Reiki Healing Association Reviews

Read some of our most recent feedback from our RHA members below. 


Recent Member Reviews

"I’ve been affiliated with a number of professional service organizations throughout my professional life. Reiki Healing Association does what says it is committed to—its members. Kudos to the Reiki Healing Association. Thank you and keep holding your vision."

Diana Turner-Forte

Diana is a Teaching Artist in Dance/Movement and a Reiki Master, whose goal is to educate dancers and the general public of their innate ability to self-heal.

"Reiki Healing Association, thank you so much!!!! I've been blessed with these gifts so what better way than to help others. Being highlighted as member of the week has helped my business grow and the has given me the ability to reach more people. Thank you." 

Maria Emeterio

Maria is an Reiki Master Teacher, who specializes in Chakra Healings. Maria offers free Reiki to any parents who have suffered the loss of a child, as a way to honour her Grandson JAX who passed from S.I.D.S.

"The Reiki Healing Association is a refreshing, vibrant, energetic association that provides tremendous support and resources for any Reiki practitioner across the globe.  They have provided resources required for whatever step you are on, in your Reiki journey.  The RHA maintains a high standard of professional and ethical codes and encourages its members to use them in their practice.  The RHAs content; whether it is from their website, Facebook Page, Instagram or the Universal Life Magazine, seeks to inspire its members to continually grow, train, educate and expand themselves in different ways with Reiki. The RHA community is a fun loving, supportive community that supports other Reiki practitioners so that people can feel more confident in using Reiki, sharing their knowledge about Reiki and continually network with Reiki professionals internationally. It is an absolute joy to be a part of this association! "

Akleema Ali

Akleema Ali, RMT, finds joy and excitement in her life journey by educating and increasing awareness about Reiki in Trinidad & Tobago.

"I've been a member of this organziation for about 2 years, and a Reiki Master Teacher for about 7 years.

I really like the mission and direction of the Reiki Healing Association. It feels all-inclusive and flexible. I appreciate all of the sources and downloads that are available.

I'm currently taking the Animal Reiki Master course. I've done Reiki on animals for years and this course is giving me more insight and details that are really helpful. I always encourage my students to take other courses, work with different modalities, find your lane. There's room for all of us in healing world!

I look forward to learning many new things here🙂

Janice Buerkli

Janice B.  is a Usui/Holy Fire II/Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher & Crystal Healer providing reiki treatment, instruction & certification, energy clearing, chakra balancing, and crystal healing with a unique intuitive style. Her passion is to empower others on their healing journeys.


Meet Some of Our Members

"I truly believe that the Reiki Healing Association has been instrumental in championing the cause of Oneness through Reiki. I am so glad to have found a trusting container in this community for my growth as a Reiki practitioner, fostering meaningful connections and also being able to serve in ways that I feel called. Absolutely appreciate the well-rounded support offered here. Thank you!"

Aparna Vemula

Aparna is a gentle guide who blends her unique intuitive gifts and tools like Reiki, Meditation, Mediumship, and Creative Journaling to support women in their own awakening and show up as their joyful, authentic Self.

"I am not sure just where to begin. Having had several Reiki teachers over the years, there was always something else I wanted to know. After taking Garry Malone’s course I discovered the Reiki Healing Association whose members willingly share a world of knowledge and experience. It just doesn’t get any better.

Norman W. Wilson, PhD

Norman W Wilson holds two doctorates. He is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and a retired college professor. He is a trained Shaman, Reiki Master, and Certified Crystal Practitioner and is the author of over 20 books including Reiki: The Instructor’s Manual.

"I love your organization! I love the way you assist Reiki businesses with real life courses and doable opportunities to make a business stronger. I took a few courses from you all and each has been beneficial. Thank you so much for existing in this world."

LaTanya Hill

LaTanya is a Registered Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Chakra Healer, and the founder of IMREIKINOW®, a company focused on providing the highest level of Reiki, spiritual healing, teaching, and assisting clients to overcome life struggles.

About the Reiki Healing Association

When we established the RHA in 2015, there were a lot of barriers to getting started as a Professional Reiki Practitioner.  

At the time, most Reiki Associations only accepted Practitioners from certain training backgrounds and lineages, which meant a lot of practitioners (especially those who had trained online) couldn't get insurance or support. We didn't want to see gifted Practitioners held back.

So we created the first inclusive Reiki Association to help support ALL Reiki Professionals across the world, from all backgrounds, schools and lineages, turn their calling into a career with purpose, impact and income. 

We strongly believe that the more heart-centred Reiki Practitioners there are out there with a passion for helping others, the better the world will be! 

If you are a Reiki Professional, looking for a community to help you grow your Reiki practice, find new clients and support you every step along the way, then the RHA is waiting to welcome you into our Reiki family. 


Join Thousands of Ambitious Reiki Professionals who have already joined our Professional Community

"This is an absolutely fantastic community. Looking forward to sharing and learning. Keep shining your light. Reiki is on!!!"

Karen Phillips

Thank you so much for your Member of the Week shout-out. I actually did some Reiki an hour ago because I felt like I am always trailing others and needed a boost in confidence and motivation and then I saw you had featured me all over your socials and site, and I've had so many lovely comments from the other members. What a blessing. Thank you for using your platform to raise the profile of my small business. I'm a member of other associations, but no one has ever made me feel so supported and seen. I love this community so much.

