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Universal Life Magazine – the April Issue is here! Universal Life Magazine is a Reiki Magazine for Reiki and Wellness Professionals

We’re delighted to announce that the Reiki Healing Association has just released the next issue of their Reiki Magazine – Universal Life Magazine – a Reiki Magazine exclusively for Reiki professionals.

This very special issue of Universal Life Magazine! As we enter the Centenary year of Usui Reiki, we wanted to celebrate the beautiful legacy of Mikao Usui, and the incredible spiritual journey that lead him to the gift of Reiki, by sharing some powerful stories on the theme of change and transformation.

Change is the very essence of life, but it is not always comfortable or easy. As Reiki Practitioners, we are no strangers to change. We are on a life-long journey of self-development and spiritual evolution. As we heal ourselves and others we progress our understanding of our deepest purpose and our connection to everything that is.

As we grow and move through the different phases of life, our goals, motivations, perceptions and needs flux like the natural changing of the seasons. We adapt and we overcome, we become more resilient and wiser. For on the other side of change and transformation are the discoveries, milestones and breakthroughs — large and small.

We have so many beautiful articles to share with you inspired by the idea of growth, evolution, adaptation, metamorphosis and healing including a look at the transformative power of the Solfeggio sound frequencies and how the Emotional Freedom Technique can be used to rapidly change negative thought patterns and habits.

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We explore the healing journey after grief and loss, how you can use Reiki to support and manifest your goals, and the importance of Reiki as a way to bring relief and comfort to patients at the end of life.

We also share some exciting research on Reiki and chiropractic care as well as an exclusive look at progress to bring the practice of Reiki into mainstream medicine.

As always, we’d like to thank everyone that contributed to Universal Life Magazine, we really appreciate the time you took to share your knowledge with the Reiki community and your fellow RHA members.

What is Universal Life Magazine?

Universal Life Magazine is a magazine published by the Reiki Healing Association. This new Reiki magazine will bring the RHA members all the latest news, articles and insights on all things Reiki and wellness, to inspire our community of Reiki professional as they work ambitiously to transform lives through their healing soul-work.

At the RHA we have a vision of a world where Reiki is universally accessible so anyone can harness the power of Reiki energy for self-care and healing, and we couldn’t work towards this mission without our extraordinary members, who work both separately and together to help educate, promote and spread Reiki Healing and Teaching to every corner of our planet.

We wanted to give our members a magazine that they could look forward to every quarter, with exciting interviews, tips, business advice and perspectives in every issue of Universal Life Magazine.

Our members will feature prominently in the Universal Life Magazine because we want to use the magazine as a powerful way to promote their incredible expertise and work in the reiki industry.


What articles can we expect from the April Issue of Universal Life Magazine?

Some highlights from the latest issue of Universal Life Magazine include:

    • To celebrate 100 years of Usui Reiki, I reflect on the life, lineage and legacy of the Founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.
    • Our RHA Members share their favourite memories from their own Reiki journey
    • Deborah Lynn Strafuss explores the concept of spiritual Metamorphosis
    • Charles Lightwalker records his research to combine Reiki and Chiropractic Care for more profound client healing
    • Raven Keyes shares her mission to bring the practice of Reiki into mainstream medicine
    • Diana Turner-Forte shares her progression from professional Dancer to Reiki Master Teacher
    • Akleema Ali details her tips on designing a vision board to manifest the goals and change you want to see, and how to infuse your vision board with Reiki Energy
    • Jaime Claire explores how the solfeggio frequencies can act as powerful agents for change
    • Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, Explores how Reiki can help to bring relief and comfort to patients who are completing their earth journeys
    • Louise Kane Buckley outlines how the Emotional Freedom Technique can be used to rapidly change negative thought patterns and habits
    • Healing the Heart Chakra – Maria Emeterio shares journey to heal her heart after the devastating loss of her grandson.
    • Heeding the call to change – Rod Bravo recounts how one of the most difficult times of his life, led him to the best decision he ever made


How can I get Featured in Universal Life Magazine 

If you are a member of the RHA and would like to be featured in the new RHA Magazine – Universal Life – we’d love to share your stories, advice and inspiration with the rest of the RHA community and the wider Reiki Community. To submit an article for publication you can head over to the Member’s Dashboard and select the ‘RHA Submit Article’ Area. Here you will find more information on how you can send us your ideas to get published! 

If you aren’t a member of the RHA but would still like to get involved, please email us: 

How can I get a copy of Universal Life Magazine

All members of the RHA get exclusive first access to the Universal Life Magazine in their members area. You can also access the magazine by signing up to receive the RHA Newsletter.

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Have you read the Universal Life Magazine yet? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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Author Bio

Harriette-Rose is the Brand Director of the Reiki Healing Association,  the Editor in Chief of Universal Life Magazine and a proud Reiki Master Teacher. As an Author and Spiritual Entrepreneur, she loves helping the RHA members build the Reiki business of their dreams.

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