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Discover a More Natural way to Heal Yourself and Others with Reiki 

🌿Are you ready to tap into the ancient energy flow that has been transforming lives for over a century?🧘‍♀️ Discover the life-changing power of Reiki with our Certified Reiki Master Teacher Online Program! 🎓

🌿 Reiki is one of the simplest and safest self-healing techniques you can learn today and is becoming an increasingly popular way to relax, naturally support healing, relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, gain clarity and also boost immunity.

🌿 In this self-paced course we guide you through all three levels of the Usui System of Natural Healing, drawing upon over 25 years of hands-on experience working with this beautiful energy modality.

🌿And the best part is, that absolutely no previous knowledge or experience of Reiki is needed to work through our training and gain certification as a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher.

"I saw in the introduction of this course a quote that stuck with me…'Reiki comes to you when you need it most,' and I really love that because it’s so true! I’ve always been interested in Reiki and I know some of the basic principles of chakras, crystals, etc., but I’m finally ready in my life to start expanding my knowledge into energy healing…so I can first heal myself, and then heal those around me!"

Sophia Marie Duhon, RMT


Learning Reiki Online has never been easier with our unique and comprehensive step-by-step training programme, led by world-leading Reiki Teachers.  

"Whether you are just starting out or already have your own healing business, you will definitely go away learning more! I know I did." - Janice Sestap, Certified Reiki Master Teacher

What are the Benefits of learning Reiki?

Let’s face it; life can be stressful, busy and overwhelming and when the need for healing arises, it can be hard to find practical solutions to restore health across mind and body. This is why Reiki is so powerful – it provides a framework and simple skillset to take back control, make real changes in your life and transform the lives of others too.

Reiki is a form of hands-on therapy developed in Japan by the Founder of Reiki, Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki means Universal (Rei) Life Force (Ki). We all possess this Life-Force energy - it flows through all living things, yet sadly the stress and negativity of modern life can impede the flow of this vital energy in and around our mind, body and soul, leaving us feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, burnt out and even sick.  

Reiki is a safe and non-invasive complementary therapy that can cleanse, heal and detoxify the energy system. It is fast becoming one of the most powerful natural healing modalities with so many profound benefits. Reiki can: 

Promote deep relaxation

Reduce stress and anxiety

Reduce pain, tension, insomnia, and lethargy

Accelerate and support healing following surgery, illness, injury

Help with chronic pain management and illness

Naturally reduce side effects/boost positive effects of traditional medicine 

Support natural immunity

Help improve sleep

Improve clarity and self-awareness

Improve wellbeing and help to maintain health 

Enhance intuition, aid mediumship and other energy work

And so much more! 

"Reiki has proven to be quite healing for me, on all levels. I am healthier now than I was 30 years ago. I look forward to my daily Self Reiki practice. If I miss more than a few days, I feel “off” and that is my cue to at least get a quick session in! Thank you for the thorough information!"

Colleen Orr, RMT


You have the power to shift and heal your own energy.

Join over 100,000 Reiki Students who have trained with us

Glenda Spiwak

Reiki Master Teacher

"Your courses are so much more in-depth than what I’ve had locally. Most of the questions I’ve ever had have now been answered." 

Lynn Aurelia Berry

Reiki Master Teacher

"I love this coursework and information and training. I did my first distant healing today for my younger brother who has back issues. I could feel his blocked chakras and the burdens he deals with. Then I did a distant healing for a friend's ageing dog...I'll be reaching out to other family and friends to share this wonderful practice!!" 

Janine Koscica

Reiki Master Teacher

"Excited for my next level attunement. Thank you so much for such a wonderful course. The journey has been beautiful and so calmingly welcome. Truly feel like this was a missing piece to life. Thank you!"

Marcela Mesa

Reiki Master Teacher

"I am so happy to have finished the three levels of Reiki Master Online Training with the Reiki Healing Association and I would like to express my deep appreciation for everything I have learned and reviewed with you. I like the quality of the materials, the workbooks, the exercises and all the reflections that make a really good training. I must say, since I'm studying Reiki with you I feel a lot more committed and connected to Reiki than ever before! Thank you so much! Namasté!" 

Learn how to Channel Energy and Start Your Own Holistic Health Practice

And Embark On A Transformational Journey Of Self-Discovery And Healing

Who will benefit from this course...

🌿Self-Healers: Anyone looking for simple, pain-free ways to heal and relax, reduce physical and emotional pain and anxiety.

🌿Side-Husslers: Anyone who wants to start a part-time or full-time business within the expanding Health and Wellness industry.

🌿 Practice Builders: Maybe you are already a coach, therapist or wellness Practitioner and want to elevate and grow your existing practice with other healing modalities that will transform the lives of your clients and enhance the healing experiences you provide.

🌿 Level-Uppers: Or perhaps you have completed Reiki Level 1 or 2 training, and are now ready to take your Reiki Masters; Or just feel like you didn’t get the support or training you needed in previous workshops or Reiki courses and are looking for an expert team to support you.  

If any of these statements resonate with you, I’m very glad to tell you that you are in the right place!

For over 25 years, we have been empowering individuals like you to harness the incredible energy of Reiki for personal and professional healing and well-being. And this course has everything you need to become a professional Energy Practitioner. 

All our training has been specifically designed with practicing professionals in mind, so you can feel prepared and confident to work with paying clients and students professionally as you build an inspiring and meaningful career in the Reiki and wellness space.

By the end of this course you will have the skills and qualifications to: 

Practice Self-Reiki and powerful Reiki meditations for deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.
Conduct a Professional Reiki Session, offering healing sessions, both in person and online, to guide your clients towards physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.
Perform the sacred initiation ceremony to attune your own students to Reiki
Apply for professional liability insurance so you can run your own holistic health business.  
Teach your own Reiki courses both in-person and online as you launch your own successful Reiki Practice and training school.
And so much more...

