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Francine Thomas, RMT, MS

Energy and Wellness Place advocate a holistic approach to wellness. If you want to live a holistic life, help is available to manifest your targets and goals. We will facilitate you reaching your wellness target and goals, which may involve you making choices concerning your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of self. Energy and Wellness Place support the use of different energy methods including Reiki , Healing touch and shamanism. Feel free to contact me with any questions concerning health of the energy body.

Reiki session
Reiki session - $75 per hour- remote only or $180 for three one hour sessions- remote only. Reiki is a safe and gentle spiritual healing practice that encourages the body toward health and wellness, it will re-charge the subtle body, and is performed with clothes on. Chronic pain, sickness, stress, sadness, or low energy; sound all too familiar? Treat yourself or treat loved ones to a relaxing and energizing Reiki session. Reiki is not a massage, but it is better than spending a day at the spa! Benefits of Reiki improves chronic medical conditions, reduces stress, relieve stress, increases energy levels, improves the immune system, improves confidence, and it is non-invasive.
Apartment/house or building cleansing.
a unique experience using white sage to remove stagnant energy and infuse with light and love energy (depending on the size of the space, can take up to one hour). Unfortunately, space can hold unhealthy stagnant energy, sometimes in the case of sickness, death, abuse, and murder. Unhealthy stagnant energy can cause an effect on one’s peace of mind and wellness.
Do you have a specific concern or issues, then let us create a ritual to combat it together. Ritual can trap attention, anchor intention, gives significant to issue, but most importantly it provides a safe way to eliminate unhealthy feelings


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