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It is reasonable to expect the doctor to recognize that science may not have all the answers to problems of health and healing.  – Norman Cousins

Once you have received the first degree attunement, from a Reiki Master you are ready to work with the universal life force. However, it is important that you realise as with every profession there is a need to first practice and master the skills associated with healing. Madam Takata taught her students to heal themselves first, then their families, then their friends. Only then did she believe they would be adequately qualified and able to work as a practitioner and heal other people.

When a person first learns to drive a car they need time, practice and experience to master what appears to be a rather complex set of procedures. However, within a relatively short space of time they can drive safely and effortlessly as they unconsciously control the car and all the various skills associated with driving.

Likewise with time, practice and experience you will master the skills and techniques associated with art of Reiki healing. Treat the early months as a learning experience, almost like an apprenticeship; this will give you the time you need to develop your confidence and skills. Remember the more you work with Reiki the more intuitive you will become, your energy vibration will be raised and you will develop and experience a new joyful consistency in your life.

Self healing is the starting point for personal development and self discovery. Reiki is not just a tool for healing; it also brings protection, prevention and personal transformation on all levels. As you progress along your new path, inevitably you will come up against obstacles and setbacks in your life that often seem like the whole ocean front, but with Reiki you will have the strength to deal with them as though they are but pebbles on the beach. Even if you never use Reiki to heal anyone but yourself, you will find a new sense of balance and peace in your life.

There is no other method of self-treatment as simple and as effective as Reiki. Because Reiki is always available to you, whenever you feel tired, stressed, have any aches or pains, you can alleviate them by simply laying your hands on your body. The infinite wisdom of Reiki will go to wherever it is needed.

Recharge your batteries every day, not just when problems, difficulties, anxiety or illnesses arise. Daily self treatment will help to prevent sickness and disease, and bring your life into focus and balance quickly. Every time you use Reiki on yourself, you raise your self esteem and self love. You will discover your mission in life and become more compassionate and loving.

Instead of getting stressed at the normal things you come into contact with each day such as traffic jams; meetings, interviews, going to the doctor’s or dentist, waiting in queues, your children needs and your family responsibilities to name but a few, allow Reiki into your life and let Reiki become a new way of life to you.

Set aside a little time each day for a self treatment. First thing in the morning will give you a positive boost for the day ahead. Alternatively, a self treatment last thing at night will relax and unwind you, leading to a good night’s sleep. Good places for a self-treatment are in the bath, the shower, or lying in bed. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are immeasurable.

Reiki is a gift to be savoured and enjoyed. Remember the more you use Reiki the stronger and more profound it becomes. Daily use could extend your own life by a number of years.

Reiki Self Treatment – How Reiki Can Help You

There are a number of benefits to be gained, which occur without any effort from a daily Reiki self-treatment including:

  • Reiki will relax you when you are stressed
  • Reiki brings about deep relaxation
  • Reiki centres your thoughts when you are confused
  • Reiki energises you when you feel drained
  • Reiki calms you when you are frightened
  • Reiki focuses your mind and helps you to solve problems
  • Reiki relieves pain
  • Reiki accelerates natural healing of wounds
  • Reiki improves health
  • Reiki gradually clears up chronic problems
  • Reiki helps prevents the development of disease
  • Reiki detoxifies the body
  • Reiki dissolves energy blockages
  • Reiki releases emotional wounds
  • Reiki increases the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Reiki helps change negative conditioning & behaviour

Reiki Self Treatment – How to Treat Yourself with Reiki

There is no right or wrong way to work with Reiki on oneself. As you become more experienced with the Reiki energy you will intuitively move your hands to wherever it feels right. However, if you are aware of a specific problem such as an injury or pain, then you should place your hands directly over that area to begin with, and follow up with a full self treatment.

In the beginning, it is always best to follow a set procedure as shown in the following illustrations marked “Self Treatment Hand Positions”.