"I am learning so much. Thank you for this opportunity. So much healing has occurred for me since starting this course. It has been exactly what I needed." - Jaimie Muggleton

Become a Master Energy Practitioner and Teacher

What This Program Can Do For You

 This course blends both theory and practice to provide you with a complete Reiki education, so you can deepen your self-healing, develop your intuitive abilities, and share your innate healing gifts and abilities with the world.

By the end of this programme you will feel the flow of Reiki with lots of helpful exercised to boost your confidence giving treatments to yourself and others, so you can naturally progress your knowledge and experience working with energy healing as a Master Energy Practitioner.

Shoden Reiki Level 1. HOW REIKI WORKS: Explore the core foundations and principles of Usui Reiki and experience Reiki energy for yourself as your learn the Reiki hand positions and how to use Reiki on your own family, friends and pets.
Okuden Reiki Level 2. LEVEL UP: Expand your healing potential by developing your Reiki 'instincts' and intuition. Learn about the Sacred Reiki Symbols and use them to send healing energy across distances, time and space.
Shinpiden Reiki Level 3. TIME TO SHINE: Discover the Usui Reiki Master Symbol to completely transform your Reiki sessions. We also walk you through how to train and attune your own Reiki students so you can start training others!
Distant Attunements. Receive  your Personal attunement ceremony to initiate you to Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3. Book your attunements online at a time that suits you, so you can relax and enjoy the sacred Reiki ceremony!
Full CertificationInternationally recognised Reiki Master Teacher Certification - giving you the credentials to practice Reiki & apply for professional insurance. Learn with a Training Academy you can trust & be proud of.
Lifetime Access & Support. Lifetime access to the online learning portal, including all future updates. In-course and email support from four highly experienced Reiki tutors who have been where you are.

Recent Feedback

Michael D Canary, RMT

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"This course is fantastic! If you are looking to expand your understanding of Reiki then look no further as these guys know what they are doing. I have taken other courses before, but the depth and the knowledge these guys share are beyond what I expected. Plus the Certified Reiki Master Teacher attunement was a beautiful experience and I could really feel a change in my energy! This is by far one of the best Reiki courses I have taken. Even though I have read books and been shown the methods for healing self and others, I just feel like after watching your videos and your methods that I have a better understanding of how I should conduct a Reiki session with my clients and myself in the future....and gives me the confidence to have a more professional approach to my clients."

Dolores Ramsbottom

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Embarking on the Reiki Healing Association Program has been a truly inspiring and enlightening journey. From the first step, it became evident that this was more than a program; it was a transformative voyage to discover a new dimension of healing and self-discovery.

The content of the course was comprehensive and perfectly paced, providing all the knowledge I needed for my Reiki attunement. The quality of the information, its organization, and the engaging presentation was a clear testament to the immense care, dedication, and expertise that went into designing the program. It felt like a warm and gentle invitation into the world of Reiki.

Experiencing my Reiki attunement was nothing short of amazing. It felt like stepping into a new world, a new perspective on wellness and energy, and it's exhilarating to think that this is just the beginning of my journey."

Janice Sestrap

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I have just completed my Reiki Master Teacher certification course with the RHA and I couldn't be more excited! I've been a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner for five years and was not ready to go on to Level 3 Master Teacher until I found the right teacher/course for me. I'm so happy I took the time to look around and find the course that was perfect for me. The RHA and the Malones are professional and offer courses that are thorough from beginning to end. Even though I have taken this course online instead of an in-person Reiki workshop like my previous (Level 1 & 2), I felt as if this was more educational. I started from the beginning with Level 1 and worked my way through over the last few weeks, learning more than I thought I would have ever learned. Thank you, Garry, Adele & the RHA team for all you do!"

Sophia Marie Duhon

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I am so happy and absolutely thrilled that I decided to go through the RHA for my Reiki Master training! I love the self-paced lesson style, the distant attunement options, and the endless possibilities for how to incorporate Reiki into your life by way of this amazing program and its wisdom! I look forward to finishing my training."

Kathleen A Constanza

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"Loved this course, the outline and commentary was beautiful. So grateful to be part of the Reiki Healing Association and look forward to spreading Reiki to all the beautiful souls that are in need."

Nicole Crystal

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"The Reiki Healing Association Program has been an exceptional learning experience that I wholeheartedly recommend. The creators' time and effort shine through every aspect, making it a truly valuable resource for anyone interested in Reiki. Here's to the journey ahead – I can't wait to see where it takes me!"

Your Reiki Master Teacher Online Course Curriculum

Learn at your own pace with flexible online study

 Whether you are a energy newbie, or experienced Reiki Practitioner, we will guide you through all levels of Reiki to complete your Reiki education and gain the highest qualifications in Reiki. There are no prerequisites as the course caters for all levels of experience.

You will get unlimited access to our signature online training programme with the tools, practical energy exercises, meditations, demonstrations, resources and support you’ll need to confidently put your new Reiki skills into practice. This comprehensive course was recently updated to include our learnings, insights and advice from 25 years as practicing Reiki Master Teachers. Here is a Brief Overview of the RMT Online Training Programme.


Module 1

Usui Reiki Master Teacher  Course Introduction

Module 1 Lessons

1: Welcome to the Usui Reiki Master Teacher Online Course

2: Usui Reiki Glossary


Module 2

Introduction to Shoden Usui Reiki Level 1

Module 2 Lessons

1: Welcome to Shoden

2: An Introduction To Shoden Usui Reiki Level 1

3: Reiki The Universal Life Force

4: What is Reiki?

