The RHA Launches Universal Life Magazine for Reiki Professionals

by | Jan 22, 2022 | Business & Marketing

Universal Life Magazine is here! A New and Exciting Magazine for Reiki and Wellness Professionals

We’re delighted to announce that the Reiki Healing Association has launched its own Reiki Magazine, called Universal Life Magazine.

This new Reiki magazine will bring the RHA members all the latest news, articles and insights on all things Reiki and wellness, to inspire our community of Reiki professional as they work ambitiously to transform lives through their healing soul-work.

At the RHA we have a vision of a world where Reiki is universally accessible so anyone can harness the power of Reiki energy for self-care and healing, and we couldn’t work towards this mission without our extraordinary members, who work both separately and together to help educate, promote and spread Reiki Healing and Teaching to every corner of our planet.

We wanted to give our members a magazine that they could look forward to every quarter, with exciting interviews, tips, business advice and perspectives in every issue of Universal Life Magazine. 

Our members will feature prominently in the Universal Life Magazine because we want to use the magazine as a powerful way to promote their incredible expertise and work in the reiki industry.


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Why chose the name Universal Life Magazine?

Reiki is a japenese work made up of two characters – ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki.’ ‘Rei’ means universal, or spirit. ‘Ki’ means life force or life energy. Reiki therefore translates as ‘Universal Life Force.’ It seemed only fitting to call this exclusive Reiki magazine Universal Life after the energy that makes up every living thing.  This is the energy that flows during a Reiki session. 

When does Universal Life Magazine launch?

This first issue of Universal Life Magazine launches in January 2022.

To help you start the year positively, in this issue we’ll be looking at how you can make 2022 a year of personal contentment and business growth, with a very special article from the founder of the Reiki Healing Association, Garry Malone, who will be sharing his top tips for overcoming perfection paralysis in your business.

We also have a tonne of fascinating articles and advice from some of our RHA Members, which we can’t wait for you to read, including a look at the ways Reiki can help with menopause! Thank you to everyone that contributed to Universal Life Magazine, we really appreciate the time you took to share your knowledge with the Reiki community and your fellow members.

What articles can we expect from the first issue of Universal Life Magazine?

Some Highlights from the first issue of Universal Life Magazine include:

  • Harriette-Rose explores the power of ditching big New Year resolutions, for small daily intentions like Gratitude.
  • Ready to make 2022 your year? Here’s 10 ways you can step into your own personal magic this year.
  • Overcoming perfection paralysis – Garry Malone Shares 5 ways to crush your inner critic and make 2022 the year of imperfect action
  • Transform Your Mondays: Setting Up Your Week For Powerful Reiki Sessions.
  • Our members share their favourite things in their Reiki Room (Other than their lovely Reiki clients of course!)
  • Lily Clair shares her personal journey through the healing crisis, as she recounts her Shoden Reiki Detox experience.
    Dawn Woodes explores the energetic changes that occur during menopause and how healing techniques can support clients experiencing symptoms of this stage of life.
  • Deborah Lynn Strafuss explains how she helps her clients experiencing symptoms the Third Eye Chakra opening.
  • Plus we share the latest news and updates from the RHA!
    And so much more!

Universal Life Magazine – a Magazine for Reiki Professionals 


How can I get Featured in Universal Life Magazine 

If you are a member of the RHA and would like to be featured in the new RHA Magazine – Universal Life – we’d love to share your stories, advice and inspiration with the rest of the RHA community and the wider Reiki Community. To submit an article for publication you can head over to the Member’s Dashboard and select the ‘RHA Submit Article’ Area. Here you will find more information on how you can send us your ideas to get published! 

If you aren’t a member of the RHA but would still like to get involved, please email us: 

How can I get a copy of Universal Life Magazine

All members of the RHA get exclusive first access to the Universal Life Magazine in their members area. You can also access the magazine by signing up to receive the RHA Newsletter. 


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Have you read the Universal Life Magazine yet? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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Author Bio

Harriette-Rose is the Brand Director of the Reiki Healing Association,  the Editor in Chief of Universal Life Magazine and a proud Reiki Master Teacher. As an Author and Spiritual Entrepreneur, she loves helping the RHA members build the Reiki business of their dreams.

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