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by | Oct 31, 2016 | Reiki

RHA Member Cathy White shares a story about Reiki.

I once went to a very renowned psychic. During my reading, she told me that I should continue my studies with my energy work. I was already doing Reiki at that time, but was in school, learning Therapeutic Touch (hands on healing) She told me that there was a doctor on the other side, that was going to work with me and through me. She said he told her that I wasn’t quite ready yet, to continue with my energy work and when I was ready, he would show up. He asked her if I knew what ether smelled like, and told her, when he arrived I would smell ether.

Well this story is about one of my Reiki experiences that I had. One of my closest friends, from out of town, was staying at my place. It was about 3:00 a.m. and we were still up and reminiscing. I heard a voice that said, “Give her a Reiki treatment”. At first I thought, this is crazy, it’s the middle of the night,  but I always listen to the voice. So I asked my friend if she was interested and she said “Are you kidding me, I would never turn down one of your treatments”!

Once I had started the treatment, I could feel a presence in the room, I KNEW we were not alone. The cord on my CD player was moving, and so was the Venetian blind. There was only the two of us in the house, so I really couldn’t explain it at the time, or even now for that matter. I tried desperately to smell ether, but I could not. They actually bumped into me, and I turned right away, but saw no one. Logically, I knew we were alone, but how could I explain what I just felt.  I did not say a word to my friend, I just continued with the treatment, knowing full well that there was another energy present with us.

Upon finishing the treatment, I asked how she was feeling. She said, and I quote, “Can I tell you something, without you thinking that I am crazy”. Of course I said. “We were not alone here” she said, “when you had your hands on my stomach area, there were 3 hands touching me”. “I kept counting 1, 2, 3, but when you moved your hands, the 3rd. hand stayed on my stomach until you were finished”. “I didn’t want to open my eyes, as I was afraid that whatever it was, it would leave if I did”. All I could do was cry. She had confirmed what I already knew.

When I called in my spirit guides and other Reiki Masters to come in and assist with the treatment….they came. Or maybe it was the doctor. I’m not really sure, but either way, it was wonderful! I will NEVER forget that night and neither will my friend. Always stay open and never underestimate the power that runs through you when you call in the Reiki Healing Energies to assist you when you are giving a treatment. Pay attention, so you don’t miss out on what could be your story of a lifetime!



Cathy White

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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