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Certified Chakra Healing Course - Accredited by the Reiki Healing Association

Certified Chakra Healing Master

It's time to supercharge your chakra practice! Becoming a Certified Chakra Healing Master™ (CCHM) is the key to taking your knowledge, skill and understanding of Energy Healing to a completely new level of Mastery and its attainable now through our Brand New Chakra Healing Master Program™

This 4 Week Programme offers a complete guide to understanding and working professionally with Chakra healing.
Learn natural tools and techniques for healing each of the seven chakras in our energy system. Use these skills for your own personal healing, and to help your own clients along their healing journey.
Identify and release blocked chakras to activate profound energetic healing and improve wellbeing.
Start a rewarding career in Chakra Therapy! Chakra healing can be used to complement a wide range of holistic modalities, integrating with Reiki, Massage, Crystal Healing, Acupuncture, Life Coaching, Yoga and more.

“Thank you so much for this deep analysis of the chakras.  Before starting this course I was aware, intuitively, that somehow the Chakras were an important part of the body’s ‘engine’ and felt they each connected to each other as an expanded healing tool. It was the missing piece of the ‘puzzle’ and now I have connected them as a very important part of the energy system that enables us to use the Universal energy that flows through us all, consciously, in a very practical way – thus enabling us to heal ourselves as well as others. I would like to add, that it is never too late to learn something new – I am 80 years old and have been a Reiki Master-Teacher for many years, and I feel at last, that I have a much clearer understanding of my mission in this life. Once again thank you for this course and the hard work everyone in your team have put into it to make it such a success. Love and Light.” 

Judith Nelson

Certified Chakra Healing Master, CCHM

Get These Amazing Benefits When You Join This Chakra Healing Programme

Within every one of us is a powerful energy system working to keep us healthy and happy – this energy network is made up of seven key centres of energy known as the chakras. Humans have known about the powerful chakra system and their influencing effects on all areas of life for many millennia, with the first references to chakras appearing in the most ancient Hindu scriptures more than 2000 years ago. More recently, these powerful healing concepts and practices have been westernised by New Age authors, providing us with simple and practical ways in which we can use this system to feel better and re-balance our lives. 

This interactive course will explore the role the chakras play in our emotional, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual wellbeing, providing you with both the knowledge to detect symptoms of chakra imbalance and the tools to balance, stimulate and open the energy centres to promote healing on deep energetic levels.

Chakra Mastery

This course is an energetic MOT and will take you on a deep spiritual journey, helping you release and let go of the negative energy blocking your peace, goals and relationships, and find more balance and alignment so you can reconnect with your truest, most vibrant self. Learn the skills to master you energy and empower your clients to do the same!

Formalise your Experience

Whether you are just getting started on your chakra journey or you are an experienced energy professional, this course will transform your understanding of energy and take your healing practice to a whole new level! Most energy courses never go into this level of detail, leaving a huge gap in your energy training! 

Grow your Reiki Business 

The art of chakra healing is becoming an increasingly popular way to provide profound relaxation, emotional release, and healing across mind, body and spirit.  As a chakra expert, you can run your own Chakra healing session and workshops and expand your holistic biz!

Distant Learning

Learn at your pace, on the go or from the comfort of your own home with on-demand lessons to suit your lifestyle. There are no deadlines, so you can fit the training around your schedule! Our Mobile-friendly learning portal makes it easy to jump back into your training!

Full Certification

Internationally recognised Chakra Healing Master Certification - giving you the credentials to practice Chakra healing. Learn with a Training Academy you can trust, with qualifications provided by the Reiki Healing Association.

Lifetime Access & Support

Lifetime access to the online learning portal, including all future updates. As well as 1-1 email support from 4 highly experienced Reiki tutors, you'll be able to ask questions in our exclusive Reiki community with Lifetime access to our online group.

Immediate access - no wait time!

Join over 100,000 Reiki Students who have trained with us

Naila Barlas


"Starting this course feels like starting of my journey again. I feel alive and excited to learn and get connected to myself again. Thank You!”

