Submitting an article for publication

The RHA welcomes article submissions from members only. While we only have room to publish a limited number of articles in the RHA’s quarterly magazine, Universal Life, we also regularly publish items on our website, which we provide links to via the magazine, e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

Please note that all contributors/authors must complete the RHA Article Permissions Form when submitting an article for the RHA’s consideration.

General guidelines


The RHA is happy to consider any article that is relevant and may be of interest to its membership. This includes articles that are more member-focused/experiential in nature, providing these relate to Reiki and Wellness work. Articles that are ‘advertorial’ in nature (i.e. that heavily promote a specific product or training provider) are unlikely to be published. We do not accept general advertisments from members or non-members.


Please double-check the spelling within the article especially names and any technical or medical terms.

Word Count:

This will depend on the type of copy submitted, but as a general guide, we suggest:

Your views and members’ news: up to 600 words;
Features: 500-800 words is usually optimal, keep it under 1000 words


All articles submitted to the RHA are subject to editing but where possible, please try to ensure that your article flows well and is reader-friendly.


Please note that submitting an article does not guarantee publication. The RHA may also delay (or occasionally withdraw) publishing articles accepted for publication, for a variety of reasons.

Pictures and Images:

Supporting pictures must be high-resolution, unless being supplied for web use only. To take high-resolution pictures, please ensure the camera formatting option is set to ‘large’, ‘advanced’ or similar, before the photographs are taken. Where possible, please ensure the background is neutral and uncluttered.

Submitting your article:

Please submit your article to the RHA team via the online submissions form in the next unit. Please ensure you read and accept the RHA Article Permissions Form in the next unit before submitting your article for publication.

Need Help or Advice:

Further guidance is available on request. Please contact the RHA Team via the contact link at the top of any page.

Submit Your Article Now

RHA Article Permissions Agreement

While we do not wish to make the process of contributing an article to the RHA overly cumbersome, there are a number of points we would like to bring to your attention, particularly in relation to permissions, copyright and use of images.

Having read the RHA Article Submission Guidelines in the previous unit, please read the RHA Article Permissions Agreement below, before submitting your Article for possible inclusion and publication on our RHA website blog and RHA Magazine – Universal Life.

Please note that submitting an article to the RHA automatically implies:

The article is original, unpublished and you are the sole author of the article. If there is more than one author, the additional authors must also give permission for the article to be published by the RHA, as per the terms laid out in this agreement and the RHA Article Submission Guidelines.
You are giving the RHA permission to publish the article (and any illustrations supplied) in RHA print or epublications and/or on RHA websites, in any format (i.e. as an item in Universal Life or as a PDF on the RHA website).
The RHA has first publishing rights (this means that the same article will not be published by another third party in advance of the publication date agreed by the RHA).
You are giving the RHA the right to edit your article in order to meet the brand and style of RHA publications and fit the space available. A copy of the edited version can be supplied prior to print, on request.
Full references have been provided, and permissions granted to publish quotes and excerpts, where appropriate.
Relevant permissions or licences have been obtained for illustrations, diagrams, tables or photographs supplied to support the article, and RHA advised of any credits that need to appear in conjunction with these items.
Permissions have been obtained from any clients or third party individuals or organisations cited or referred to in the article, even if their names have been removed. This is particularly relevant if the information about that person or organisation is sensitive, or details are given about an individual’s health or personal circumstances.


FAQ: What about the Copyright? Who owns it? Can authors publish the articles on their blogs and websites as well?

Answer: (Legalese): You are granting the RHA the right to modify, translate, publish, delete, create derivative works from, or use in any other way, your articles or content. This right includes a perpetual, commercial, irrevocable, non-exclusive, fully sub-licensable, and transferable license to use the content in the manner mentioned above.

We will put an effort in attributing the articles and content correctly to you as their author, but cannot guarantee this. All articles and content published on our website then become, for other users of our website, free to distribute under a creative commons attribution license for non-commercial use.

This license you are granting us is non-exclusive. You still have full rights to your articles, while we still retain the right and license you have granted us. This agreement may change at any time without prior notice. By sending us your articles and content, you agree to all the above.


STEP 1: How to Prepare your Article ready for submission to the RHA via email:

Click on the button below to download our simple text template that will make it easier to format and provide all the information we need from you as part of the RHA Article Submission Process.
The Article Template will open up in a new browser tab. You will need to right click on the document and select save as or save target to download the text document to your PC, MAC or device before you can open and edit the document.
There are 7 sections to prepare and complete (1-5 are mandatory) (6-7 are optional).
* Means a required field that must be completed.
Please use the associated guides to help complete the Article Template ready for submission via email.

Article Completion Guides

1: *Author’s name: [Insert your full name – pen names are acceptable]

2: *Author’s email address: [Insert your email address]

3: *Article Title: [Insert the title of your article]

4: *Article Content: [Insert (paste) the article text into this box] (normally around 500-1500 words).

5: *Short Bio: [Insert (paste) a brief personal bio into this box]. This is where you add your name, qualifications, specialities, experience etc (normally around 100-150 words).

6: Website Address: [Insert your website address]

7: Social Media Profile Page: [Insert your Facebook/Twitter or Instagram page or profile address]

STEP 2: Submit Your RHA Article Via Email

*Author’s permission: By sending your Article to the RHA via email you are confirming by default that you have read and accept the contents of the RHA Article Submission Guidelines and RHA Article Permissions Agreement set out in this unit and the previous unit and you hereby give permission for the RHA to publish your article, in line with the terms laid out.
Complete and Send the Article using the Submission Form below.
First add your name and email address to the form.
Add your Article Title to the Subject Line below.
Then copy and paste the contents from the previously completed Article templete form into the message section
Finally, check the Authors's permission box to confirm that you agree to the following: 

*Author’s permission: By sending your Article to the RHA via email you are confirming by default that you have read and accept the contents of the RHA Article Submission Guidelines and RHA Article Permissions Agreement set out above and you hereby give permission for the RHA to publish your article, in line with the terms laid out.
If you have any questions about submitting an article to the RHA, please email:

RHA Article Submission Form