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It's no secret that content creation for your soul biz can . a blkank page. But everyone keeps telling you need to create content to provide value and get your clients to trust your expertise. 

Most brands have whole team dedicated to content, with multple people working full-time of content. BUt when your a soloentreprneur wearing all the hats, something  jumpstart

we want to make your life easier so you can focus on helping your clients, so we've infused with love

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Professional Image: Impress your clients with a polished and cohesive brand image.stunning designs 
Attract More Clients: Our marketing materials are designed to help you stand out in a crowded market.
Focus on Healing: Spend more time doing what you love – offering Reiki sessions and changing lives. , including Manuals and Certificates you can use instantly to fast-track your progress.
Created by Reiki Practitioners for Reiki Practitioners. 
A simple, no-frills explanation.
Connect with the wider Reiki community in our Exclusive Private Members Hub and engage in meaningful discussions that fuel your growth.
Peace of mind: Always have someone to talk to and ask for advice with your own professional network to help you if you get stuck! 
Promote your message on a Global Scale with Member Spotlight opportunities and the chance to be Featured in our prominent Magazine, blog and large social community!

If you are serious about working Professionally with Reiki, the RHA is a must-have Membership.

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About the Reiki Healing Association

We created it with the sole purpose of helping people like YOU, stop wasting so much of their precious time creating content and coming up with social media posts…And instead, take all of that time and energy…And focus on doing the things they ACTUALLY love to do!You get the full rights to use them HOWEVER and whenever YOU want!Can't wait to see what you create!

Grow in Confidence with Unrivalled Member Benefits

Here's what you'll get as a valued RHA Member


Promote Your Reiki Business on a Global Platform with our Searchable Reiki Directory

List your Reiki Business on our Exclusive Member’s Directory and instantly increase your visibility and credibility. Update Your Own Profile Page at any time, and add links to your website, live events and Reiki courses so new clients can find your directly! We help our Member’s get the recognition they deserve so they can thrive. You can add a link to your listing page on your own site, so your visitors know you come recommended. 


Connect with Other Reiki Professionals

Growing a business is a lot easier when you have the right people around you. At the RHA you can network and create meaningful connections with your Reiki Peers who get your purpose and share your values, with an exclusive Member's Community Hub to help you connect. Organise Reiki Shares, practice distant Reiki, create friendships, find your next partnership, ask for feedback on your ideas, or find a guest for your blog/podcast.  Who said building a business had to be hard and lonely? Let’s collaborate, celebrate every little milestone and inspire each other! In our community your expertise and passion are ALWAYS honoured and valued. There are no big egos here, just a group of like-minded people cheering each-other on. 


Add Credibility and Authority to Your Practice with Professional Recognition

Add instant credibility to your Reiki Practice by joining our Professional Association. Upon joining, you’ll access your Membership Certification, which you can proudly print and display to your Clients & Students.  You can then add the RHA Members logo to your website and promotional material to build trust with new clients. PLUS: Every week we use our site and social media channels to champion and showcase our amazing members, increasing awareness about you and your business.  These credibility tools will help you stand out from the crowd!


Fast-Track to Winning Reiki Workshops & Classes with Done For You Manuals & Promotional Business Tools

We are the only Reiki Association that provides you with Ready-to-Go Reiki Manuals, Client Forms, Leaflets, Certificate templates, and other ‘Done-For-You’ Professional Materials to use in your own Reiki Workshops and classes, as well as other Marketing tools to save you time, money and energy. (So you can focus on doing what you love!) 


Stay Up to Date with Industry News & Magazines 

Looking for advice and inspiration to expand your knowledge and build your business? Do you want to feel connected to the wider Reiki industry? You can stay up to date with the latest Reiki news and Business trends with our regular e-updates. Plus, you will have exclusive first access to our Member's magazine ‘Universal Life.’ Your voice is so important to us - so you can also become a Contributing Writer! How would you like to add the badge ‘As Seen On’ or ‘As Featured in’ Universal Life Magazine to your website! Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  You’ll get frequent updates so you are always in the know and feel part of something big! Plus every issue we make one of our Members a Cover Star - this is just one of the unique ways we like to promote the brilliant work our Members do! 


Highest Professional Standards & Code of Ethics 

We strive to set the highest possible standards in Reiki Practice, with a core code of ethical and professional guidelines which all our members follow. We embody the Reiki Principles and respect our clients, students and fellow Practitioners. Print and display our COE in your Practice to show your clients and students!