5: How Reiki Works

6: The History of Reiki

7: The Five Reiki Principles

8: Preparing For Reiki Level 1

9: Anatomic Illustrations For Reiki

10: Shoden Module 1 Quiz


Module 3

How to Treat Yourself with Usui Reiki

Module 3 Lessons

1: Practice Holistic Health With Reiki

2: The Secret To Reiki Healing Is Intention

3: Reiki And Meditation: Creating Your Mental Reiki Room

4: How to Perform a Reiki Self Treatment

5: Reiki Self Treatment Video Demonstration

6: How to Close Down and Protect Yourself

7: Reiki Self Treatment Guided Meditation

8: Shoden Module 2 Quiz


Module 4

How to Treat Others with Usui Reiki

Module 4 Lessons

1: Preparing To Treat Others With Reiki

2: Treating Others With Reiki

3: Treating Others With Reiki Video Demonstration

4: Reiki Music For Healing With 3 Minute Bell

5: The Rapid Reiki Treatment Technique

6: The Ultradian Rhythm Technique

7: Reiki Group Treatments

8: Reiki and Pregnancy Babies and Children

9: Reiki Brings Comfort To Those Crossing Over

10: Reiki Use Your Imagination

11: Final Thoughts About Shoden Reiki Level 1

12: Shoden Module 3 Quiz


Module 5

How to Book your Shoden Distant Attunement

Module 5 Lessons

1: How to Prepare For Your Shoden Reiki Level 1 Attunement

2: How to Book Your Shoden Reiki Level 1 Attunement

3Download Your Reiki Store Heart Beat Attunement Music

4: The 21 Day Reiki Detox


Module 6

Practical Energy Work, Final Assessment and Certification

Module 6 Lessons

1: Practice Makes Permanent

2: Reiki 1 Self-Treatment Practical

3: Reiki 1 Treating Others Practical

4: Reiki 1 Rapid Reiki Practical

5: Reiki 1 Treating Pets Practical

6: Reiki 1 Reiki in Everyday Life Practical

7: Reiki 1 Sleep Soundly with Reiki Practical

8: Download Your Reiki Level 1 Practitioner Certificate

9: Download Your Reiki Lineage Certificate


Module 7

How to Start Practicing Usui Reiki Level 1 Professionally

Module 7 Lessons

1: What's Possible and Practical as a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

2: How Much Can You Charge For Your Professional Reiki Services

3: What You Will Need To Practice Reiki Professionally

4: Getting Started Locally as a Professional Reiki Practitioner

5: The Sphere of Influence Business Model


Module 8

What's Next After Shoden? Continuing Your Reiki Journey

Module 8 Lessons

1: Making Reiki an Integral Part of Your Life

2: Reiki Shares and Meetups

3: Bonus - Meetup Training Course

4: Building Your Confidence and Skills Through Volunteering

5: Developing Your Knowledge and Practice with Okuden Usui Reiki Level 2


Module 9

Introduction to Okuden Usui Reiki Level 2

Module 9 Lessons

1: Welcome to Okuden

2: New Possibilities with Reiki 2

3: The Science of Reiki

4: Reiki and Quantum Physics

5: Understanding the Energy Anatomy: The Human Aura

6: Understanding the Energy Anatomy: The Chakras


Module 10

Focusing Energy and Developing Your Intuition

Module 10 Lessons

1: Introduction to The Three Pillars of Reiki

2: Gassho the First Pillar of Reiki

3: The Five Minute Gassho Meditation

4: Reiji-Ho the Second Pillar of Reiki

5: Chiryo the Third Pillar of Reiki

6: Video Demonstration of The Three Pillars of Reiki

7: Exploring Reiki and Intuition

8: Byosan Reikan Ho (Body and Aura Scanning)

9: Joshin Kokyu Ho Meditation

10: Seishin Toitsu

11: The importance of the Hara and the Tanden

12: Namaste


Module 11

An Introduction to the Three Sacred Usui Reiki Symbols

Module 11 Lessons

1: The Sacred Reiki Symbols

2: Getting Started with the Reiki Symbols

3: The Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol

4: How To Draw The Cho Ku Rei Video Demonstration

5: Okuden Reiki Level 2 Practice Exercises 1

6: The Sei Heiki Reiki Symbol

7: How To Draw The Sei Heiki Video Demonstration

8: Okuden Reiki Level 2 Practice Exercises 2

9: The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki Symbol

10: How To Draw The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Video Demonstration

