Get access to Done For You Reiki Certificate Templates that you can use in your own Reiki Workshops


How to Download Your RHA Certificate Templates

Please watch the short introductory video before downloading the Reiki Certificate Templates

Download Your Done For You Reiki Certificate Templates

How to Download your RHA Client Froms

  • Download Certificate Templates and Unzip/Extract the Zip Files to your PC or Laptop.
  • Make a copy of the files, before you start editing the certificate templates. Work on the copies.
  • Open either the A4 or Letter (Size) version to begin editing the certificates.
  • The certificate templates were made using Microsoft Word, so we recommend that you use MS Word to Edit the certificate templates.
  • If you do not have MS Word use the Free Open Office Text Editor and try using the .doc or the .odt file formats
  • Then save, print and/or give them to your own Reiki Students after they complete your workshop/s.