Katheryn Brunner


“What an amazing course! So much information packed into each module. Very easy format to understand and retain, thank you for a beautiful and informative course! I am so glad I took it and that I can check back when needed.”

 Marieke Bink


"I am totally enjoying this course. It gives me so many extra insights that I can use for my clients during/after my reiki-sessions. Thank you so much!!”

Trusted Online Training

What you will Explore in this Course

The chakras provide the energetic stepping stones back to a life of peace, passion and purpose. As we climb from the Root Chakra at the base of the spine, all the way up to the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, we find a roadmap back to our Highest Self. Whilst the stress and negativity of everyday life can block and slow the spin of our chakras, leaving us feeling frazzled, burnt out and overwhelmed, balance can be restored with simple chakra healing techniques. 

We will be working through a number of powerful ways to bring back balance and equilibrium to the chakras. So you'll have a new energy skillset to use whenever you need to jump-start your energy system! 

By the end of this course you will: 

Understand the anatomy of the energy system in detail and how the aura and chakras influence all aspects of our lives.
Have a deep and detailed understanding of each of the 7 chakras  – their functions, symbolism and physical, emotional and psychological associations.
Understand what health looks like when the chakras are balanced.
Learn how to identify where there are energy blockages, weaknesses or overactivity by understanding specific tell-tell signs of imbalance in each chakra
Understand some of the common causes behind blockages in each chakra
Embrace safe and natural ways to clear blocks and balance the energies of each chakra, working with Crystals, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Healing Foods, Colour Therapy, Sacred Mantras, Affirmations, Visualisation, Reiki, Mudras, Healing Music and more! 
Look at how we can bring these healing modalities into our daily lives and energy work!  And so much more….

Mary-Anne Scaife


"Thank you. I found this course to be extremely informative and retainable. This course has definitely made me feel more confident about the chakra system and I know that it will be very useful in my Reiki and coaching/ counselling practice. Very inspiring!"


Thousands of Happy Students!

"Thank you for this course, I have really enjoyed every moment. The content is amazing & fit perfectly with my medical knowledge, and current Reiki, crystal & aromatherapy use.

I have learnt a lot, especially about my own Chakra system & it’s levels of balance. I’ve especially found the recordings of sound therapy for use while sleeping really effective.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt with others."

Fiona Bedford

Certified Chakra Healing Master


This was such an an amazing course. The knowledge and effort you put in each Module did not go unnoticed, nor did they disappoint.

The visuals were so breathtakingly beautiful to view. So much so, that I found myself watching some of the videos multiple times. And- to be able to have lifetime-access, is truly a gift that will keep on giving.

The meditations for each Chakra, then the full-body one after, was such a lovely way to continue my healing journey. Very cleansing, rejuvenating, and thought-provoking.

I HIGHLY recommend this Course to any and all. The plethora of information and exercises contained within, abound. Everything about it is well presented and flows with ease. This Course reminds me of a good book that you simply can not put down.

I bow in appreciation to all you that made this journey possible, both behind the scenes and in-front of them.

Doncy Falvey

Certified Chakra Healing Master

"Thank you very much, I really enjoyed doing this course. I have learned a lot which is going to help me with my crystal Reiki business. All the modules where very clear to understand."

Rita Malhotra

Certified Chakra Healing Master

“The meditation are so beautiful. They have all been amazing – but I particularly loved and needed the Heart Chakra one. Thank you.”

Barbara Albright

Certified Chakra Healing Master

“Really enjoying this course so far – gaining a greater understanding of my base knowledge of the chakras, love it!”

Christy Drown

Certified Chakra Healing Master

"Thank you so much for the Chakra healing master course. At first I was sceptical, but once I started, I couldn't wait to finish each module. I will go over the lessons again and again. I love the information. I learned a lot. It is an important tool for me to balance and heal myself, my family and friends. Namaste."

