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Kohava Howard, LPN, LYYD, RAHP, Reiki Master practitioner & teacher

Health Holistic nurse integrative Life Coach Reiki Master Practitioner Reiki Teacher Stress Relief wellness

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Usui/Holy Fire® lll Reiki Master, Practitioner and Teacher

Reiki Master Reiki Practitioner Reiki Teacher Distance Reiki Reiki Reiki Classes Reiki Training What is Reiki

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Reiki Workshops & Training 1st Degree, 2nd Degree & 3rd Degree Master/Teacher

Workshops for Reiki These workshops are run as day workshops for each level. 2nd Degree is run a minimum of three (3) weeks after 1st Degree. When 3rd Degree is run it will be a minimum of

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Distance Reiki Sessions with Reiki Master Teacher Jennifer Bryant

Give yourself the gift of self-care by taking an hour out of your day and booking your DIstance Reiki Session with RMT Jennifer Bryant of Time After Thyme. Contact me for additional booking times.

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Reiki Practitioner Mentorship Program

Are you ready to start seeing clients? FLOURISH is a 12-wk mentorship program, available in person or remotely. An intensive program, for personal and professional growth. $50 off for RHA members!

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Certified Reiki Trainings & Private Healing

Aiyana Fraley, founder and lead instructor of Hand to Soul School of Reiki & Healing Arts, offers reiki trainings for level 1 through master level. She teaches with passion for the practice of rei

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TranquilRoots Reiki

TranquilRoots Reiki offers holistic services, such as Reiki and essential oils, and perceives each client as a whole rather than an illness to be defeated. Reiki is a non-invasive, complementary modal

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GemChi Holistics - The Home of Spiritual Relaxation and Healing

I first discovered Reiki around 20 years ago and immediately started training to be a practitioner myself in Usui and Seichem Reiki after feeling the wonderful feeling that can come with a treatment.

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Safe Reiki - 1st session free

Reiki Loves Us!The energy of life really does love us and I want so many people to understand this that I offer the first Reiki session free. People report floating, bright lights, feeling heavy lik

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ViTerra Healing - Thea van der Merwe Ph.D.

ViTerra Healing is a small, warm-hearted and personalised practice that focus on holistic energy and spiritual healing and teaching. I am Thea van der Merwe, Ph. D., your therapist and teacher. I am

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