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Three Treasures Holistic Health

An AADP board certified, graduate of the Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) program at Natural Healing College in Stockton, CA, and a Usui Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) and Animal Reiki Master Teacher, Rob Haroth, HHP learned long ago the value of good health. After initially studying herbology so that he could find balance in his own life, Rob decided to devote his time to the study of natural health and healing so that he could help others discover what he already has…that we are all meant to live happy and healthy lives…naturally!

A love for animals prompted Rob to begin his Animal Reiki journey. While being trained in Reiki specific to animals by Kathleen Prasad (Animal Reiki Source), Rob began to volunteer at the local SPCA and Animal Control facilities as an animal walker, socializer, adoption assistant, and veterinary clinic volunteer. At the SPCA, Rob offers Reiki services to all animals at the shelter and played an integral part in the formation of a groundbreaking organization at the shelter called Animal Wellness Experience (AWE).

He hopes to form a similar organization at his local Animal Control facility.
Rob also has three dogs of his own, Truman, Jackson, And Bronner who enjoy Reiki treatments as often as he can offer them!
Rob is a member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA).


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