Opening the Third Eye with Reiki Practice

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Reiki Healing

I have had some clients concerned about recurrent frontal headaches and/or a feeling of pressure in the forehead, which is sometimes more prevalent during a Reiki session and then calms afterward, sometimes is just a recurring concern they bring to the table.

This is caused by the third eye trying to open.

I was meditating this morning and got a clear impression of the eye behind the forehead trying to open as a thought of a client experience wafted through my head. The third eye is our wisdom and inner vision. It is the site of the Heaven Ki in Reiki and is one of the three major energetic centers of the body in the Usui Japanese Reiki energy system.

Many times, we have closed this inner eye and knowing, often because of painful experiences or self-doubt or because of fearfulness. As we begin to grow and become spiritually self-aware, this eye is begging and pleading to open for us. Often there will be a sense of conflict in the third eye area leading to different types of physical sensations, all of which are our body’s signal to us that the eye of our true inner vision wants to open, to clear, to come to our conscious awareness and into use in our daily lives.

Receiving Reiki can assist the third eye in opening,

however there are many possible responses as this happens, one of which is what we call a healing response. This occurs when a specific area may get a sharp pain, hurt or become numb very briefly before releasing into healing. In the case of the third eye this can be headache and pressure. These sensations are energetic toxins rising to the surface to be released from the body as its healing process takes place during a Reiki treatment. What I have noticed with the third eye is that it can take some time – i.e.: more than one session – and some personal work by the client, to open.

The third eye is not only a way of seeing and knowing our inner truth, it is an opening and vulnerability of the soul. It is a passageway – not just into our true self, but a portal for the world to be able to look in on us. When our inner eye is open, we can see truths “too hard to tell.” The realities of the pain and suffering of the world come into our consciousness through this eye, the true pain of those we love and those we fear, and this vision can strike our being with true pain. It is easier to doubt ourselves, to cover up our vision and turn a blind eye to that which we are not sure we can handle. It takes courage to open this eye, and as it opens, the wisdom of the third eye will become a developer of compassion in those who choose to see. This can be a gentle slow process of self-development or a sudden opening – but most often I see the former. The third eye opens slowly.

When that Heaven Ki hurts or throbs or makes itself known during a Reiki session, three things:

  1. Make sure the client is grounded – Reiki the Earth Ki or root chakra well and give them some tips for self-grounding to help balance their energy on an ongoing basis. (ie: hara breathing, mindfulness techniques)
  2. Reiki the Heart Ki (Heart chakra) and help the client to open their heart by having them breathe up into and expanding the chest area from the hara, physically opening and bringing air, breath, prana into this important space – an open heart is the only way to accept true vision and knowledge.
  3. Finally have the client breathe through the Heaven Ki, (brow chakra) bringing in air and light, expelling or breathing out resistance, pain or fear, while giving Reiki to the face or crown chakra area. Encourage them to welcome the process. “I am willing and open to see and know, be seen and known. I am willing to be vulnerable. I trust in the goodness, light and love of [the universe, god, spirit, etc.] “


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