11: Okuden Reiki Level 2 Practice Exercises 3

12: How to Draw the Reiki Sandwich Video Demonstration

13: Non Traditional Reiki Symbols

Module 12

How to Perform Usui Reiki Distant or Absent Healing

Module 12 Lessons

1: Distant or Absent Reiki Healing

2: A Traditional Distant Reiki Healing Technique

3: Examples of How To Send Distant Reiki Healing

4: Beaming Reiki

5: Bonus: How to Create a Reiki Box on Your Phone


Module 13

How To Book Your Reiki Level 2 Distant Attunement

Module 13 Lessons

1: How to Prepare For Your Okuden Reiki Level 2 Attunement

2: How to Book Your Okuden Reiki Level 2 Attunement

3: Download Your Reiki Store Heart Beat Attunement Music & Meditation

4: The 21 Day Reiki Detox

5: Bonus: The Enlightenment Meditation


Module 14

Advanced Usui Reiki Techniques

Module 14 Lessons

1: Sending Reiki with the Eyes and Breath: Gyoshi Ho & Koki Ho

2: Additional Reiki Hand Positions

3: Working with Animals

4: Combining Reiki With Other Healing Disciplines

5: Working With Okuden - Reiki Level 2

6: More Advanced Reiki Techniques - Psychic Surgery


Module 15

What's Next After Okuden? Continuing Your Reiki Journey

Module 15 Lessons

1: Okuden Your Gateway To The World

2: Tips For Working With Your Reiki Clients

3: Okuden Quiz

4: Download Your Reiki Level 2 Practitioner Certificate

5: Download Your Reiki Lineage Certificate

6: What's Next? Continuing your Reiki Journey


Module 16

An Introductions to Shinpiden - Usui Reiki Level 3

Module 16 Lessons

1: Welcome to Shinpiden

2: My Intention for you as a New Reiki Master Teacher

3: Shinpiden The Path To Reiki Mastery

4:The Shinpiden Opening Meditation


Module 17

How to Book your Reiki Level 3 Attunement

Module 17 Lessons

1: How to Prepare For Your Shinpiden Reiki Level 3 Attunement

2: How to Book Your Shinpiden Reiki Level 3 Attunement

3: Download Your Reiki Store Heart Beat Attunement Music & Meditation

4: The 21 Day Reiki Detox

5: Bonus: The Morning Meditation

6: Bonus: The Evening Meditation


Module 18

Dai Ko Myo - The Sacred Reiki Master Symbol

Module 18 Lessons

1: Reiki Symbols and Mantras - Shirushi, Jumon and the Kotodama

2: A Deeper Look at Reiki and Symbolism

3: The Dai Ko Myo - The Usui Reiki Master Symbol

4: The Symbol of Enlightenment

5: How to Draw the Dai Ko Myo Symbol Video Demonstration

6: Using the Master Symbol

7: The Non Traditional Reiki Master Symbol

8: How To Draw The Dumo Symbol

9: The Kotodama


Module 19

How to Prepare to Pass On Attunements to Others

Module 19 Lessons

1: Reiju Empowerments and Attunements

2: An Introduction To The Reiki Attunement Ceremony

3: The Hui Yin and Violet Breath Techniques

4: Preparing For The Usui Reiki Attunement Ceremony


Module 20

How To Perform And Pass On Usui Reiki Attunements

Module 20 Lessons

1: Practice Makes Permanent

2: How To Perform Crown to Crown Attunements

3: How to Perform the Shoden Reiki Level 1 Attunement Ceremony

4: Alternative Methods For Attuning Your Students To Reiki Level 1

5: How to Perform the Okuden Reiki Level 2 Attunement Ceremony

6: Alternative Methods For Attuning Your Students To Reiki Level 2

7: How to Perform the Shinpiden Reiki Level 3 Attunement Ceremony

8: Alternative Methods For Attuning Your Students To Reiki Level 3

9: How To Perform And Pass On All Three Reiki Attunements At Once

10: How To Perform And Pass On Distant Usui Reiki Attunements


Module 21

Reiki Techniques for Personal and Spiritual Development

Module 21 Lessons

1: The Spiritual Path to Enlightenment

2: Hatsurei Ho Meditation

3: Performing Self Reiju Empowerments

4: Performing Reiju Empowerments on Others

5: Protection and Cleansing: The Kenyoku Ho, Jaki-Kiri Joka-ho and other Techniques

6: The Reiki Shower

7: The Three Diamonds

8: Cleansing The Spinal Column Through Breathing Exercise

9: Reiki Mawashi

10: The Path To Mindfulness

11: Reiki Journaling


Module 22 

The Joy of Teaching Reiki to Others

Module 22 Lessons

1: The Joy of Teaching Reiki to Others

2: Finding Your Own Authentic Voice And Teaching Style

3: The Best Venue To Run Reiki Workshops

4: How Much To Charge For Your Reiki Workshops

5:Live In Person Workshops vs Live Online Workshops


Module 23

How to Setup and Run your Own Reiki Workshop

Module 23 Lessons

1: Passing the Torch

2: How To Setup A Reiki Level 1 Workshop

3: How To Setup A Reiki Level 2 Workshop

4: How To Setup A Reiki Level 3 Workshop

5: Shinpiden Quiz

6: Congratulations, Download Your Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

7: Download Your Reiki Lineage Certificate

8: What's Next? Start Building Your Dream Reiki Practice

9: Recommended Reading List



You also get several Bonuses with the Online Course


Bonus: 75 Page Full Colour Downloadable Shoden Course Workbook

Bonus: 62 Page Full Colour Downloadable Okuden Course Workbook

Bonus: 69 Page Full Colour Downloadable Shinpiden Course Workbook

Bonus MP4 Video: Reiki Distant Attunment Guided Meditation

Bonus MP3 Audio: Heartbeat - Music for Healing and Meditation

Bonus MP4 Video: Reiki Music For Healing With 3 Minute Bell

Bonus MP3 Audio: Enlightenment Meditation

Bonus MP3 Audio: The Morning Meditation

Bonus MP3 Audio: The Evening Meditation

"First, thank you, this was such a powerful healing experience. I came to these classes as an advanced Reiki practitioner with the intention of getting my Master Reiki certification. I am so grateful I have done level 1 and 2 again, I have learned and have grown so much more. Your classes are so valuable, I am so pleased. Like they say, when the student is ready the teacher will come. Namaste."

Jana L Mazurik


What's included in Your Usui Reiki Level 1 Certified Practitioner Training

Level 1: Learn the fundamentals and channel  healing energy for self-care and balance.

Explore the core foundations of Usui Reiki, with an introduction to its rich history and founding principles. 
Experience Reiki energy for yourself as your learn the Reiki hand positions for a Self-Healing Session - don't worry we have included helpful video demonstrations to help you get started!
Explore the seven chakras in the human energy system and how Reiki works to balance and harmonise the energy flow, with techniques for clearing negative energy.
Discover the simple guidelines and practices for providing Reiki to others. So you can offer Reiki to family, friends, pets, and even plants.
We outline what you need to get started locally as a professional Reiki Practitioner - including what to charge and how to start getting clients.

What's included in Your Usui Reiki Level 2 Certified Advanced Practitioner Training

Level 2: Deepen your knowledge and expand your abilities to offer distant healing by discovering the sacred symbols and more advanced Reiki techniques.

A very important part of Level 2 is about growing your energy awareness, and building your Reiki intuition - that guiding instinct and insight which you can draw upon to enhance and tailor your Reiki sessions.
We guide you through some powerful meditation and energy techniques to help you tune in to these intuitive signals and become more receptive to the subtle energy of Reiki.
We will also introduce you to the first three sacred Reiki Symbols (The Power, Harmony and Distant Symbol) to increase the power of Reiki and allow for the healing of emotional and mental blocks.
Reiki Level 2 allows you to send healing across time and space so you can connect to clients anywhere in the world and heal events in the past, present or future.

What's included in Your Usui Reiki Level 3 Certified Master Practitioner/Teacher Training

Level 3: Attain mastery as a Reiki Master Teacher and guide others on their own healing journey.