When you have mastered the hand positions you can then leave each self treatment up to your own intuition. You may wish to work with music to add the right relaxing mood. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed if possible. Normally you would spend three to five minutes on each position.

However time is often short; but remember a little Reiki is better than no Reiki. On completion of the self treatment drink a large glass of purified water. Close your eyes and go inside and pay attention to the thoughts and emotions that have arisen during the session. You may feel light headed, and if you need to rest, or sit down for a short time, allow yourself this time.

If you feel you need to continue to work on a specific area of the body, even if you have completed a full self treatment, then go with your intuition; always listen to your mind and body.

Remember the following hand positions are only a guide – Use your intuition

Reiki Self Treatment Hand Positions


Hand Position 1

  • Cup your hands and gently rest them over your eyes, cheekbones and forehead (third eye chakra).
  • Stress, eye problems, asthma, head colds, allergies, sinuses, pituitary gland, pineal gland and cerebral nerves.

Hand Position 2

  • Place your hand on top of your head with fingertips touching (crown chakra).
  • Migraine, headaches, eye problems, multiple sclerosis, stress, bladder, digestive disorders, flatulence and emotional problems.

Hand Position 3

  • Hands on either side of your head with fingers covering your temples.
  • Balance, tinnitus, balance and ear problems, colds, flu and balances the function of the right and left brain.

Hand Position 4

  • Place your hands on the back of your head covering the occipital ridge.
  • Headaches, eye problems, stress, hay fever, sinuses, digestive disorders, fears, phobias, shock depression and stroke.

Hand Position 5

  • Hands covering the top of the shoulders and the bottom of the neck.
  • Aches and pains, stress, neck, tight muscles, nerves, spinal injury and shock.

Hand Position 6

  • Place your hands around the neck with the heels covering the throat (throat chakra).
  • Self expression, communication, breathing, voice and speech problems, bronchitis, flu, colds and anger.

Hand Position 7

  • Hands form a T, left hand covering the heart (heart chakra) & the right hand over the thymus gland.
  • Heart, angina, lungs, thymus, thyroid, weight problems, immune system, lymph, emotional problems and stress.

Hand Positions 8 – 11

  • Position 8 the hands are positioned horizontally at the top of the torso just above the chest/breasts.
  • Position 9 the hands are positioned horizontally just below the chest/breasts.
  • All major organs and glands, disease, infections, stomach, intestines, reproductive organs, anger and emotions.
  • Position 10 the hands are positioned horizontally at the centre of the stomach.
  • Position 11 the hands are positioned in a V inside the hip bone.
  • All major organs and glands, disease, infections, stomach, intestines, reproductive organs, anger and emotions.

Hand Positions 12 and 13

  • Position 12 the hands are placed over the front of the knees.
  • Position 13 the hands are placed behind the back of the knees.
  • As an alternative method you can also cup both hands around the right knee first (position 12) and then cup both hands around the left knee if you find this more comfortable.
  • Leg pains, varicose veins, mobility issues and poor circulation.

Hand Positions 14 – 17

  • Position 14 the hands are positioned on top of the shoulders.
  • Position 15 the hands are positioned horizontally as high up the back towards the bottom of the shoulder blades as possible/comfortable.
  • All major organs and glands, disease, infections, back and spinal problems and stress.
  • Position 16 the hands are positioned horizontally at the lower back area just below the back of the rib cage.
  • Position 17 the hands are positioned in a V at the base of the spine.
  • All major organs and glands, disease, infections, back and spinal problems and stress.

Hand Position 18

  • Sit in the lotus position and hold both feet with your hands.
  • Alternatively, if this position is too uncomfortable, you can sit cross legged with your right leg resting on your left leg and place your hands on the top and underside of your right foot, and then alternate and place you’re your hands on the top and underside of your left foot as it rests on your right leg.
  • Leg pains, varicose veins, all major organs and glands (reflexology points).


The cure for pain is in the pain. – Roger Woolger

Reiki Level 1 – Reiki Self Treatment

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