Benefits of Reiki: The Seeker’s Journey

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It seems to be a fact that people are drawn to Reiki as and when the time and circumstances are right for them. As a Reiki student I saw this fact written in many texts and articles about Reiki and I took it at face value. It was certainly true in my own life but I did not fully understand it until I began to teach students myself and went searching for more information.

One of the first questions that I ask every new group of students is  “Why are you here?

On the surface the answers that they give may be different but the underlying theme is always the same: “I am looking for something. There has to be more to life than I am experiencing.”

As I have learned more about Reiki from my own experiences and those of the students that I have been privileged to meet it has become very apparent that this underlying quest for “more” is universal-everyone feels the pull of it at some time in their life. We all become Seekers of some sort of destination. How far that quest may be fulfilled in a lifetime is variable but it is the same quest. More and more people are being drawn to it.

Of course this is nothing new-humans have been aware of the quest for many centuries and it has been written into the scriptures of every religion we have ever embraced and into the archetypal stories and folklore of every civilisation we have ever formed.  For example, Tarot cards which date from at least the 15th century embody the quest as the “Seekers Journey” through the pictures and symbolism of the Major Arcana. The “Quest” to navigate and complete the journey is also found in simple board games (e.g. Snakes and Ladders and Ludo). In more complex game structures the object of the game may appear to be anything from defeating a dark lord to rescuing the princess to simple survival. It is also at the heart of all the great stories ever told. Whenever we play one of these games, become enthralled in a great story or are beginning to embark on the Quest for real we become Seekers of something.

That something beckons us on. We may not have a clear idea of the destination we are seeking, but there is often an eerie but exciting knowledge that it is there, hidden just out of view. We may pause for a while many times on the journey but rarely, if ever, does anyone want to go back to the start point and completely abandon the Quest.

It is an interesting fact that there are more people currently alive who are aware of this pull and who are actively doing something about it than at any point in human history before. This is why there has been such a huge worldwide interest in spiritual development literature and practices such as Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation and Reiki over the last few decades. The Reiki journey is just one way of fulfilling the quest. It is a very accessible and easy route into personal and spiritual development.

On an individual scale being somewhere on the Seeker`s pathway really does seem to make a difference. People who are already moving along this pathway using Reiki or other disciplines can often answer “yes” to at least some of these questions:

Are you happier than you were?
Are you more fulfilled?
Is your mind quieter, at least some of the time?
Are you less inclined to judge others quickly and harshly?
Has your work changed for the better?
Have your relationships changed for the better?
Have you let go of old, stuck situations, thoughts and behaviour patterns?
Are you more forgiving of yourself and others?
Are you experiencing more abundance in your life?
Has your physical health improved?
Are you seeing beauty everywhere you go?
Are people responding more positively to you?
Is there “magic” happening in your life?
(i.e. things that cannot be explained by any normal, rational or scientific route)

If the answer to one or more of these questions is “Yes” then you have definitely moved along your personal and spiritual pathway and are now experiencing life at a higher level of vibration.

On a grander scale the journey of each individual contributes to the greater journey of human society. As more people become awake and aware of our unfulfilled potential the level of conscious awareness is (hopefully) rising steadily in the worldwide population. Old, long accepted patterns of thought and behaviour, old institutions and power bases are being challenged in many areas. The result may seem like chaos while the shifts are happening. How it all works out (the final destination) we don’t yet know – we are still only partway through the journey and cannot yet see the end.

We are indeed living in “interesting times”!
En-Joy the Journey!

May 2018

Christine Sutton
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