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Reiki Master Marie

"A peaceful space where you find balance within"

The Flow of Energy - Reiki Usui Master Practitioner & Meditation Guide

Reiki Healing Session - Reiki helps bring all aspects of a being into vibrational alignment so life can be experienced in the way it is truly meant to be experienced: peacefully, joyously, and lovingly. Reiki does not require a visual or physical connection to be effective. Whether patients live nearby or on another continent, my mission as a practitioner is to provide Reiki in the manner that best meets my patient's needs at that time—hands-on, nearby, or at a distance, or virtually.

Meditation sessions - Movement, radiant circuits, progressive relaxation, and loving-kindness practices are offered individually or in groups (on-site or online). Marie always offers a special gift at the end of the session through light ray circuits to anchor healing into practice. Please book in advance. Namasté


40 to 90 Minutes Reiki Sessions from $55.00 to $125.00

Distance Reiki Sessions 40 minutes $55.00

Pendulum : Chakras Balancing / Grounding / Aura Cleansing / Energy Blockage Removing / Home or Location Cleansing $35.00 per request

Questions To Ask Pendulum: Soul Path - Health - Family - Career - Love Life $25.00 for 5 Questions

Meditation practices 

Start at $40.00 / 40 minutes

Empowering breathing in the present - Guided meditation is an excellent starting point for beginners. The meditation practice involves focusing the mind on the present moment and self-awareness, both of which can be difficult for someone used to letting the mind wander. Our society is a hurried and goal-oriented one, so taking time to simply be in the moment — not actively doing something or solving some problem — can seem impossible. Meditating with Marie will provide direction. Namasté

By Appointment 

Welcome 🙏

In few words, I would like to share my philosophy with you. My mission is inspired by the commitment to ensure the well-being and health of people and to simply improve the quality of life through Reiki, meditation, healthy food and soul-warming music; which is one of the main key factors in a "flavorful" and harmonious life. 

I enjoy writing books and highlight an holistic approach. I have so many great recipes to share with you. 

In my quest to expand the mission, I have also specialized in holistic cuisine, an energetic cuisine, with particular reference to allergens, diets and dietary restrictions, allergies, and intolerances. With the new Reiki approach to nutrition, the alternatives it offers can provide many health benefits for people.

Today, I pursue are personal development in Reiki Usui energy work as a healer, practitioner and instructor, meditation guide and as a self-development practices author and a speaker. Thus, my messages of integration daily through positive affirmations are supported by the creation of soothing piano and meditation scripts

A discography set of seven piano albums, "the language of the heart", accompanying music to people for moments of relaxation and meditation. Touching people's hearts, one heart at a time. I am certified as a musical accompanist in palliative centers where music has its place in the silence to raise the vibrations. I simply follow the flow of life.

My entire personal and professional journey has been driven by the need and desire for personal and professional well-being. I wish to share my learning through healthier food, musical creations, and healing energy teachings, and meditation practices. Namasté


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