Access Discounted Reiki Insurance Programmes 

Professional insurance can be confusing but getting insurance for your Reiki Business is important.  We partner with well-known and trusted Insurance providers across the globe to help you protect your business so you have one less thing to worry about. 


Exclusive Member Discounts

Access exclusive personal and professional continued learning and development opportunities and get discounted offers to the Reiki-specific resources you need to thrive. Whether you are looking to complete your Reiki training or deepen your knowledge and specialise in certain areas, we help you access the best training online at hugely discounted members-rates.


NEW: Access our growing Reiki Resource Library & Reiki Practice Builder Tips

We have pooled together a helpful articles and tips Library to help you with your daily Reiki Practice, so you can answer those burning FAQs you've been thinking about for a while. Whether its the different between Reiju and Attunements or who can attend a Reiki circle - we've got advice to give you clarity and guidance. Plus we've added a Practice Builder Tips Archive to cut through the noise and share our top recommendations for business platforms, tech and tools - to save you a tonne of time!


NEW: Reiki Inspiration on The Go with our App

We wanted to create a simple to use, friendly, safe, quiet, easy to access and navigate community space platform away from the noise and distraction of social media etc, where everyone can study, grow, network, develop, collaborate and make friends, anywhere at anytime. We hope our Reiki App is a little bit of Reiki inspiration in your pocket! A place to turn to whenever you want to recharge your energy, find serenity, and connect with like-minded individuals on a journey of self-improvement and personal well-being.

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finally a tribe that gets you

Alone is hard. Together is better.

We know it takes a pretty special type of person to pursue a career in Reiki and Wellness. We know the incredible work you do. 

I'm guessing that like us, you become a holistic health practitioner because Reiki and energy healing changed your life in a BIG way, and now you want to help other people experience the same transformative growth and healing. 

You've got the qualifications and the passion, and you've started working with clients. Now comes the tricky bit - moving from spiritual practitioner to a successful small business owner. 

Now you're busy navigating the world of entrepreneurship, marketing and business, tackling new challenges as you try to figure out all the real-world stuff that most Reiki training courses and workshops never prepare you for.

You need to know a lot about a lot. And it's no secret that building a business on your own can be tough, time consuming and very overwhelming at times. But you don’t have to go it alone.  

Whether you are just starting to practice Reiki with family and friends, or you already have your own professional Reiki business treating clients, we are here to help you get the training, support and recognition you deserve so you can excel in this exciting and rewarding industry (and also enjoy every step of the journey with the right community by your side!)

We are on a mission to help our members build thriving businesses in the spiritual and wellness space, because we know you can't change the world if you can't stay in business. And we want you to keep serving and showing up for the clients and community who need you most. 

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The Japanese Symbol Certificate Bundle
The Classic Certificate Bundle
The Rose Gold Certificate Bundle
The Healing Hands Animal Reiki Certificate Bundle
The Elegant Gold Animal Reiki Certificate Bundle
The Majestic Equine Reiki Certificate Bundle
The Usui Reiki Certificate Bundle
The Usui Reiki Lineage Bundle
Uniquely Designed Reiki Templates Styles which you can edit with your name, your students name and the date of completion.
Print and frame or send digitally!
High Resolution Print-Ready Quality
High Resolution Print-Ready Quality
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Network. Collaborate. Ask Questions. Surround yourself with an amazing community of your Reiki Peers who have been exactly where you are. PLUS, Access Exclusive Benefits.

Supporting You as You Build Your Reiki Business

And get all of these Benefits for LIFE. Yes, we are not like other associations. Imagine how much you can SAVE on Annual Renewals Fees if you Practice Reiki Professionally for 10 years or more.

Unlimited RHA Business Directory Listings
Official RHA Membership Certification
RHA Promotional Logos for your website
Distinguished Code of Ethics
Access to Done for you RHA Reiki Manuals under License
Access to Done for You RHA Reiki Certificate Templates
Access to Done for You Reiki Leaflets and Client Forms
Access to Discounted Professional Reiki Insurance
Access to Private Members Only Hub
Opportunities to practice distant healing
Regular RHA Members Magazine - Universal Life Magazine
Become a Featured Writer for the RHA Magazine & Blog
Member of the Week Showcase for your Business
Regular advice and tips for your Reiki Business from Marketing & Growth Experts
Special RHA Members Only Offers & so much more!