Annalyn Paniza

Certified Chakra Healing Master

“The body of knowledge available through this course is amazing. I realized that intuitively I’ve been drawn to certain herbs, crystals and sounds throughout my healing, and spiritual journey, not really knowing what I was doing, but following the nudge. I now realize that In some instances I was attempting to heal my root chakra. Thank you for the detailed information.  ”

Diana Turner-Forte

Certified Chakra Healing Master

“The Chakra Checker Workbook You provide is definitely something I will be coming back to again and again. It will also be exciting to gauge my chakras throughout this course and beyond."

Jennifer Barry

Certified Chakra Healing Master

"I have really enjoyed this course, I know I will continue to refer back to this valuable information. It was presented beautifully, the meditations were fantastic, the content was very thorough, practical, and helpful! I love your courses! Namaste"

Lori Charett

Certified Chakra Healing Master

What you’ll learn in this 4-week course

You're here because you know how powerful energy healing can be and your are ready to take the next step to deepen your self-awareness and spiritual practice! 

This comprehensive course will help you really get to grips with the chakra system and discover how each of the seven chakras impacts your life every day, so you can boost your own self-healing and respond more intuitive to your own energy needs. You'll be able to use this deep understanding of chakra health to enhance your professional energy work and help your clients feel more balanced and in control. 

Week 1

No study of the chakras would be complete without a deep dive into the energy anatomy –  looking at the subtle energy networks and the different qualities the chakras can take on. We look at the aura, the meridians, the minor chakras, and how everything connects to the physical body via the endocrine and nervous system. PLUS: we open with a beautiful guided aura cleansing meditation – essentially an energy spring clean! 

Week 1

This is our energy foundation – the chakra governing all our basic survival needs! We learn how to overcome the fears blocking this instinctual chakra, so we can improve our home life, financial security and physical wellbeing and attract abundance and security into our life.  It’s time to stand on our own two feet, and the guided Root Chakra meditation will help ground you back firmly to Earth! 

Week 2

This is our sacred centre for intimacy and enjoying all life has to offer. It governs our emotions and all our desires, creativity and sensuality! This week we learn how to overcome and embrace our sensual and creative side! We embrace the power of movement and tune into our senses, and work on healing any blockages preventing us from living a life of passion and enjoyment.

Week 2

The solar plexus chakra is associated with personal power, self-confidence, and inner strength. It is believed to govern our sense of identity, willpower, and the ability to manifest our desires in the world. This week we will learn how to balance and open this chakra so it promotes a sense of empowerment, self-esteem, and assertiveness. We learn to trust our gut and develop and enhance our personal brand.

Week 3

Who is ready for a little more love in their life? This energy centre is right bang in the middle of the chakra system so is a balancing force for head and heart. It is responsible for love, compassion and relationships. The energy in this chakra enables us to love deeply and unconditionally and empathise with the feelings of others. It allows us to forgive and grieve and find peace again, shedding toxic relationships by re-focusing on self-love. 

Week 3

Located at the base of the throat, it's associated with communication, self-expression, and truth. It governs our ability to express ourselves openly and honestly, not only to others but also to ourselves. This week we learn to share our voices proudly and authentically with the world. Granting ourselves permission to speak up, listen and share our own unique ideas, opinions and purpose.

Week 4

Time to see the world through our mind’s eye! This energetic eye allows us to see the bigger picture of what really is important to us, clarify our dreams and visualise a better future. When this energy centre is closed off, we get stuck in the same negative thought patterns and habits and become narrow-minded so we miss opportunities. We discover the power of stillness and mediation and how to tap into our intuition!

Week 4

The final chakra! The path to our highest consciousness! This chakra is about releasing the attachments in our lives that block us from living our purest life – a life aligned with our truest purpose. As we acknowledge our connection to something greater – the Universe, the divine, a higher mind – we unlock unlimited potential for growth and transformation!

Week 4

Module nine is where we bring everything together! We look at how you can take everything you have learnt in the previous modules and embrace and incorporate these new skills into your daily life! 



Module 1 Introduction - The Anatomy Of The Energy System

Unit 1 - Welcome to the Course + Download Your Chakra Checker!

