Monday Rituals for Reiki Practitioners

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Transform Your Mondays with these Monday Rituals and set yourself up for a week of powerful Reiki Sessions

Starting my in-home Reiki Practice has been a life changing and transformative experience for myself and my clients. I always look forward to the start of a new week, as each client session I have is always so unique and I am always just in amazement how each client is uniquely supported during their sessions.

It’s important for me to set the tone and prepare for the week ahead before working with clients. Some of my client sessions are in person and some of them are remote. I live in Corona, California and have clients all over the US and even out as far as Australia. I feel incredibly grateful that I get to do this work from home. It has been life changing to see the transformations my clients have experienced in their lives such as receiving clarity, support from their guides, tuning into their own intuition and internal guidance, stress reduction and so much more.

Pin this for later! Monday Rituals for Reiki Practitioners – Transformative and cleansing rituals for a positive week ahead

Make sure your healing space is clean

Before starting my week there are several ways I like to prepare and set the week up for success.

First of all, preparing a clear energetic space is how I like to start setting the tone for my space. It’s not only important to have an energetically prepared space but also a clean space.

It’s always important to use good hygiene when having clients in my space. It shows I take pride in what I do but also will help the client feel more at ease with being in my space, especially when having a new client coming in. 

Sometimes they feel a bit nervous and having a clean and minimal space for them to come and relax in, does help them feel more at ease. Even when I’m doing remote sessions this also is important as our energy is everything. I know for me that when I have a space that feels clean it really helps to raise the vibration and takes away from any distractions from our sessions. I always like to make sure that I start with clean table sheets, pillow sheets and blanket for my Reiki table. I will take the time to also dust anything that needs to be dusted and remove any unnecessary clutter or trash in the space.

Carefully chose the items you want in your space

I also believe it’s important to be mindful of what personal items we have in our energetic space. If there are some personal items that don’t feel supportive or bring a beautiful inspiring energy into your space maybe move them out of that area. It’s just something to be mindful of, I know for me I felt a pull to remove some of my personal items that didn’t feel aligned for me to have in the space. I have some sacred pieces that have special meaning to me like my goddess Lakshmi statue and my crystal set that I use for my sessions, as well my oracle cards. And I know for me it really helps bring a beautiful energy into the space.

Set the intention for the week

What really matters most is always our intention when it comes to holding space for our clients. So always tune into what feels good to you. What may work for me, may be different for you. When creating your space think of the energy you want to bring for your client and for yourself as the practitioner.

When it comes to cleansing and clearing my space it’s about preparing a sacred container for the client’s highest good. I usually will then clear my space with sage and activate Reiki energy. I do this by saying the power symbol and stamping the energy on all four corners of my room. Something I also like to do is seal the room with a beautiful circle of light. Remember that when it comes to energy work it’s all about intention.  

I love to also say a prayer to call in my guides and spirit team to guide me and my clients during my sessions. I then light a candle and usually will set an intention for reiki energy to be activated.

Make sure you are in the right headspace and energy 

Lastly, one of the most important things I do to prepare for the week is to prepare my heart and my energy. When working with clients, it’s important that we act with integrity with the work that we are doing. Be sure to check in with yourself and what’s coming up for you that week. Asking yourself questions like, “How am I feeling today? What is it I need today? How can I give myself what I need?”, and allow yourself to be with what is. We then get to ask for Reiki energy to support us and fill our cups so we can be a loving vessel for Reiki.

Monday Rituals for Reiki Practitioners – Transformative and cleansing rituals for a positive week ahead


Having a daily practice and connecting with Reiki energy has helped me strengthen my connection to Reiki and tap into my intuitive gifts. One way I like to prepare my energy for the week is by doing a Self-Reiki Chakra Activation. I set intentions and release the outcome of the session or how my clients will receive their healings for the week.

I hope you found this article helpful and can take some tips or inspiration to help you have a beautiful and powerful week in your Reiki Sessions.

Pin this for later! Monday Rituals for Reiki Practitioners – Transformative and cleansing rituals for a positive week ahead

How do you start the week right? Share your tips and experiences in the comment box below!

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