Reiki Vision Board: Releasing the Magic of Vision Boards with Reiki

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Akleema Ali shares her tips on designing a Reiki Vision Board to manifest the goals and change you want to see, and how to infuse your vision board with Reiki Energy

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” – Michelangelo

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board, or a dream board, is essentially a physical manifestation of your goals. It is putting all the future ideas and mental imagery about the version of your best self, on paper or in digital format. The physical design of a vision board encourages and reminds a person as to what their goals are, where they would like to be and what would bring them closer to their dreams.

As Reiki Practitioners we have the advantage of being able to use Reiki to focus energy to our goals, and remove any blocks and barriers to our greatest visions. Let’s work through what you need to get started with your own Reiki Vision Board.


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Creating a Vision Board – the Traditional Way

Select the themes and be specific!

The more specific you can be with your goals the better. Choose a few key ideas that you are most eager to achieve and focus your energy there. For example my most recent vision board had themes such as “Personal Sanctuary”, “Animals and Reiki,” “Gardening” and “Health & Fitness.” Sometimes if we try to explore too many themes we can dilute our focus, so stick to goals that inspire you the most, and then break them down into the tangible results you want to see manifest. For example, for the theme of “Gardening,” I can set a goal to create an edible garden.

Scanning your resources

It’s time to get creative with the resources you have around your home. Use scrapbooks, colour pencils, markers, paints, old newspapers and magazines to cut pictures that inspire you. If you have a printer, do a bit of research and print images from the internet that you want to work into your vision board. For example, if you want to travel and experience more freedom, cut out pictures of your dream destinations and include words that are related to that subject such as ‘travel’ ‘adventure’ and ‘live free.’ I personally love to sit in a quiet spot at home with all my resources in front of me, then I get centered, and get lost in designing, drawing on bristol board and in scrap books to release my flow of thoughts. 

Add affirmations

As well as images and pictures, include powerful affirmations that resonate with your spirit. Choose a few affirmations to place on your board that align with the goals you are envisioning. This is also a great way to learn affirmations and send out your frequency into the Universe daily. Past affirmations I have used include the following “My time is now. No more waiting for the right moment” and “I am ready for this chapter. I am ready for this shift that is about to take place.” Just the act of writing this on my vision board, I could feel the Reiki energy flow and begin empowering my board.


Power words and feelings

As you start to add your pictures and draw, write, and paint those affirmative phrases, and goal statements, make sure you use words that embody what it would feel like to have achieved your visions. Use phrases and images of success, and try to put yourself into the mindset of already having accomplished your deepest dreams. Think success, feel success and let inspiration guide you as you bring your vision board to life.

Set your timeline

A goal without a plan is just a dream, as they say. So think about when you want to see your goals manifested. Again this is a helpful way to let the Universe know what you want. Perhaps you want to work to a timeline of the next month or quarter or year. Find a timeline that seems comfortable for you and add this to your board. Setting a timeline, is one way to commit to your goals.

Location of Your vision board

A general rule for a vision board is to place it in a space or area where you can view it easily each day and think and feel your goals coming alive and getting accomplished. For me, this means sticking up my vision board on the corridor or bedroom wall. Every time I see the vision board, I have a visual reminder of what I want to achieve and can remind myself of the feelings I want to manifest.


Infusing your Vision Board with Reiki

When your vision board is ready, it’s time to add some Reiki! This practice personally took me some trial and error, before I found techniques that truly resonated with me. I started first by sitting or standing in front of the vision board and beaming Reiki to it. You can alternatively sit in meditation with your goals in front of you, or draw the Reiki symbols on the board, or the back of the board and ask that Reiki manifest for the highest good of all. The practice that was most profound for me was sitting next to my vision board and inviting Reiki to imbue my hands with Reiki. I then I placed my left hand on my vision board and my right hand on my heart chakra. I visualized Reiki passing from my heart chakra to my board.

Vision Boards in the Digital Age

Creating a physical vision board is of course just one format you can use when setting your goals. You can create a digital vision board using digital design tools to collage images and words together, or add inspiration to Pinterest or your own blog or social media accounts. The great thing about digital vision boards is that you can keep them on your phone or laptop and view them regularly. I was recently challenged to design a digital vision board and found great excitement in looking for stickers and images to place on my digital canvas. Some like to use a hybrid approach, and design a physical vision board which they can display in their home, and then take a picture on their phone so they can also have it saved digitally!


Manifestion with Reiki

Manifesting success

It is really important to make sure that as well as creating your vision board, you accompany your goal-setting with physical steps and action towards achieving your dreams. Use your vision board as a practical guide to living a life aligned with your highest self and greatest ambitions.

Sometimes success will look a little different to what we had envisioned initially, but that doesn’t mean the goals weren’t achieved! Sometimes on the path to our goals, we are redirected to something better and we need to shift our plans. Just because we


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