Unit 2 - How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

Unit 3 - Understanding Energy

Unit 4 - Exploring The Chakras

Unit 5 - Chakras and the Endocrine System

Unit 6 - Chakras and the Nervous System

Unit 7 - Minor Chakras & the Meridians

Unit 8 - The Chakra Qualities

Unit 9 - Chakras and Kundalini Energy

Unit 10 - Chakra Healing Techniques

Unit 11 - Module Summary

Unit 12 Bonus: Opening Aura Meditation & Affirmations Poster

Module 2 The Root Chakra

Unit 1 - Getting To Know The Root Chakra + Download Your Root Chakra Workbook

Unit 2- Functions of the Root Chakra

Unit 3 - Balance and Imbalance in the Root Chakra

Unit 4 - Healing the Root Chakra: Lifestyle & Mindset and Healing Affirmations

Unit 5 - Healing the Root Chakra: Food and Yoga

Unit 6 - Healing the Root Chakra: Aromatherapy, Crystals, Healing Sounds

Unit 7 - Healing the Root Chakra: Meditation

Unit 8 - Healing the Root Chakra: Reiki

Unit 9 - Module Summary


Module 3 The Sacral Chakra

Unit 1 - Getting to Know the Sacral Chakra + Download Your Sacral Chakra Workbook

Unit 2 - Functions Of The Sacral Chakra

Unit 3 - Balance and Imbalance In The Sacral Chakra

Unit 4 - Healing the Sacral Chakra: Lifestyle & Mindset and Healing Affirmations

Unit 5 - Healing the Sacral Chakra: Food and Yoga

Unit 6 - Healing The Sacral Chakra: Aromatherapy, Crystals, Healing Sounds

Unit 7 - Healing The Sacral Chakra: Meditation

Unit 8 - Healing The Sacral Chakra: Reiki

Unit 9 - Module Summary

Module 4 The Solar Plexus Chakra

Unit 1 - Getting to Know the Solar Plexus Chakra+ Download Your Solar Plexus Workbook

Unit 2 - Functions of the Solar Plexus Chakra

Unit 3 - Balance and Imbalance in the Solar Plexus Chakra

Unit 4 - Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra: Lifestyle & Mindset and Healing Affirmations

Unit 5 - Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra: Food and Yoga

Unit 6 - Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra: Aromatherapy, Crystals, Healing Sounds

Unit 7 - Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra: Meditation

Unit 8 - Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra: Reiki

Unit 9Module Summary


Module 5 The Heart Chakra

Unit 1- Getting to Know the Heart Chakra+ Download Your Heart Chakra Workbook

Unit 2 - Functions of the Heart Chakra

Unit 3 - Balance and Imbalance in the Heart Chakra

Unit 4 - Healing the Heart Chakra: Lifestyle & Mindset and Healing Affirmations

Unit 5 - Healing the Heart Chakra: Food and Yoga

Unit 6 - Healing the Heart Chakra: Aromatherapy, Crystals, Healing Sounds

Unit 7 - Healing the Heart Chakra: Meditation

Unit 8 - Healing the Heart Chakra: Reiki

Unit 9 - Module Summary

Module 6 The Throat Chakra

Unit 1 - Getting to Know the Throat Chakra + Download your Throat Chakra Workbook

Unit 2 - Functions of the Throat Chakra

Unit 3 - Balance and Imbalance in the Throat Chakra

Unit 4 - Healing the Throat Chakra: Lifestyle & Mindset and Healing Affirmations

Unit 5 - Healing the Throat Chakra: Food and Yoga

Unit 6 - Healing the Throat Chakra: Aromatherapy, Crystals, Healing Sounds

Unit 7 - Healing the Throat Chakra: Meditation

Unit 8 - Healing the Throat Chakra: Reiki

Unit 9 - Module Summary


Module 7 The Third Eye Chakra

Unit 1- Getting to Know the Third Eye Chakra + Download your Third Eye Chakra Workbook!

