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Why Learn Reiki?

Introducing Me

First of all, please let me introduce myself.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher.  I specialize in Holy Fire and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki alongside Usui Reiki.

I teach all levels of Reiki regularly and in person at our wellness center in Halifax, West Yorkshire, but I also teach Reiki online, which allows me the privilege of having international students.

I am passionate about Reiki, and this is something that shines out in abundance in my classes, and leads to precious feedback such as: "To teach from the heart is a rare and special gift. Thank you.".

My life path is one of Service as a Master Teacher and Healer.

But, Why Should You Learn Reiki?

People often think that the only reason to learn Reiki is to become a Reiki Practitioner or even a Reiki Master so that you can heal or teach others.  For many these are very valid reasons for learning Reiki.  However, the founder of Reiki in modern times, Mikao Usui, taught his Reiki students from a very different perspective…

Mikao Usui taught his Students that Reiki is Primarily for Healing Self

In this modern era in which we live, the need for self healing is probably greater that at any time in history.  Reiki may just be what you have been looking for in your journey to healing self.

Did you know, that when you learn the first level of Reiki, that you learn two different meditation techniques?  Both are incredibly valuable in helping to calm the mind and to lead you on the road to self-healing.

Along with these meditations, the first level of Reiki traditionally teaches you the Five Reiki Precepts.  These precepts are not an instant fix for life’s problems, but over time, these guiding principles can lead you to viewing life in a very different way.  This too can make a huge difference to how you thrive.

Mikao Usui Emphasised that Reiki is a Tool for Personal and Spiritual Growth

As a Reiki Master teacher, I have personally found that a bi-product of learning Reiki and making use of it in daily life, is that it tends to lead us to our spiritual path.  As we follow this path, we begin to discover our true purpose in life.  Along with that comes greater fulfilment and contentment.

Overall, the deeper we go in our connection with Reiki (the more we use it and learn about Reiki), the deeper we feel connected to everyone and everything around us.

Want to Find Out More?

If you’d like to find out more about Reiki then please try one of the following:

Contact me on the contact form on my website and arrange a chat.  I love to chat with people who want to learn more about Reiki.

Have a look at my Website.

Watch my YouTube video (link here or below) which expresses why Holy Fire Reiki is extra special.

Testimonials / Feedback from Students

Here is a sampling of the testimonials that I have been privileged to have received from some of my Reiki students...

"Thank you Rob. This has honestly been the best 3 days ever!

Thank you to everyone involved for making this a wonderful course and especially to Rob Linden for being such a wonderful teacher xxx
Without doubt one of the best experiences of my life being taught by Rob. Articulate, thorough, questioning are many of the superlatives I could use to describe his teaching. REIKI has changed my life. Made many friends and met like-minded individuals through his courses too. I needed healing and wanted to help others through Reiki I have found this and I'm forever grateful. Bravo Sir we need more healing more than ever."
"As always so grateful to be following my passions, and my Joy and counting my blessings, with gratitude, finally after two years of taking courses and training online I was blessed to be in person again and connect and complete the Usui and holy fire reiki master & teacher training course, refining my journey with energy medicine and deepening my skills and going through a process of transformation, and it truly did not disappoint I could not have picked a more passionate and dedicated teacher who I am in resonance with especially with his love for reiki, and the evolution of it, a great teacher, humble and passionate about his work, so thanking Rob Linden for truly a great 3 days spent with amazing like-minded people, looking forward to the unpacking and unfolding of the last three days, and the integration of it all, and thanking everyone who attended for an amazing experience, and looking forward to the growth and sharing new services and continuing on my path and following my purpose"
"As one of the participants I can say that I went in there a very different woman I came out. He’s inspired. He brings people together and we are allowed to be.
He guides us and holds us when needed. You’ll never get a better reiki guide as he. 💕💗💕💗💕"
"Massive thank you to Rob Linden, I am truly grateful for your efforts, time and dedication spent delivering this course. 🙏"



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