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Reiki Healing and Spiritual Coaching at Crystal Reiki

Reiki for Living, Coaching for Abundance!

We all seek a vibrant, well and healthy life, from our physical strength and health to the deep inner layers of our minds, hearts and spirits, where we constantly seek for a state of being that brings us deep satisfaction and peace.

And yet, with all these wonderful intentions, life does not always cooperate, and we often find ourselves burdened with challenges both physical, mental/emotional and spiritual, that leave us gasping for that full beautiful breath of life we were hoping for.

This is where a spiritual guide, a master healer and a very human, compassionate life traveler, can make the ultimate difference in the quality and construct of your own inner landscape and outer health. 

Have you been looking for space to breathe? A way to reconnect with yourself and feel whole, clear and more grounded to be able to meet life's challenges? 

Reiki treatment is restorative, healing, and balancing, bringing great relief from the pressures and pains of day to day living, restoring vitality and well-being and aiding in the healing process of any physical condition, whether short or long-term. Mental clarity and calm are restored and the recipient is empowered. Empowered to live a fulfilling life. 

Spiritual coaching gives the recipient simple yet powerful tools for navigating life.

If you are looking for a place to catch your breath, connect with your inner wisdom and live with awareness and resiliency, Reiki and Spiritual Coaching are the right tools to enhance and empower your journey!

In-person and online sessions available.

Personalized online Reiki training in Traditional Usui Reiki Practice

Shamanic Healing and Heart Healing,

Calming Reiki, Reiki with Crystals and Space Clearing

Deborah Strafuss, RMT, CSLC, SCR, Shamanic Practitioner


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Sudbury, MA, USA
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