Reiki And The Ultradian Rhythm Technique

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Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy. – Lao Tzu

What is the Ultradian Rhythm?

Biological research has discovered that the human body functions in various cycles. One of these cycles is the ultradian rhythm; the natural body cycle of activity and rest. During sleep we dream every 90-120 minutes, even if we do not remember doing so. In our daily lives this rhythm continues. During the day we often have a sudden urge to stop and rest. The body needs to take short breaks every 90-120 minutes to repair and maintain itself.

Most people misjudge this natural and important process and fail to allow themselves a short power break. Instead of relaxing and recharging their batteries most people opt for a quick boost of energy. This normally comes in the form of a coffee or tea break, sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks or cigarettes. Unfortunately all of these are stimulants and simply gloss over the underlying need of the body to take regular breaks if it to maintain health and well-being. When we consistently ignore these essential psycho-physiological breaks we are upsetting the fine balance and rhythms of the mind body and spirit.

This neglect leads to health problems and stress related disorders such as depression, mood swings, psychosomatic pain and illnesses, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders and a wide variety of psychological problems. Reiki can be used to prevent and help treat this problem by bringing the body back in to equilibrium and normalising the Ultradian rhythm.

Reiki and the Ultradian Rhythm Technique

During the day look out for signs from your body-mind telling you to stop for a moment and rest. These signs normally manifest as a sudden feeling of slowing down or loss of energy. You may feel yourself drift off into a semi-trance like state, somewhat like daydreaming.

At this point allow yourself a short break and you will revitalise and rejuvenate your whole mind body and spirit. Place your cupped hands over your eyes as shown in the image below (self healing hand position 1). Close your eyes and go inside.


Become aware of any part of your body that feels tight, sore or tired. If you discover a part of your body that you sense or feel needs reiki move your hands to that place on your body and keep them there for as long as you need in order for the pain or discomfort to dissipate. Try to imagine or sense that part of your body being filled with a vivid healing white light – Reiki.

Then make the light grow brighter and brighter, larger and larger until it envelopes your whole body mind and spirit. Sense the feeling of peace and well being as the healing white light fills your aura and forms a protective shield of pure unconditional love and healing invigorating energy around you. When you feel rejuvenated and recharged gently open your eyes and continue with your day.

Repeat this exercise on a regular basis to keep your energy levels high and to prevent stress and ill health. It is really important to change how you respond to this natural rhythm of life. Replace the junk food and quick attempts to boost your energy levels with this healthier and natural self healing technique that will add years to your life.

If you fail to find a part of the body that needs reiki during this exercise; go back inside once more and look again. Often we have found it takes a second or even third look inside to find a part of the body that requires healing. This is because it is invariably hidden deep inside the unconscious mind. However, if you fail to uncover anything simply keep your hands over your eyes for as long as you require. The short break will still be beneficial to your health and well being.

When time or conditions prevent you taking these short power breaks, there is another simple way of maintaining your fight against fatigue, sickness and disease. The thymus gland which is situated between the throat and the heart chakra (see illustration below) is a twin lobed organ that is responsible for producing white infection fighting blood cells. Although the functions of the thymus are not fully understood, it is known to play a part in the development of immunities against various diseases by forming a hormone essential to the immune system known as THF (thymic humoral factor).


Researchers believe that it is this hormone that acts on lymphocytes, causing them to change into plasma cells, which subsequently form antibodies that produce immunities.


Tap gently 20-30 times on your chest over the position of the thymus (see illustration above) or place one of your hands over the position for several minutes. This simple technique will help maintain and boost your immune system while filling your body, mind and spirit with vitality.


Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant. – Robert Louis Stevenson

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