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The Sei Heiki Reiki Symbol: RHA Member Louise Buckley shares her experience and understanding of the second Reiki Symbol the Sei Heiki, and how she uses this powerful tool in her healing practice

“…We all use the same symbols we learn in both level 2 and in our Master training, they become our friends, amplifiers, and tuners to help us to guide Reiki to go where it needs to go. These core symbols allow us to unite, attract and communicate with each other and the world around us…”

We use symbols every day, to communicate, to convey meaning and to add a deeper dimension to our lives. We all know that the ‘crying with laughter’ emoji is more powerful and less ambiguous than typing “haha” and most of us regularly wear symbols as jewellery. Symbols can transcend language and build connections, helping us to understand each other around the world without needing words. This is especially the case in the Reiki community. We all use the same symbols we learn in both level 2 and in our Master training, they become our friends, amplifiers, and tuners to help us to guide Reiki to go where it needs to go. These core symbols allow us to unite, attract and communicate with each other and the world around us.

The human experience is different for every one of us. Stress feels different and our mind and body respond to all the stimuli we experience in our own individual way. As practitioners we feel the client’s energy and try to translate their needs for Reiki to help. In Reiki the use of the symbols is an important tool to help us to transcend our own ego. For example, using the intention for Sei Hei Ki to heal and transform at the client’s pace allows us to release the desire to dictate how and where Reiki should go for our client and allow it to work for their own balance.


What does Sei Heiki mean?

We learn in level 2 that Sei Hei Ki is used for emotional and mental healing, to enhance the connection between our left and right brain, our subconscious to our conscious. The symbol itself consists of two parts making the whole: the left side with the angles and curve, the right side with its flowing curves. Bringing two sides together, graphically conveying unification and balance. The words and image unite in meaning.

SEI – means birth, new life. 

HEI KI – means balance, equilibrium. 


The symbol is described in several ways; where the earth and sky meet, or the waves crashing against the shore and as two sides of the brain coming together. The connection between two elements is visible, depicting the mind and the body, the sub-conscious and conscious and the two brain hemispheres, logical and creative.



When should we use the Sei Heiki Symbol?

We, as practitioners, have our own ideas about what a client may need, what we see and hear in them that they may not have noticed in themselves. Often, we may think we know where Reiki needs to go to resolve what they have come in for, to release their blockages and resistance. Sometimes it is so much deeper than what we think is logical and in our experience. Level 2 teaches us all to use this symbol for addictions, anxiety, to release strong and blocking emotions or patterns, to strengthen affirmations, confidence, and healing ability and to enhance memory.

When using Sei Hei Ki they can find their way to healing, at their own pace, especially with long-standing issues and patterns. When the client can notice their own body and mind, they will be able to rise to what needs to be expressed, released and healed. Sei Hei Ki may allow them to create balance, peace and harmony, cleanse the body and mind to reconnect to their own innate healing ability.

When to use Sei Heiki

How to use the Sei Heiki Symbol?

There are many ways to access Sei Heiki, you can use visual, audible, and kinesthetic (touch) methods. Knowing which ways work for you is essential. Understanding how you respond to these methods will help give you confidence and flow when using and applying the symbols. Try them all to see which you feel has the best fit.

You can speak aloud or in your head, visualise, or draw the symbol on your hands, your client, or wherever you feel the symbol is appropriate. You will gain a connection and relationship to the symbol over time. Using intention for the symbol is key. Remember to ask Reiki “to go where it needs to go, for balance and healing, for the good of the higher self.”

Sei Hei Ki can be used individually or in conjunction with the other reiki symbols, allowing you layer the different frequencies and abilities for the session. For example, first use Cho-Ku-Rei (remember to intone the words Cho-Ku-Rei three times). You then draw the Sei Hei Ki on top or beside and intone the words Sei Hei Ki three times. Finally, sandwich the other side with another Cho-Ku-Rei. This you will recognise this as the Reiki sandwich.

How to use Sei Heiki

Keep a box of tissues handy, using the sandwich may bring up and release emotions in the client that they were not expecting from the session.

Try using the Reiki Sandwich to access your own intuition and instinct when you have a question or problem to resolve in your life. Sometimes we are so focused on helping others that we forget to also access our healing ability for ourselves. Use it to calm and soothe your own mind before and after each session. Often our clients serve as a mirror to what it is we need to resolve within ourselves. By using Sei Heiki to release our expectations, our own blockages and turmoil’s, we can be more of a support for who is about to walk through our door.


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Louise Kane Buckley is a Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and Reiki Master with a diverse tool-box of techniques to support clients on their healing journey. She treats every client as an individual and believes true health relies in the balance of mind, body and energetic connections. She lives and works in Cork, Ireland but sees clients online around the world.


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