Reiki Level 3 allows you to understand the full potential of the healing system of Reiki. As you reach Master Teacher status, we focus on how we can integrate Reiki into your daily life and how to embrace and share your unique healing gifts with the world.
We will introduce you to the sacred Reiki Master Symbol which will completely transform your Reiki sessions and the work you do with your clients and also support you on your own personal healing journey.
We will also share the sacred Reiju ritual with you and other meditations and empowering energy techniques for deep self-healing, energy cleansing and spiritual growth.
As a Certified RMT, you are uniquely qualified to attune other people to this ancient practice, and run your own Reiki training classes, workshops and Retreats, so you can help other people unlock the transformative power of Reiki. Join the ranks of respected healers making a difference in the world.

We will initiate you into All 3 levels of Reiki with your own private Distant Attunement Ceremony. Your Initiation to Reiki is scheduled in real-time and sent especially to you, opening you up as a channel for Reiki for the rest of your life.

We believe in Bonuses

As an EXTRA BONUS When you Join today you'll get exclusive access to our Private Members-Only Community

Connect with like-minded individuals from around the world through our vibrant online community. Share experiences, ask questions, exchange insights, and grow together as you embark on this incredible healing journey. Our supportive network will be with you every step of the way.


Thousands of Happy Students!

"I have spent 9 years studying with the Open University to obtain 2 degrees and consider that I am qualified to recognise quality training material when I see it. Without a doubt the material provided by Garry and Adele Malone is of the highest standard. It is written in an easy and friendly to understand manner and is jam packed with essential information. I also had reason to use Garry & Adele’s email help line and was surprised at how quick the response was, especially as I am currently residing in Australia. The assistance provided was excellent. I do not usually provide testimonials but have made an exception to my rule in this case as I have been really impressed with the coursework and assistance provided. 10 out of 10."      

David Blake

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"The home study course allows me to learn what I need to know and I felt very relaxed with no rush because I was able to do things on in my own time in my own terms. This is an amazing program. It’s very informative, well laid out, easy to understand and very professional. For myself I do not believe that anything could be improved upon. I would recommend this course to anyone, even if you don’t want to practice Reiki on anybody other than yourself….which by the way I highly recommend. It’s a great way to relax, de-stress, promote self-healing and to find inner peace… and that’s just the start."      

Linda Hampton

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I received my attunement from Garry and Adele today. I had already had my first level attunement done in person at a workshop however the cost of progressing to even the second level was out of my reach. My advice is go ahead its amazing and as for the cost, wow, so much information!"    

Allison Cree

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"This was a terrific course. I wish my first time through the levels to Master in 2005 had been as comprehensive, engaging and practical. Excellent work. Thanks for creating this." 

Duane Bowers

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"Living in an area where such modalities of alternate therapy are sparse, this online course is an invaluable option. It provides excellent lessons and lends itself to self-paced learning. The prospect of studying and acquiring all levels to Reiki Master in this manner is priceless."

Rebecca Givens-Bickerstaff

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I wish to thank you for all that I learned through this course. It was so much more extensive than the course I took in person, and now I can go back and review the material in the future. I feel so inspired. What I loved the most was the meditations and the incredible support from the team - they go out of their way to make sure you are happy and have everything you need, Many blessings."

Helen Hill

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I wish to thank you for all that I learned through this course. I took my first Reiki course 20 years ago. I wanted to return to Reiki and felt I needed a refresher. It has helped me a lot.  Many blessings"

Sherry Bradshaw

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I am taking this course to refresh the teachings of Reiki and also because I am embarking on a new adventure after my retirement...Thank you for this blessing. The cost fits right into my retirement budget. Namaste"

Gwendolyn Allen

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I found this course to be among the best I’ve ever taken. The organized way it was presented by gathering the information and presenting it in a clear, easy to understand manner, led to a higher level of focus and comprehension for the student. By the end of the course all the information lay before us in a way we can review and put into place over and over again as our journey unfolds. As a Reiki Master, I am very confident I will use this knowledge everyday and I strongly recommend this course."

Noreen Wilkson

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I highly recommend this course. Having done Reiki I and II, I was at first hesitant on how an online course could meet the standards. But I must say that what was conveyed with Adéle and Gary, was deeper and even more filled with knowledge and energy than I ever had experienced before. The lessons are fun and to the point. I am so happy to now be a part of their community."

Sara Jegeman, RMT

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I have previously taken Usui Reiki levels 1-3 training previously and it was a very abbreviated process. I am so glad that I have enrolled in this course from the RHA. The videos are well done and they present the material in useful chunks of information. There are a couple of lessons that I will be referring back to in the future. I am grateful for the lifelong availability of the lessons.

I found the distance attunement to be very meaningful. My previous course did not even mention the 21-day detox after each attunement so I am excited to see what Reiki will be doing in those 21 days.

I look forward to being able to refer back to the material in this lesson as I grow in my Reiki practice."

Carla Libby Gentry

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

"I am so glad that I found your site  and that I have finally become an RMT! Your education is of very high quality and the way it is set up leaves so much flexibility for us as students.

 It is so much more in depth than the workshop class I took almost two years ago in Gothenburg, Sweden. I feel I have a deeper understanding for the first level of Reiki now - all thanks to you. "

Anna Toresson

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Trusted & Highly Recommended

What makes this Programme so great?

LIFE-CHANGING: This Course will Empower You to Take Back Control Over Your Personal Energy and Wellbeing with simple energy tools for self-care and healing.
CONFIDENCE-BOOSTING: Learn how to read and respond to energy using different energy channelling tools such as hand positions, symbols, and sacred mantras. Gain the know-how to confidently prepare for, conduct and end a Professional Reiki Session with Hands-on and Distant Reiki - from start to finish. 
POWERFUL: Unlike other courses, we dive deeper into the Science of Reiki and Quantum Healing and explore both traditional Japanese and Western Reiki techniques to provide you with the most extensive Reiki curriculum.
PRACTICAL: Watch how-to demonstrations with step-by-step guidance to help you put theory into practice. We provide video demos on a self-healing session, a treatment with another person, how to draw the reiki symbols, Reiki meditations and techniques and a full Reiki attunement. Plus you'll have a Workbook for each Level of your Reiki training, summarising the key takeaways from each module of the course. 
EXPERT: We'll offer guidance on how to start working with Reiki in a Professional Setting with paying clients (this is what a lot of courses completely ignore!) with advice and tips from decades of personal experience as Practicing Reiki Professionals.
RECOMMENDED: We've been around for 25years so you'll have complete peace of mind training with us. Check out our Testimonials below!
SUPPORTED: Learn with your own team of friendly Reiki Masters & join our huge Reiki Community! So your never on your own!

