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Trading as NZSPORTSREIKI was traditionally developed towards meeting the needs of sports teams and individual pre-games, during the games and post games successfully.

Traditionally I have found that Reiki is the most effective technique to apply immediately after an injury of any kind rather than using the western methods of ICING that potentially harmful and delays any immediate healing.

I deliver Reiki through using my Swedish Sports Massage as well as my newly found Acupuncture without Needles techniques. This has being the most effective integrated modalities I have personally tested with the many teams I have been privileged to work alongside.

Therapy Treatments Used in my business are:

Reiki Touch
Reiki Massage
Reiki Distance Healing
Reiki Stretching
Reiki Breathing
Swedish Sports Massage
Swedish Relaxation Massage
LifeWave Acupuncture with Needles (Photo Therapy)
Acupuncture Points Trigger Release

Reiki Theory & Skills Training

Reiki I, II , and III Masters Degree


Started learning Reiki I Theory and Skills in 2000

Reiki II Theory and Skills in 2002
Reiki I Attunement Theory and Skills
Reiki I and II Symbols and Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki III Masters Degree in 2006
Reiki II and III Attunement Theory and Skills
Reiki III Masters Degree Teaching

NZSPORTSREIKI also offers Strapping for any sports code


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