We Asked our Members: What do you like most about being a Reiki & Wellness Practitioner?

by | Oct 17, 2021 | Member Spotlight

1. “That every session is uplifting for myself let alone my client!” – Reiki with Wendy

2. “Every session is different and I just love being a conduit for this amazing energy force” – Rachel Stokes-lovel

3. “The feeling that comes from a successful Reiki session. There’s a wholesomeness to Reiki you find nowhere else.” – Natalie Fry

4. “The reaction to the treatment, and feedback from clients, when they relate Their experience & feelings thru the session, and of course the personal lift I get from being a channel for the Reiki energy!” – Betsy Chorney Rosenberg

5. “The feeling both my client and I experience. I love the vibe and the energy.” – Rhonda Akasha McKinnon. 

6. “How many lives I’ve helped.” – Valrie Lundgren

7. “Offering my clients clarity and a new perspective. It can be life changing.” – Wynne Thornley

8. “It’s the difference it makes for the client and myself, l am so grateful for being able to give this healing.” Susie Rutter

9. “To see the miracles happening in every session🙌💖make my heart sing 🤗💖😊been at service to others💖.” – Alma Rojas

10. “Being of service and watching my clients grow and move forward. No two sessions are ever the same. Each one is a totally different experience for both the client and myself. Keeps me very humbled.” Susan Lecuyer Watroba.

11. ” The feedbacks I get from my clients boosts my confidence into this healing system and would love to share and teach this magical energy and wisdom for the benefit of others.🙌🙌❤️🧡💛💚💙🤍.” –  Swarnakumari Chella Nagarajan


12. “Love the fact every time it’s different. Wonderful for clients and myself, makes me feel very blessed every day.” – Veronica Nelson. 

13. “I help others feel at peace.” – Lisa Riberal 

14. “Have to say my most fave feeling followed an emergency operation to remove a very large abscess when my gastric band went bad…. I was a bit spaced. And under local anethestic , but was laughing and chatting with the Dr and administering reiki to myself and the surgical team. Upon completion the anaesthetist and Dr met with me in office and quizzed me on what I had been doing(was in Cyprus). The anaesthetist was confused as I’d lowered my blood pressure so much had I not been laughing and joking she thought I’d been going into a coma. … following that both of them investigated the use of Reiki in surgery and post op well being.…One small step💚.” – Kim Dooley

15. ” That I make a difference in my clients lives everyday and teach other practitioners how to with Aroma Point Reiki.” –  Angela Sidlo.
16. “How the universe begins to flow.” – Moni Moni
17. “I love how portable Reiki is…and practicing since 1983 it’s ever changing! 💝” – Laura Nelson. 
18. “Having people leave feeling better than when they arrived.” – Chrisst Waunsch
19. “Being able to help people.” – Jennifer Parkin.
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