Loula Leet

“Thank you for providing us with Universal Life Magazine! There are still several articles I haven’t read, although I’ve ‘thumbed’ through all the ‘pages’. I’m pleasantly surprised by your grounded approach that has avoided fluff and hype. What that means to me is I can relate to the magazine’s contents. Keep up the extraordinarily wonderful work you do. THANK YOU!”

 Lily Clair

“So excited to be a part of the RHA. I’m really looking forward to learning from this lovely community of the light, with all tips and information here. I’ve just joined the Facebook group and there are so many great conversations happening, like how much should I charge, how many sessions should I run a day, and how are you coping with Covid regulations. Thank you for giving me this space to network and grow and talk to people like me. I feel blessed.” 

Joe CM

“I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to be an RHA member. I’ve been a member for 6 years now and I am so happy I joined; you are so supportive of every member. I have the membership certificate framed on my wall and love looking at it in my Reiki Studio. I recommend all my own students to the RHA. Thank you for all you do for this community.”

Briany Thornley

“I just downloaded the magazine, and I am so thrilled and entirely grateful to you for allowing me to be published in this magazine. Words cannot express how I feel about what the Universe has just blessed me with. The other articles look absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to sit with a cup of tea and soak it all in.  I really do feel a great energy joining this community and I send this association tremendous amounts of love and light so that they can continue to inspire and motivate Reiki professionals worldwide.  Thank you.”

Aleema Ali


RHA Academy Reviews

“I am very impressed with the 7-star information given in your Reiki home study course. The study materials are easy to learn and understand. I feel as confident as I would if I attended an in-person workshop. Thank you very much for this opportunity."

Angela Costic

Reiki Master Teacher

"One of the best courses ever! Very informative. I did a reiki class for level 1 and 2 about 6 years ago and didn’t receive a fourth of the information I received on this course. I love and thank Adele and Garry for their patience and commit to teaching.”

Dr Charles Moore

Reiki Master Teacher

“Thank you so much for this deep analysis of the chakras. I have always given a short lesson on energy and its connection to the body through the Chakras before starting a reiki course with new students. They have always found it of use. But it has never been as instructive as this. As a teacher of reiki I am very grateful for this and am glad I chose to join this course as it will expand my own understanding of the way universal energy works and allow me to expand my knowledge to help others in the future.”

Judith Nelson

Chakra Healing Master

“I have so much gratitude for all you do and providing this course. The Animal Reiki Master Teacher Course was so full of material and supportive of different ways to learn, I feel like it was designed for everyone: with all types of learners in mind. This course answered all of the questions I’ve had since I first heard of Reiki. Other courses pale in comparison. I highly recommend this course to others. You have answered my prayers & changed my life! Namaste”

Belinda Ricco

Animal Reiki Master Teacher

“I would like to thank you Garry and Adele Malone. Your program delivered everything as promised and more! I have read many books on the subject but none as straight forward and perfectly designed as yours. Once again thank you for your tremendous help in my spiritual journey.”

Candi Morrison

Reiki Master Teacher

“Thank you Garry and Adele for making all this knowledge available to us! I really like the home study course material, it is so complete and well organised! It is a godsend! I feel truly blessed for having found this course. Thank you!”

Suzana White

Reiki Master Teacher

“It’s official I am a Reiki Master! I had taken Reiki 1 and 2 from a different teacher and I have no complaints but I started from Reiki 1 all the way to Master level with Garry Malone and the team - I am grateful and blessed that I started from Day 1 to the end. In my opinion this course is the BEST! I like how we have lifetime access to our account for future review, teachings of growing as a teacher to others and all of the downloads. Thank you will never get expressed enough. Thank you. Namaste”

Andrea Kanfield Kusz

 Reiki Master Teacher

“I have spent 9 years studying with the Open University to obtain 2 degrees and consider that I am qualified to recognise quality training material when I see it. Without a doubt the material provided by Garry and Adele Malone is of the highest standard. It is written in an easy and friendly to understand manner and is jam packed with essential information. I also had reason to use Garry & Adele’s email help line and was surprised at how quick the response was, especially as I am currently residing in Australia. The assistance provided was excellent. I do not usually provide testimonials but have made an exception to my rule in this case as I have been really impressed with the coursework and assistance provided. 10 out of 10.”

David Blake

Reiki Master Teacher

“The home study course allows me to learn what I need to know, and I felt very relaxed with no rush because I was able to do things on in my own time in my own terms. This is an amazing program. It’s very informative, well laid out, easy to understand and very professional. For myself I do not believe that anything could be improved upon. I would recommend this course to anyone, even if you don’t want to practice Reiki on anybody other than yourself….which by the way I highly recommend. It’s a great way to relax, de-stress, promote self-healing and to find inner peace… and that’s just the start.”

Linda Hampton

Reiki Master Teacher

“This has been one of the best online courses I have taken. There is more information and support then I had ever expected. I highly recommend this course…I am going over the course again. There is so much information here.”

Sheryl Powell

 Reiki Master Teacher

“I’ve studied Reiki 1 and took Reiki 2 twice. Your class gave me more knowledge than my 3 previous Reiki classes combined. I really feel enlightened…I really loved this course. ”

Lori Austen

Reiki Master Teacher

“I wish to thank you for all that I learned through this course. I took my first Reiki course 20 years ago. I wanted to return to Reiki and felt I needed a refresher. It has helped me a lot. It was so much more extensive than the course I took in person, and now I can go back and review the material in the future. I feel so inspired. What I loved the most was the meditations and the incredible support from the team – they go out of their way to make sure you are happy and have everything you need, Many blessings.” 

Helen Hill

Reiki Master Teacher