Metamorphosis: The Healing Process

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The Healing Process: RHA Member Deborah Lynn Strafuss explores the concept of spiritual Metamorphosis

“…Much like teaching someone how to make a pole to fish for themselves, the metamorphosing practitioner does not need to see big results. They are thrilled with increased skill and capacity that allows a client to move out on their own.…”

In the holistic care industry, we talk of transforming and transmutation. Transformation is defined as a dramatic change in form or appearance, one we experience and recognize as transformational. A moment, an aha, a death, a birth. Sudden and dramatic, it imprints upon our emotional memory and produces an immediate change of some kind.

Transmutation is the process of changing into a different form. This can be fast or slow. Metamorphosis is the slow change of growth and learning – almost a natural, innate process – that takes us from one state to another over time.

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Biologically, metamorphosis is the process by which a living creature physically develops after birth and matures from infant to adult. Geologically, it is the process of changing the nature of something from one thing into another, usually through pressure and heat over time. Spiritually, metamorphosis is transformation that takes place slowly, unfolding often unconsciously over time. The results may be dramatic, but we are often not aware of them until we look back.

In today’s culture of immediacy, even our spiritual work is speeded up by the notion of transforming and transmuting quickly. We want it as fast as we can; we are spiritually ambitious! This sense of immediacy is found both in those seeking and offering healing. We search for the dramatic, the instantly transformative, often as a way of alleviating our pain or to be reassured of the value of our spiritual search and its results. These healings can be very wonderful and very needed in a client’s life, helping prepare them for the deeper, longer-term work of spiritual growth and health. Initiating a slow process of inner healing and teaching a client to work with that is a powerful and productive form of healing work that is often shunned as not producing enough glam to attract clientele.

This is metamorphosis, a process the client will accomplish over time. Much like teaching someone how to make a pole to fish for themselves, the metamorphosing practitioner does not need to see big results. They are thrilled with increased skill and capacity that allows a client to move out on their own. Even in the gentle, non-process-oriented offering of Reiki we can teach our clients tools for grounding, clearing, and managing their energy. They are hungry for the spiritual skills we have learned and use every day!

The natural unfolding of our human nature toward the light of conscious awakening that fuels steady growth, which we call healing, is most often a process over time. We may have seasons of transformation or trauma, but these are not what produce steady growth. It is the after-effects of integrating them into our lives that produces overall growth and health. A tree is not the year of drought or fire in its age rings. Nor the year of abundance. It is the culmination of the many layers of rings and how the tree adapted to the differing seasons and years that produces a strong healthy tree.


The continued steady metamorphosis of a soul engaged in and focused on healing as it moves from one place to another along the path of life leads to a strong healthy life. Metamorphosis and change are not the startling moments of transformation and transfiguration, but the days and years of integration, learning and evolving toward the light that create the becoming we are seeking. This is the truth of healing we can light up for our clients every time they come to us.


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