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Shoden Usui Reiki Level 1 Practitioner Course

Certified Usui Reiki Level 1 Online Home Study Course

Course Overview

Discover a More Natural way to Heal Yourself and Others with Reiki! Reiki works to boost natural immunity and healing by clearing energy blocks and any barriers to the healthy flow of energy around our energy system. Learning Reiki is a life-changing experience. It is one of the simplest and safest self-healing techniques you can learn today and is becoming an increasingly popular way to naturally heal yourself or others, relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and also boost immunity and provide extraordinary relaxation and balance to your life.

Let’s face it life can be stressful, busy and overwhelming and when the need for healing arises, it can be hard to find practical solutions to restore health across mind and body. This is why Reiki is so powerful – it provides a framework and skillset to take back control of your needs, make real changes in your life and transform the lives of others too.

What you’ll get from this course:

Are you looking for simple pain-free ways to heal and relax, reduce physical and emotional pain and anxiety in your own life and completely transform the way you feel each day? Perhaps you you want to start working and earning money within the wellness space, and feel called to help others but don’t know where to start? Or you are already a Wellness Practitioner and want to help you clients in new and profound ways? Then Reiki is for you! Absolutely no previous knowledge or experience of Reiki is needed to work through the training and become a fully qualified Reiki Practitioner. Enrol now to learn with one of the world’s leading and longest running Online Reiki Training School, and heal yourself, family, friends, clients, pets and more with simple energy healing techniques.

Reiki is a gentle and beautiful modality to start or add to your Health, Coaching or Wellness business, and will complement any other healing modality including yoga, massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy, and will also complement modern medicine.

This course gives you the chance to develop your confidence to work with paying clients with practical energy activities, video demonstrations and advice on getting started as a Reiki Practitioner.

What’s included in Your Training Programme:

On top of all your Training Materials you will get access to a huge range of Bonuses and Extras so you can get the most out of the course and learn how to work with Reiki energy.

  • Learn how to Harness the Power of Reiki for Yourself and Others by Becoming a Fully Certified Reiki Practitioner all from the comfort of your own home with guided home study!
  • Explore the core foundations and principles of Usui Reiki and experience Reiki energy for yourself as your learn the Reiki hand positions and how to use Reiki on your own family, friends and pets.
  • Learn unique methods from World Leading Experts who have used Reiki to transform their lives - from overcoming chronic back pain and IBS, to healing anxiety issues, reducing stress and illness and helping loved ones with cancer and disease.
  • Get Instant Access to 7 Modules with in-depth and easy-to-digest video training covering everything you need to learn Reiki Level 1. Access via your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile!
  • Unlock Video Demonstrations of a Reiki Self-Treatment and How to Work with others, so you know exactly how to actually work through a Self-Reiki session and a session with a Client.
  • Download Your Own 75-Page Printable Shoden Workbook with Course notes, infographics, your Attunement Journal, practical learning exercises and reflection space.
  • Attunement Ceremony: Your Initiation to Reiki 1 scheduled in real-time and sent especially to you, opening you up as a channel for Reiki for the rest of your life. You will get access to our own Music for the ceremony.
  • 30hrs+ of Energy Work with Energy projects and assignments to build your confidence and experiences with Reiki energy.
  • Exclusive Access to a Guided Reiki Self-Treatment Meditation to help you get used to working to the Hand Positions.
  • Access to Reiki Music for Healing that you can use in your own sessions
  • Printable Self-Treatment Hand Position PDF
  • Printable Hand Positions for Treating Others PDF
  • Test Your Knowledge with the Course Quizzes along the way
  • Internationally Recognised Reiki Practitioner Certification - Accredited by The Reiki Healing Association
  • One on One Email Support from your Reiki Teachers, plus class comments forum to connect with your Tutors and other Members.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to all Course Materials so you can revisit your training at any time if you ever need a refresher. We continually update and add to the course and you will get access to all new updates!
  • Printable Reiki Lineage Certification - So you can Map out Your Connection to the Founders of Reiki!



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