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Reiki News and Inspiration – the Latest Issue of Universal Life Magazine is here! Universal Life Magazine is a Reiki Magazine for Reiki and Wellness Professionals. In this issue we explore the theme of Love and Light.

We’re delighted to announce that the Reiki Healing Association has just released the next issue of their Reiki Magazine – Universal Life Magazine – a Reiki Magazine exclusively for Reiki professionals.

This issue of Universal Life Magazine will be exploring and celebrating the theme of Love and Light.

These three little words hold very powerful vibrations.

Love is universal and connects us all. There are many different types of love, from self-love to unconditional love, our love for Reiki and the world around us. It is at the very heart of the healing work we do as Reiki Practitioners. It is an energy of creation where we create connections and learn to understand ourselves and others from a place of no judgment. When we feel loved we feel alive, joyful and happy. We feel safe and part of something greater.

Love is connected to the Heart Chakra – the energy centre for self-compassion, love and acceptance. This energy centre is all about caring as deeply for ourselves as we would another soul. It drives us to forgive and heal from wounds of the heart so we can let more love in. It awakens an empathy within us so we can see the world from the perspective of others. Love is a powerful healer. It is an emotion of the highest spiritual vibration.

Light is equally powerful. It is healing and illuminating – it helps us to see the truth, to find clarity and discover wisdom to guide us on our way. Light is the element connected with the Third Eye Chakra – it allows us to see past the noise and distractions of the day to day and perceive what is real and purposeful. It allows us to imagine and envision a better future and manifest the life we want. This energetic eye helps us tap into that inner knowing that we all have – that gut feeling or intuition that helps us stay on the right path. It compels us to become aware of who we really are and how we fit into the bigger picture; to share our purpose with the world and help others find their own way.

In this issue we dive deep into themes of both love and light in many interesting and thought-provoking ways. From pet love to self-love and strengthening soul-mate connections, to discovering the healing colours in light, and ways to find hope in the darker seasons of life, we have lots of fascinating articles to share with you in this issue.

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It has been an honour to bring together some of the personal stories that our wonderful Members have shared about their own journeys to embody love and light in their practice and daily life.

As always, we’d like to thank everyone that contributed to Universal Life Magazine, we really appreciate the time you took to share your knowledge with the Reiki community and your fellow RHA members.

What is Universal Life Magazine?

Universal Life Magazine is a magazine published by the Reiki Healing Association. This new Reiki magazine will bring the RHA members all the latest news, articles and insights on all things Reiki and wellness, to inspire our community of Reiki professional as they work ambitiously to transform lives through their healing soul-work.

At the RHA we have a vision of a world where Reiki is universally accessible so anyone can harness the power of Reiki energy for self-care and healing, and we couldn’t work towards this mission without our extraordinary members, who work both separately and together to help educate, promote and spread Reiki Healing and Teaching to every corner of our planet.

We wanted to give our members a magazine that they could look forward to regularly, with exciting interviews, tips, business advice and perspectives in every issue of Universal Life Magazine.

Our members will feature prominently in the Universal Life Magazine because we want to use the magazine as a powerful way to promote their incredible expertise and work in the reiki industry.

What articles can we expect from the August 2022 Issue of Universal Life Magazine?

Some highlights from the latest issue of Universal Life Magazine include:

  • Molly Malone, Author of the Little Book of Animal Reiki, reveals the powerful ways Reiki helped her love and support her puppy during its first years of life.
  • The Art of Stillness – Akleema Ali shares the go-to Reiki practices she uses to seek more peace and stillness, even during a busy schedule
  • Thrive In Every Season – RHA Members Kris Denning explores how she came to embrace her least favourite season and find beauty in the darkest times.
  • Seeing clearly: Functions of the Third Eye Chakra – Light is the element connected with the Third Eye Chakra – it allows up to see past the noise and distractions of the day to day and perceive what is real and purposeful. Harriette Rose takes a closer took at the sixth Chakra and its role in our energetic system.
  • Drawing upon her unique experiences as a member of the clergy, RHA Member Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, explores the positive role Reiki can play in soul mate love, and the powerful benefits of learning Reiki together as a couple.
  • RHA Member Francine Thomas shares how Reiki helped her find relief from one unpleasant side effect of breast cancer treatment in her article Reiki and The 30 Year Itch.
  • Instilling True Love and Light – A lot of people use the phrase “sending love and light,” but what does this really mean for those of use who work in the healing world? LaTanya L. Hill reflects on how healers can truly embrace the frequencies of love and light for the betterment of ourselves, our clients and the environment.
    High Vibrations: Crystals for Spiritual Awareness, Growth, and Enlightenment – Reiki Master, and Certified Crystal Practitioner, Norman Wilson, shares his favourite crystals for any spiritual journey.
  • RHA Member Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D., explores the healing ways we can tap into the power of light spectrum with colour therapy. Deborah Lynn Strafuss
  • RHA Member Shailja Kapur shares a powerful meditation to connect us to the Heart Chakra and the unconditional Divine love of the Universe.
  • Radical Love: Creating Space for Yourself and Others with Reiki – Yolanda Riley explores how inviting Reiki everyday can help bring radical self-acceptance and create the space to accept and support others.
  • Ask our Members: You shared what you visualise when you send Reiki Healing.

And lots more…

    Reiki-news-Issue 4 is here

    How can I get Featured in Universal Life Magazine 

    If you are a member of the RHA and would like to be featured in the new RHA Magazine – Universal Life – we’d love to share your stories, advice and inspiration with the rest of the RHA community and the wider Reiki Community. To submit an article for publication you can head over to the Member’s Dashboard and select the ‘RHA Submit Article’ Area. Here you will find more information on how you can send us your ideas to get published! 

    If you aren’t a member of the RHA but would still like to get involved, please email us: 

    How can I get a copy of Universal Life Magazine

    All members of the RHA get exclusive first access to the Universal Life Magazine in their members area. You can also access the magazine by signing up to receive the RHA Newsletter here.

    Pin this for later! Reiki News and Inspiration – Universal Life Magazine  

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    Author Bio

    Harriette-Rose is the Brand Director of the Reiki Healing Association,  the Editor in Chief of Universal Life Magazine and a proud Reiki Master Teacher. As an Author and Spiritual Entrepreneur, she loves helping the RHA members build the Reiki business of their dreams.

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