Unit 2 - Functions of the Third Eye Chakra

Unit 3 -Balance and Imbalance in the Third Eye Chakra

Unit 4 - Healing the Third Eye Chakra: Lifestyle & Mindset and Healing Affirmations

Unit 5- Healing the Third Eye Chakra: Food and Yoga

Unit 6- Healing the Third Eye Chakra: Aromatherapy, Crystals, Healing Sounds

Unit 7- Healing the Third Eye Chakra: Meditation

Unit 8 - Healing the Third Eye Chakra: Reiki

Unit 9 - Module Summary

Module 8 - The Crown Chakra

Unit 1- Getting to Know the Crown Chakra

Unit 2 - Functions of the Crown Chakra

Unit 3 - Signs of Balance and Imbalance in the Crown Chakra

Unit 4 - Healing the Crown Chakra: Lifestyle & Mindset and Healing Affirmations

Unit 5 - Healing the Crown Chakra: Food and Yoga

Unit 6 - Healing the Crown Chakra: Aromatherapy, Crystals, Healing Sounds

Unit 7 - Healing the Crown Chakra: Meditation

Unit 8 - Healing the Crown Chakra: Reiki

Unit 9 -Module Summary

Module 9 How To Incorporate Chakra Healing into your Personal and Professional Life

Unit 1- Bringing it all Together: Using Chakra Healing in your Personal and Professional Life 

Unit 2 - A Full Body Chakra Guided Meditation

Unit 3 -  Summary Chakra Posters

Unit 5 - Download your Certificate!

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Ultimate Flexibility

Become a Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher working at your own pace with Lifetime access and no deadlines!

Learn from Anywhere

Study on the go, or from the comfort & privacy of your own home. Access from your mobile, tablet or PC.

Accredited Certifications

Accreditation by the Reiki Healing Association for an endorsed curriculum and best practice.

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Along with 4 Reiki Masters guiding you on your study, you'll have exclusive access to our Private RHA Community to ask questions and share your experiences!

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More Feedback from Our Chakra Healing Students

Don't just take our word for it! Here is some recent feedback from our Students

Thank you so much for this experience, I started it not really knowing what I was getting into and the universe has opened up opportunity for me to keep growing and discovering more about myself. I started this journey with the intent to help others and in completing this course I have put the focus on myself and I am happier and more peaceful.

Stacie Groll

Chakra Healing Master

Thank you for this beautiful and very informative class. I enjoyed every second of it and I learned a lot. I will be implementing this into my Reiki practice for sure. Thank you again so much!!


Chakra Healing Master

Thank you my friends for this life-affirming journey. The format was easy to follow and intuitive and the knowledge shared was valuable. I am grateful to have been guided to this course and will continue to reap the benefits of all that I have learned here. I continue on my path more empowered and aware, and will draw on the tools and lessons from this course throughout my life. Namaste.

Ingrid Caira

Chakra Healing Master

I really enjoyed this course. It expanded my chakra knowledge 10-fold. It was comprehensive and beneficial to my personal life and business. I especially appreciated the pace of the course and the meditations. This has been an incredibly uplifting and healing course. I feel transformed.  I feel privileged to have completed this course and to be a member of the Reiki Healing Association. Thank you. 

Diana Turner-Forte

Chakra Healing Master

Thank you for this beautiful course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great refresher of my knowledge and a lot of add-on information! Thank you

Marieke Bink

Chakra Healing Master

"A most positive and rewarding course now installed - so onward and upward into the future and beyond. Absolutely my most sincere thanks and respect for the quality of this course."

Rodney Davidson

Chakra Healing Master

I just love the energy in this school. So openhearted and FREE, and lovely. Thank you for this and I fell blessed to be guided in here to you.

Anne-Sofie Reinholdsson

Chakra Healing Master

A comprehensive but considered overview of these healing aids & techniques. Thank you I really enjoyed this section, tied in well with previous interests & knowledge.

Fiona Bedford

Chakra Healing Master

Honestly, the chakras are so fascinating - I've studied them a little bit in my Reiki training - but I can't believe how little I knew! I'm excited to bring this knowledge and training into my Reiki and Reflexology work. 