Juanita Kittell

Reiki Master Teacher

“Thank you so much for such a practical engaging course. I too was led down the Reiki path after losing loved ones to Cancer. Thank you for sharing your story and helping me on my path. You are all appreciated. Love and light to you."


We'll Teach You Everything We Know from 3 Decades of Experience Working with Reiki Energy

Here's a Quick Reminder of what you are getting when you enroll today:

23 Modules with in depth video training covering everything you need to learn Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 - guiding you through to the final Master Teacher Level. Access via your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile! 
Video Demonstrations of a Reiki Self-Treatment, Sessions with Clients and How to Draw the Reiki Symbols + more! 
75-Page Printable Shoden Workbook, 62-Page Printable Okuden Workbook and 66-Page Shinpiden Workbook - all packed with course notes, infographics, learning exercises and reflection space.
Reiki Attunement Ceremony to all 3 Levels of Reiki + Guided Attunement Music and Meditations + Attunement Journal
90hrs+ of Energy Work with Energy projects and assignments to build your confidence and experiences with Reiki energy.
Internationally Recognised Reiki Master Teacher Certification - Accredited by The Reiki Healing Association
Lifetime Course Access and 1-on-1 Email Support from 4 Reiki Master Teachers
BONUSES: Extra Guided Meditations, Summary Sheets, Reading lists and More!
BONUSES: Access to our Private Reiki Community Group. 

More Testimonials from our Reiki Students

We are very proud of our positive feedback and reviews which inspire us to keep doing what we do. But don't just take our word for it, read some of the most recent feedback we have received!

"I am very impressed with the 7-star information given in your Reiki home study course. The  study materials are easy to learn and understand. I feel as confident as I would if I attended a in-person workshop. Thank you very much for this opportunity. "  

Angela Costic


"Thank you Garry and Adele for making all this knowledge available to us! I really like the home study course material, it is so complete and well organised! It is a godsend! I feel truly blessed for having found this course. Thank you!"  

Suzana reiki store

Suzana Halliwell


"One of the best courses ever! Very informative.  I did a reiki class for level 1 and 2 about 6 years ago and didn't receive a forth of the information I  received on this course. I love and thank Adele and Garry for their patience and commit to teaching."  

Dr Charles Moore


"Your website, and your course materials are informative, easy to understand, and reflect the true, and yet simple essence of Reiki, and its healing benefits. Please continue to keep up the wonderful work that you do."

reiki store testimonial

Chantal Cleland


"I would like to thank you Garry and Adele Malone. Your program delivered everything as promised and more! I have read many books on the subject but none as straight forward and perfectly designed as yours. Once again thank you for your tremendous help in my spiritual journey."  

Candi Morrison


"The attunement that was received yesterday was very potent I must say. Thank you to the Malone family for assisting and guiding me to become the best version of myself. I am forever grateful. thank you"  

Syx Hunter


"It's official I am a Reiki Master! I had taken Reiki 1 and 2 from a different teacher and I have no complaints but I started from Reiki 1 all the way to Master level with Garry Malone and the team here - I am grateful and blessed that I started from Day 1 to the end. In my opinion this training is the BEST! I like how we have lifetime access to our account for future review, and the teachings about how to grow as a teacher, plus all of the downloads. Thank you will never get expressed enough."  

Andrea Kanfield Kusz


"Adele and Garry devised this package with a wealth of information relayed in multiple modalities for the convenience of the student. The whole process of purchasing the course and accessing the material was seamless. The information in the course package is extensive and the attunements are extremely powerful. I look forward to continuing to grow and pass on this beautiful healing modality."    

Kristen Haugh


"This offering of information and links are of tremendous value and assistance to those of us just starting out. Thank you so much."    

Doncy Falvey


"This course changed my life. I see light around me and find help whenever I need it. Thank you so much for it."

Ulla Kyle


"It's fantastic to see the quality of this course!! I just love the energy in this school. So openhearted and FREE, and lovely. Thank you for this and I fell blessed to be guided in here to you."

Anne-Sofia Reinholdsson


"I originally did my Reiki training years ago and just need a reminder of why I did it. The organization and information contained in this course was incredible and well put together. I highly recommend this course to others."

Kimberly Anne Wilson


"Thank you for the excellent meditations. The staff at the RHA make it so easy to connect with this energy." 

Toby Bigelow


"The knowledge is easy to follow and understand for non-native English speakers like me. You can study in your own time which is perfect for the times we live in. I just received my reiki attunement. It was a beautiful experience."

Cheryl Glans


"Having previously completed Usui Reiki 2 course I found this course to have far more information. Well explained and doing it online gave me the time to practice the different methods. I found it interesting and looking forward to doing more practice in my business. Thank You."

Natalie Dawson


"I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It has boosted my confidence and commitment to Reiki and the innumerable possibilities available as a practitioner...You offer much more information which has inspired me to become a Reiki Teacher. Thank you, with gratitude."

Risa Cormier


Why Learn with the Reiki Healing Association

Ultimate Flexibility

Become a Certified Reiki Master Teacher working at your own pace with Lifetime access and no deadlines!

Learn from Anywhere

Study on the go, or from the comfort & privacy of your own home. Access from your mobile, tablet or PC.

Accredited Certifications

Accreditation by the Reiki Healing Association for an endorsed curriculum and best practice.

Video lessons + Resources(CC)

With printouts & step by step instruction so you can get to grips with the course content.


Along with 4 Reiki Masters guiding you on your study, you'll have exclusive access to our Private Community to ask questions and share your experiences!

Trusted Industry Leaders

We've been teaching students at all levels of experience for close to three decades! We care about our students and are highly rated.

