  • Accident Patients/Situations
  • Emergency Situations
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Fish
  • Plants, Trees, Seeds and Your Garden
  • Crystals
  • Food (During preparation or before you eat)
  • Drinks
  • Your Work or Career
  • Contracts or Contract Negotiations
  • Projects
  • Letters and Important Documents
  • Your Car, Motorbike or Cycle
  • For protection in general or when you are travelling
  • Your Home or Office
  • Drinking Water
  • Bath or Shower Water



The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world. – Marianne Williamson

Reiki 1 Article – Preparing for Reiki 1

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