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Peaceful Spirit Reiki for Animals

Jan is a Reiki Master, animal communicator and energy healer. Her passion is working with animals. She loves doing Reiki and energy healing with animals. It is gentle and the connection of her heart to the animal’s heart is full of Love, comfort, peace, and compassion. Her intention with doing Reiki with the animal is to offer healing. Reiki enhances the overall well-being of the animal, it brings relief to conditions as arthritis, accelerates the healing of post illnesses, surgeries, and wounds. Reiki strengthens the immune system, balances the chakras, increases trust between the person and animal, helps with behavior issues, emotional issues from abuse and neglect, and brings comfort and relieves pain from anxiety and fear. It is wonderful to see how they accept it. Animals are wonderful teachers and Jan has learned so much from them. Jan and animals have a strong connection. She does Reiki in person or distant healing. Her specialty is distant Reiki. Jan has done Reiki with animals all over the US, Australia, Holland and other countries. While connecting to the energy of Reiki and the animals, she also connects to them by “checking in” …..talking to them. She receives messages as pictures, hearing, a feeling or a knowing.

Animal Communication for Jan is connecting to the animal’s soul and heart. Feeling their emotions, hearing their voice, and seeing their soul shine through their eyes is a wonderful experience and adventure. “I love learning from the animals, receiving their guidance, and unconditional Love. Through them….helping people heal and connect to their beloved animal buddy……the animals also heal. I am blessed to work with, talk to, and be with these beautiful souls….the animals.” When working with animals Jan listens to the animal, the angels, spirit guides, and whatever energy comes to her to guide her in what healing the animal needs at the time. She works closely with angels, Arch Angels, the elementals, and nature. She has a deep connection to Nature and Animals. Jan is intuitive, a psychic, and an empath.

She uses other healing modalities when treating the animals. These are combined with Reiki, animal communication, or used on their own. They are all wonderful treatments:

Vibrational Healing (flower essences) has the ability to harmonize emotional trauma that is trapped in the cellular memory. Flower Essences restore the balance and harmony of the animal’s true nature, therefore, helping with diseases and stress of the animals.

Pure Essential Oils are nature’s living energy, in treating animals. These help with physical and emotional problems.

Crystals and gemstones. The energy of each crystal is channeled into each animal. These wonderful stones and crystals balance the Chakras of the animals.

Animal massage on small animals, mainly dogs. It is gentle and soothing and works great with Reiki, crystals, essential oils and flower essences.

The Emotion Code releases trapped emotions from the animal’s body. Many diseases and emotional problems in animals and people are caused by trapped emotions in the body. These could be there for a day or for years, even from a past life.

Star Healing Intergalactic Energy healing restores, rejuvenates, energizes and relaxes the whole mind and body. This is a healing from Arch Angel Michael, which uses higher pure 5th dimensional frequency from the Pleidian Galaxy.

Besides doing healing work with animals, Jan volunteers at Lucky Paws Animal shelter in Scottsdale, AZ. She rescues stray dogs and always makes sure they are reunited with their families.

She is a member of Find Me which is an organization of talented investigative profilers, law enforcement officers and professional search and rescue volunteers from all over the world. Find Me is a network of 200 screened volunteers who work collectively together to locate the missing and solve homicides.


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