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Lightworker – Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) Transformational Program

I see you, lightworker.
You’ve always been a little sensitive.
You’re intuitive and curious to find out if you’ve got a ‘gift’.
And there’s a part of you that feels lost, like you’re here to do more.
You’ve never felt quite like you fit in….
That’s because you don’t. You’re here for something so much more meaningful. You’re here to create soul-level shifts and be part of a new paradigm.
You’re here to do more than just take care of others, beautiful. You’re here to support people to transform their lives!

Are you ready to harness your potential and your gifts? Are you here to launch your magic into the world?

Welcome to Lightworker.

Lightworker is more than just a Level 2 Reiki certification – it truly creates the foundations for your path to have a thriving business as a lightworker. It is based on the belief that to be the best practitioner you want to be, you must also be the very best version of you.

This program is designed to take your level of self awareness to a higher frequency. We move beyond the limitations of this realm and delve into the depths of our reality and our intuition. When we reconnect with our inner wisdom, we have the foundations for a masterful and beautiful life.

Imagine for a moment…

– Having clarity about who you are and what you want
– Feeling a greater connection to your higher self and higher support
– Being able to navigate your personal patterns and to shift them
– Seeing your highest potential and able to raise your vibration to match her
– Feeling safe enough to truly be who you want to be and have the confidence to step into your life.

Since your Level 1 Reiki training, things have begun to make more sense. You’re learning to really trust in the magic that is truly available to you. This is the gateway to your soul purpose.

So, are you ready to go deeper in uncovering the truths of who you really are and reconnecting with your inner guidance along the way?

Using Reiki to underpin your transformation, throughout Lightworker you’ll delve deeper into working through your patterns – the repeated thoughts, behaviours and feelings that have been holding you back from truly stepping into living your truth. To show up and hold space for others, we must commit to becoming the best version of ourselves.

Are you ready for a new standard of learning? One that maintains with the greatest respect and honour, the traditional Usui Reiki methods of healing but also matches the new paradigm we are shifting into.
There is a strong pull for us to step up and move beyond our limitations. This is my opportunity to step up to meet you there.

While this program is underpinned by the traditional teachings of the Usui Reiki natural healing method, I have also combined my expertise working with the alchemy of crystals, sound healing and my extensive skills and experience as a Life and Wellness coach and Mindfulness Teacher to bring you a Reiki course like no other.

Reiki is an incredible life-changing modality. I have experienced this for myself and now I want to share it with you so that you can start your own extraordinary transformation and inspire others to do the same.

I’m inviting you to experience this new paradigm in learning Reiki with me.

Typically, Reiki students would need to wait until embarking on the Mastership training to access the energetic transmissions that are available during this course. But after teaching 400 students, I have seen the collective shift and the greater demand for deeper learning.

Lightworker will help you fully step into your soul’s work and co-create a thriving business that is not based on hustling, burnout or grinding. This is in alignment with the new level of consciousness. One that is demanding you live and work from your heart – from a space of love and driven by your highest potential.

What you’ll graduate with:

– A deeper understanding into who you are and what your limiting patterns are that are holding you back from stepping into your lightwork.
– Energetic activation to raise your level of consciousness to continue your path of self-mastery.
– New skills and techniques to amplify your treatment sessions.
– Confidence and support to create a professional practice.
– Access to the highest of vibrations whenever you need it.
– Exclusive access to the loving, supportive and empowering Nourished Energy Community of students.
– Level 2 Reiki certification to be able to practice professionally, virtually and in person or via distance, and use the first three sacred symbols of Reiki.
– Access to training materials, ongoing support, training and opportunities for further practice.
– Advanced level of crystal healing and able to use Reiki with crystals more effectively. Includes a Crystal Practitioner Certificate.
– Lightworker is more than just your Level 2 certification, you’re receiving access to a full business and healing course. This course sets you up to be an incredible practitioner and to have a lasting impact with your clients.

This is for you if you are:
– Wanting to reconnect with your soul path
– Feeling called to step up into your highest potential
– Ready to begin your journey as a lightworker or wanting to add a new modality to your toolkit or existing practice or career

Program Syllabus:
– Intuition (What is intuition? How do you recognise it, How do you connect with it, Ego vs. Intuition)
– Symbols and sacred patterns (What are symbols? Spiritual symbols, Sacred Reiki symbols and their history, Connecting with symbols, How to use the Reiki symbols for your own self healing, Healing on others using symbols, How to use symbols during a Reiki session, Using symbols for others and in day-to-day life)
– Reading energy (Understanding psychometrics and your role as a practitioner, How to read energy and translate your intuition for a client session, Discerning information effectively and safely)
– Distance Healing (Quantum Healing, How to facilitate a healing across time and space, Virtual healing sessions, Distance/non-face-to-face healings)
– Co-creating effective consultations (The role of the healer, How to hold space for other and facilitate a high frequency session, How to create a nourishing and safe space for clients, How to navigate your own unique gifts and co-create a practice in alignment (Using other tools and modalities during sessions, – – How to process triggers and deeper healing work)
– Group Healing (How to facilitate a group healing in person workshops, How to facilitate a virtual group healing
– Creating a business in alignment, Creating commitments for your practice, Using your business as a self healing tool
– How do you start a practice – the foundations for a thriving business (Attracting soulmate clients)
Advanced crystal healing methods (How to use a wand to shift and transmute energy, How to use pendulums during a healing session)

Here’s the program breakdown:
Duration: 10+ hours of live training + course work. (This includes pre course work – a combination of virtual videos and reading content, live training and a follow-up call after 21 days. During the live training, you’ll have opportunities for live coaching and mentoring).
Prerequisites: Level 1
Delivery: Hybrid (Online and Face-to-Face in Armadale, VIC) or Online (available World Wide)Your Investment: $1400 pay in full (payment plan option available)

Are you feeling called to help raise the collective consciousness and help humanity transition from a culture of fear to a love-based community?

Register now to join the program and get access to all the resources to get a headstart on your transformational journey.



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