Just $297 $147

Looking for more info? Check out these FAQS

Helpful Frequently asked Questions...

How do I access my amazing Member Benefits?

You can login to the members area via the MEMBERS Link at the top of any RHA page. Once you had logged in your will have your very own Members Dashboard and Business Listing Dashboard where you can access all your benefits easily and start taking advantage of your membership. 

There a lot of other associations out there, what makes the RHA different?

The RHA is not just another association! We are a business-focused association in the Reiki and Wellness Space and the only association to provide a wealth of ‘Done-For-You’ Reiki resources and business tools. We want you to succeed and we are fully committed to helping you throughout your Reiki career. We know that you want real advice, accountability, guidance, support, and community – and we are here to deliver those things to you in abundance. And of course, we want to add in a little fun and enjoyment too (we want you to enjoy your membership and your business and help bring clarity and inspiration). 

We are known for our ego-free, welcoming and uplifting community. Members can feel safe asking questions or advice. We genuinely believe when one of us succeed, we all do.

We love that we have members from all over the world and all different reiki backgrounds so we can learn together and lift each-other up.

We know how hard it is to start and scale a reiki business, especially if you are working on your own. Let us help you navigate the world of business, marketing, entrepreneurship and self-employment.  This is about REAL People, working together to make a REAL Difference. We celebrate, champion and showcase our members to help you share you gifts and voice with the world. We help our members increase their visibility and drive traffic to your platforms, to help you engage with a wider network of potential clients and also grow your own audience and following. 

We strive to remain an industry leader, and pride ourselves on being a modern and constantly evolving association. We know some associations can feel dated and out of the loop of modern digital business trends and insights and we are proud that our team consists of experienced marketing and branding experts who remain connected to the latest advancements in the wellness space. 

How will I receive my Membership Certificate?

You will be able to access your Membership Certificate once you log in to your Members Area and work through the Member's Code of Ethics and Introductory videos. You will be able to personalise and download your Certificate after that. It's a Print-Ready file so you can print it out and display it proudly in your Healing space!  

Do you accept members from non-Usui Reiki styles?

Yes, all lineages and training backgrounds are welcome. We pride ourselves on being the most inclusive Global Reiki Association there is. 

Do you accept Reiki Practitioners/Masters who trained online and received online attunements?

Yes, we were the first, and for a very long time the only, Reiki association to allow members with online training backgrounds.  One of the core beliefs of Reiki Level 2 is that Reiki can be sent across time and space! Now more than ever with the global pandemic, online training and healing is essential! We will always accept students from all training backgrounds who meet our heart-centred core values and code of professional practice. 

I've been in business for years, is this just for Reiki professional who are just starting out?

Not at all! We welcome members at all stages of their Reiki journey – whether you are still completing your Reiki Certification, or you have just started practicing professionally, or whether you are an experiences Reiki Master/Teacher looking to grow your business and network – the RHA is for everyone.

I'm just starting out and still doing some training, do I have to have a business already set up to join?

If you have a passion for Reiki and are considering working with Reiki in a professional way now or in the future, and want to connect with a community of like-minded people and access the tools and resources you need to get started, then the RHA is for you. Getting started in any business can be a bit scary and very overwhelming so we are here to help our members avoid the confusion and start seeing financial rewards. We welcome students of Reiki who are still training, practitioners who just want to practice on family and friends, even those who have retired from practicing but what to stay connected to this brilliant community. 

What does 'Done-For-You' mean?

Done-for-you products are essentially ready-to-use materials that are already professionally designed so you don’t need to waste your precious time trying to build things yourself from scratch. Just because you run a business, doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own right?!

Do You have a refund Policy?

Yes. We want you to be completely happy with your membership, which is why we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.  If you don’t think this is for you, just send us an email within 7 days and let us know.

Please be aware if you cancel your membership, you will lose access to all your benefits and will not be able to use the manual, promotional logos and certificates, and any other RHA Branded content and bonuses. You will also not be able to re-join at a later date to access any new benefits or features. 

How does Lifetime Membership work?

No Annual Subscription, Pay Just Once and Enjoy the Benefits of a Lifetime Membership. We are not like other Associations – we want you to be a part of our community for life! 

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to Join this Movement of Healing

You are just one step away from being a part of the fastest growing global community of Reiki Professionals

PLUS: If you Join Today, You'll also Get a FREE Reiki Certificate Template Bundle with our Best-Selling Editable Certificate Templates + Lineage Charts

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