Meet The RHA Academy Training Team

Your never on your own with Training and ongoing Support and Guidance from a family team of 4 Certified and Highly Experienced Usui Reiki Masters/Teachers, led by Garry and Adele Malone. We are a down-to-earth, friendly team with 50+ years of combined experience teaching energy healing. We can't wait to welcome you to the community!


More Alumni Love

"Thank you so kindly for my Reiki Attunement. I had a most beautiful and empowering (and emotional) experience. Just prior to the 5 minute preparation,  I felt absolutely giddy.   I want to mention that I’m very used to connecting with Spirit and doing meditations, etc…but what I noticed with the Attunement was that my hands were filled such powerful amounts of Chi! …one couldn’t ignore the feeling and it lasted the entire session (curiously enough, my left hand had more of it than the right).  What a great connection. At completion I felt so joyful and empowered and very grateful to has this energy channelled my way! Many Blessings."



"So profound – although I’ve been a Reiki Master/Teacher for quite a few years, I find your courses the perfect yearly review."



"Very interesting and informative coursework. So glad I took the steps needed to practice Reiki on myself and others. Can't wait to begin my journey!"



"I’ve studied Reiki 1 and took Reiki 2 twice. Your class gave me more knowledge than my 3 previous Reiki classes combined. I really feel enlightened...I really loved this course. "



"I have taken Reiki training in 2 different places in Denmark. They did not live up to expectations because they were not elaborate enough and the teaching was deficient.

This education fully lives up to my learning needs around Reiki. I have undergone several major transformations during the training. And now I am so looking forward to educating Usui Reiki Masters in Denmark soon."



"I also want to say this is an amazing course. I tried to do hands on Reiki in 2020 but covid happened and the class was closed. It never happened again plus working in the medical field has been exhausting when I would come home. Just wanted to do nothing. I saw your course online and it has been so fulfilling. Thank you for offering this course and helping me feel more at ease and giving me the time I need to slowly finish this course."



"Thank you for the Attunement. I felt my chakras spin with healthy energy and saw in my mind brilliant white light particles pouring into me through my crown chakra.  I am a Shoden and Okuden Reiki Practitioner and appreciate your course very much, as I look towards becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. Sending you all love and light. Namaste. "



"I have been practicing Reiki as a Master/Teacher for over a decade thanks to Gary and Adele. This energy and connection to source has absolutely transformed my being my thoughts my path everything for the greater highest good. I am eternally grateful. Thank you."



"Thank you so much for this course. I have gained an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. I look forward to my attunement tomorrow. Namaste."



"I am so grateful that I found this course. I have learned so much and have had amazing experiences through all three levels of Reiki with you."



"This has been one of the best online courses I have ever taken. There is more information and support then I had ever expected. I highly recommend this course!"



Your Questions Answered

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of hands-on therapy developed in Japan by the Founder of Reiki Dr, Mikao Usui. Reiki means Universal (Rei) Life Force (Ki). We all possess this Life-Force energy - it flows through all living things, yet sadly the stresses and negativity of modern life can impede the flow of this vital energy in and around our mind, body and soul, leaving us feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, burnt out and even sick.  

Reiki works to boost natural immunity and healing by clearing energy blocks and any barriers to the healthy flow of energy around our energy system. Reiki is a safe and non-invasive complementary therapy. The benefits of Reiki are profound. 

Is it hard to learn Reiki?

Reiki should be easy to learn, and anyone that tells you differently Is just complicating a naturally simple system. What is absolutely crucial is the support you receive along the way and the topics, activities and practical learning opportunities you get to master this healing system. We have purposely kept our lessons short and easy to understand, and included lots of different learning tools to cater to all our students different learning needs (videos, infographics, meditations, summary notes, activities etc.) So you will never get lost or overwhelmed. 

How is this course delivered?

As you progress through this course, each lesson will build on the previous lesson.

In week 1 of the program you will get access to our Shoden Reiki Level 1 modules and training units.  

In week 2 of the program you will get access to our Okuden Reiki Level 2 modules and training units.

In week 3 of the program you will get access to our Shinpiden Reiki Level 3 modules and training units.

Once you have completed the 3 week training program, you can pop back at anytime in the future and you will have full access for life to all the modules, training units and any updates we add as the Reiki Master Teacher course develops organically over time.

Please Note: there is no rush, so work at your own pace. You can take as long as you want and need to complete the entire program. For example, you could spend three weeks working through Shoden, 2 Weeks on Okuden and 5 Weeks on Shinpiden - work at the pace that's right for you. That's the beauty of online training. And remember you have lifetime access and ongoing support from the team at the RHA.

Are there any prerequisites for the course?

No previous experience or qualifications are required for you to study this course. 

How long do I have access to the course material?

We know that many of our students like to come back to the course whenever they need a refresher which is why we give you LIFETIME access to the course including all the course material and all future updates.  

Is there a deadline to complete the course?

This interactive multi-media course has no deadlines - we know our students have busy lives and want to learn at their own pace. So you can work through the lessons, videos, meditations and activities at a time that suits you. There is no pressure at all!

How long will it take to complete the course?

This course will take approximately 3-5 weeks to complete, based on working through the lessons, activities and carrying out a number of energy projects totalling 90+ hours of practical energy work (which is more energy work than students carry out on live Reiki training courses!) Of course you can work through the course at your own pace and there is no deadline to complete. 

Is this course accredited?

Yes. This course is accredited by The Reiki Healing Association.  

Will I receive a certificate and title after this course?

Yes after you complete this course you will be a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, RMT, and will receive a certificate of qualification.  You will also receive a certification of completition from the Reiki Healing Association too. 

Why should I study Reiki with the RHA Academy? How is this course different from others?

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive online courses that allow you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Founded by Garry and Adele Malone in 1997 with the mission to make the power of Reiki energy accessible to everyone, we specialise in holistic training courses that improve health and wellbeing and we are proud to have helped 10,000 students on their path to Reiki mastery.