Lottie G

Chakra Healing Master

Thanks for this wonderful course. It is very clear, with a lot of different activities and resources to help us to take notes, learn, hear. The meditations were marvellous. I enjoyed very much this course.


Chakra Healing Master

What's included in your Training?

We'll guide you through the Chakra System, one chakra at a time, with video lessons, practical activities, check-ins, guided meditations and a huge range of Bonuses and Extras. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect when you enroll: 

4 Weeks of Training – Every week you’ll get access to new video lessons with in-depth video training which you can access on your Desktop or Mobile!
Each module has a summary unit to review the information you’ve just worked through.
7 x 30-page Printable PDF Chakra Workbooks with practical learning exercises including journaling, free writing and reflection space
Chakra Checker Questionnaire - Printable PDF Workbook helping you get a head start on your chakra health and wellbeing
7 x Powerful Guided Chakra Meditations for tuning into and balancing your chakras
Chakra Healing Master Certification Accredited by The Reiki Healing Association
Bonus Aura Cleansing Mediation + Affirmations Poster for a Strong Aura 
Bonus Complete 7 Chakra Guided Chakra Mediation
Bonus Video Vaults with Healing Music and Yoga
Complete Chakra Summary Posters 
1-on-1 Email Support 
Unlimited Lifetime Access to all Course Materials
Exclusive Access to our Private Reiki Community to ask questions, network and connect with your Reiki peers. 

Master Your Energy & Help Others Do the Same

Who Will Benefit from this Chakra Certification?

Becoming a Certified Chakra Healer is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to learn a new modality or enhance their existing energy practice. 

This complete chakra education was designed with Professional Reiki and Energy Practitioners in mind, but will help anyone with an interest in self-healing and holistic health. We blend chakra theory with practical healing applications, to provide you with the knowledge and techniques to guide the body back into a state of balance.

Expand Your Practice: Reiki Practitioners, Crystal Healers, Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Life Coaches. Chakra Healing integrates perfectly with these healing modalities as well as many other holistic practices. 
Get Started with Energy: If you are new to energy healing, this is a great place to start. Understand the energy network influencing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to become a powerful channel for energy healing. 
Or Learn for fun: This engaging course provides anyone interested in learning about the chakra, with the space to check-in with yourself, and become more aware of your energy anatomy.  

Meet The RHA Academy Training Team

Your never on your own with Training and ongoing Support and Guidance from a family team of 4 Certified and Highly Experienced Usui Reiki Masters/Teachers and CCHMs. We are a down-to-earth, friendly team with 50+ years of combined experience teaching energy healing. We can't wait to welcome you to the community!

Garry Malone

Founder of the RHA, RMT, CCMH, CHyp, MPNLP

Adele Malone

Spiritual Medium, RMT, CCHM

Molly Malone

BSc Hons, RMT, ARMT, CHMT. Author of Chakra Healing Master


BSc Hons, RMT, ARMT, CHMT. Author of Chakra Healing Master


More Alumni Love

"Thank you so much for this course! I am so happy to know more about the Chakras and to be able to use this for my Yoga classes and my Reiki healings! What an awesome amount of information at an affordable price. I am so pleased and look forward to more education through the Reiki Store and RHA. " 



"I am very pleased with the participation in this course. The proposed content was extensive and systematic. The transparent structure of the course and the prescribed time limit allow for the convenient implementation of individual tasks, as well as the use of information provided in practice. The course includes a wealth of materials and fantastic meditations."



"I’m still amazed by all the knowledge that I gained through this course. This is an invaluable part of my educational spiritual journey."



"Great course! Easy to follow and great meditations. Thank you!"



"Thank you very much – I enjoyed the class., This will help me, it will come in very handy in my crystal work. Thanks again!"



"Wow! I hardly check my emails. I am so happy and grateful the universe has brought my attention to that particular email leading me to this course. I have been using only meditation to balance my chakras, I am glad to know there are other ways I can try. Thank you."



