What does Love and Light mean?

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We often get asked about the meaning behind the phrase ‘sending love and light.’ It’s frequently used as a greeting or sign-off by Reiki Masters and practitioners. So what does it actually mean?

“Love is light that shines from heart to heart” – John Denver

Different people will take different meanings from the sentiment, but to us its a beautiful way of succinctly sending good health, prosperity and healing energy to those we interact with and care for. Its setting the intention for the energy exchange. And Reiki is all about intention. We are asking that you be surrounded by love and light.

Love is universal and connects us all, and is at the heart of the healing work we go as Reiki Practitioners Love is the highest vibration. It is an energy of creation where we create connections and learn to understand ourselves and others from a place of no judgment. When we feel loved we feel alive, joyful and happy, we feel safe and part of something greater.

“Love and Light – is about setting the intention for the energy exchange. It is a little affirmation of hope and healing” – The Reiki Store

Love is connected to the Heart Chakra – the energy centre for self-compassion, love and acceptance. This energy centre is all about caring as deeply for ourselves as we would another soul. It drives us to forgive and heal from wounds of the heart so we can let more love in, seeing these situations as lessons and opportunities to grow. It awakens an empathy within us so we can see the world for the perspective of others, and show compassion for other people – as we know we are all human and all have our own challenges to overcome and grow from. Love is a powerful healer. It is an emotion of higher spiritual vibrations.

Light is equally powerful. It is healing and illuminating – it helps us to see, both in the physical sense but also on a deeper level it is about seeing the truth, finding clarity and wisdom to guide us on our way. Light is the element connected with the Third Eye Chakra – it allows up to see past the noise and distractions of the day to day, and perceive what is real and purposeful. It allows us to imagine and envision a better future and manifest the life we want. This energetic eye helps us tap into that inner knowing that we all have – that gut feeling or intuition that helps us stay on the right path.

I am a soul of love. A heart of Peace. A mind of stillness. A being of light.

It compels us to become aware of who we really are and how we fit into the bigger picture, as a powerful being contributing to the vibrations of the universe. When we connect with our highest self, we give ourselves permission to be. To share our purpose with the world and help others find their own way. We can witness or observe situation for what they really are – its like we can shine a light on the world to cut through any illusions to stay focused on working on our highest self.

Love and Light. These powerful words remind us that we are all connected. They are a powerful way to instantly raise the vibration and connect with a like-minded soul. It is almost a little affirmation of hope and healing when you think about it, a wish that all parties have a day filled with love, peace, gratitude and wisdom.

May your life be filled with so much of this love and light that you can be true to who you are and shine with our own unique light. Its a reminder to trust that the universe has our back and is there to guide us on your way. It invites us to light the way for others and share our unique gifts with our fellow human beings, so they can feel safe and empowered to share their light.

If we all return back to love and light – to non-judgmental compassion and our deepest truths, the world will be a brighter and kinder place.

“The love and light your bring to your actions will attract all that you desire.” Louise Clark

These three words hold powerful vibrations – so share them far and wide! Whenever you read them from us here at the Reiki Store, know we are sending good energy and healing you way, for your highest good. Imagine a beaming light glowing from our heart chakras – channelling healing life force energy from the universe to you.

Wishing you pure Love & light,


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