As one of the first online Reiki therapy schools, we have earned a reputation as a leader in the Health and Wellness circle. In a noisy, demanding and stressful world, we strive to provide an online learning sanctuary that is grounded in balance, calm, wellness and mindfulness. We know life is busy which is why our courses are easy to follow and master.  Our Reiki training is completely different from anything else out there, with a helpful mix of quality instruction, demonstration, and practice -  drawing upon our decades of personal experience as Practising Reiki Professionals. 

This course is one of the only courses in the world to provide practical advice about how to get started as a Reiki Professional.  We care about our students success and love to see our students go on to develop their own Reiki Practices. So we believe that our courses will have a positive impact on your life and your spiritual journey! 

We want to help as many people as possible access Reiki, training respectful and compassionate Reiki Master Teachers who support our mission to spread the power of Reiki across the world. 

PLUS - our training is accredited by the Reiki Healing Association, and you will be able to access our exclusive Reiki community of working Reiki Professionals so you can network and connect with other practitioners and ask questions and get feedback to help you on your journey. No other training course will give you this!

Do your Videos have Sub-Titles (cc)?

Yes. All of the training videos included in this course have optional Sub Titles which you can access using the CC icon on the video player.

Who will benefit from this course?

The simple answer is everyone! Reiki can do no harm, and is a safe and natural way to boost your own innate healing abilities and immunity and feel energised and vitalised!

So this course is perfect for anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing, find new and simple ways to relax and de-stress, or manage pain and illness, and take back control of their own energy. 

If is also a great course for anyone who works in the Health and Wellness space, who wants to develop other skills and techniques that they can use to treat their clients, and expand their practice. 

If you feel called or drawn to help others find ways to heal from pain, trauma and deal with stress and anxiety - Reiki is one of the simplest ways to become a powerful healing practitioner. Reiki is the perfect modality to start or add to your Health, Coaching or Wellness business, and will complement any other healing modality including yoga, massage, acupuncture, meditation, aromatherapy etc., and will also complement modern medicine.

We believe everyone can benefit from learning Reiki. This course will teach you everything you need to know to relax and boost natural healing for yourself, your children, your loved ones, your animal companions and so much more. It caters for all levels of experience, so anyone can learn now techniques for personal healing, growth and spiritual development.

Can your Learn Reiki online without a workshop?

Yes you can - in fact learning online has become the most popular way to study and master Reiki, especially since the pandemic. We've been teaching Online since 1997 so we know exactly what our students need to study Reiki online. You can learn at your own pace, download the materials you need, and there is no rush or need to fight for the attention of the tutor. You get all the time you need to review the course and ask questions as you work your way through the course. Even Dr Usui - the founder of Reiki - trained himself without a workshop! There really hasn't been a better time to learn Reiki online.

Do distant attunements work?

Much has been written about distant attunements in Reiki. In our experience, and more importantly in the experience of the many students who have completed our Reiki home study courses and received distant attunements from us, distant attunements are just as effective as attunements received in person during a workshop or therapy session. We provide this service because we believe that Reiki should be available to everyone,  without the need to attend expensive and often difficult-to-get-to live workshops and lengthy training programmes. As part of your programme, you will receive a Distant Attunement to Usui Reiki 1, 2 and 3 by 2 experienced Reiki Masters.

I have already taken Reiki courses and received an attunement can I still take this course?

Absolutely! In fact many of our Reiki Master Teacher students are already Reiki Practitioners and have been previously attuned to Reiki. There is no harm in having an energy top-up or a re-attunement and many of our students have told us just how much they enjoyed the distant attunement from our team.

Lots of our students come to train with us simply because they felt overwhelmed at the Reiki live workshops they had previously attended and go on to tell us that they didn't get the time or the information they needed in their original training, and they were recommended to our programme as it is so comprehensive and easy to follow.

We welcome students at all levels of experience and even if you are simply looking for a refresher or are just interested in learning more about Reiki, this course will cover all the topics you need. 

Will this work in my country?

Absolutely! We have students in more than 150 countries including the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Australia and more. As long as you can understand English and have an internet connection, you can access the course!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We offer a 7 day no quibble money back guarantee.

If you are not happy or completely satisfied then drop us an email within 7 days of your purchase via our support page and we will refund your payment in full. 

What kind of support will I receive with this course?

You will have ongoing email support as a RHA Student from 4 highly experienced Reiki Masters/Teachers who will help and guide you on your Reiki journey! Plus you'll gain exclusive access into our huge private Reiki community group.

How will I receive my Certificate?

You'll be able to Download your Certificate from the learning Portal when you have completed the course, workbooks and exercises. 

Is this course for personal use only?

Yes. Our Reiki Master Teacher training program comes with a personal use only license. Which means you cannot share, copy, reproduce or sell any of our Reiki Master Teacher course material with anyone else.

Are You Ready to Become a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher Now?

All 3 Usui Reiki Courses combined into 1 - So you'll get access to...

Week 1 Shoden: Usui Reiki Level 1 Course (Value $147)
Week 2 Okuden: Usui Reiki Level 2 Course (Value $197)
Week 3 Shinpiden: Usui Reiki Level 3 Course (Value $297)
Plus: Distant Attunement to All 3 Levels of Reiki 
Accredited Certification & Lineage Chart: So, you can practice professionally with confidence, and be part of a Training School you can be Proud to be a part of.
Workbook and Course Materials: Practical Energy work, course notes and summaries, journal prompts and activities.
Full Unrestricted Access & Support For Life: 1-on-1 email support from 4 Reiki Master Teachers. Lifetime access to all training via our secure portal.
Bonuses: Extra Meditations, Healing Music, Printouts and more!
Community: Access our Private Community Groupto connect with other Reiki students.

Total Value $641 Usually $497
Now Just $147 (save 70%)

Expiring Soon

7-day No-Quibble Guarantee.

The information and techniques in this course do not constitute medical advice. Reiki and medicine are two very different disciplines. You should always remember to seek medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner in the case of serious illness or if you have any concerns about your own health and well-being.


© Copyright Reiki Healing Association 2023+. All Worldwide Rights Reserved.

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