"Thank you for the well put together course. The information was exactly what I was looking for and spaced out with remembering a personal touch. A nice combo with Reiki and meditation."



"Wow I never knew the connection of root chakra with our ancestors. thank you for this knowledge!"



Need more info? Check Out These Helpful FAQS

Your Questions Answered

How long will it take to complete the entire course?

The Chakra Healing Master course is a 4 week course. 

Each week you will get access to new modules - take a look at the full weekly curriculum above for more details!

Why is this a 4 Week course?

In order to get the most from the course, and ensure that you have the necessary time to work with each of the chakras in order, without being overwhelmed, we give you access to 2-3 modules a week. 

This gives you the time you will need to really work through the training lessons, workbooks, meditations and exercises which have been specifically designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of each of the chakra, and retain this new information.

Once the modules are unlocked every week, you can spend as long working through the lessons and course work as you need. And you can of course go back to any of the previous completed modules too at anytime in the future. There are no deadlines and no finish dates. This course is completely self-paced.

How long do I have access to the course?

All our courses come with FULL Lifetime access. We know many of our students come back to their training for a regular refresher, so we give you unlimited access to the programme and this included all future updates!

Who will benefit from this course?

Bringing balance to the chakras and learning how to better care for your energy needs has so many powerful benefits. Including: 

- Finding more energy for the life you love

- Finding a greater sense of calm and relaxation

- Opening yourself up to healthier relationships, love and compassion 

- Increasing your self-confidence and self-worth

- Setting healthier boundaries 

- Bringing more play and passion into your life

- Developing your intuition, creativity and self-expression 

- Improving your communication skills 

- Becoming more sensitive to reading other people’s energies and intentions

- Increasing your personal power and finding the inspiration to manifest your dreams and desires into reality – so that no goal is too big to accomplish

- Tuning back into your emotions, you can express and release them in a healthy way 

- Letting go of heartache, fear and worry 

- Improving your productivity and work habits

- Finding ways to tackle those financial and career difficulties holding you back 

- Tapping into our higher consciousness for more inspiration and a deeper connection to your spiritual self

This course will help: Reiki Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Life Coaches, Nutritionists or any kind of energy worker, who wants to develop a better understanding of the chakras and how they impact every aspect of our lives! 

How is this course different from other courses?

This course has been developed by a team of four experienced Reiki Masters, specifically for fellow Reiki professionals and energy workers who wanted to fill the gaps in their energy and chakra knowledge and enhance the healing sessions they provide. No other course gives you this much chakra training! 

Our approach to Chakra balancing is very practical, giving you a number of powerful modalities to cleanse and harmonise your chakras and the development space to really get to grips with the intricacies of the chakra system and how each chakra impacts our lives every day. We explore the important connections between the chakras in the system - balancing chakra theory with modern chakra healing applications, to give you the most comprehensive chakra education.

The great thing about this course is we give you a variety of different techniques which you can use in your daily life to feel better and more balanced – you can pick and choose the ones that work for you and fit into your life! 

Are there any prequisites for this course?

No. What is really important is an open mind. We pride ourselves on making our courses easy to follow and fun to master! 

Are there any exercises or coursework? 

Yes. Each week you will get access to a number of video training units. You will watch the videos in sequence and then complete the associated exercises and workbooks. 

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy or completely satisfied within the first 7 days, just drop us an email via our support page and we will refund your purchase in full. By purchasing any of our programs, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Will I receive Certification at the end of the course?

Yes! After you complete this course you will be a Certified Chakra Healing Master and can use the title CCHM. As well as your qualification certificate, you will also receive a Certificate of Completion which outlines the number of Continued Education Hours this course counts for. 

Get Full Lifetime Access to our Newest Chakra Healing Master Course for only $497 $147 Special Limited Time Offer Price

Supercharge your chakra practice!

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Important Authors Disclaimer:  The information and techniques in this course are for educational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This course and all materials relating to this course are not intended to take the place of medical or psychological treatment or act as a replacement for expect or legal advice. Chakra healing and medicine are two very different disciplines. You should always seek medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner for your health and well-being. 

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