Heeding the Call to Change

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Reiki Healing

Heeding the Call to Change: RHA Member

Rod Bravo recounts how one of the most difficult times of his life, led him to the best decision he ever made.

“…Every day for several months, I meditated and performed Reiki on my situation and feelings of low self-worth and aimless wandering. I called forth every master I could energetically connect with to bring me clarity and resolve…I just needed to follow the intuitive process and take the leap…”

The call to change and transform took hold of me in ways that I thought had irreparably damaged my career and life path back in November of 2021. In the few months that have elapsed since then, the flow of the intuitive process – a process very much supported by Reiki – has led me down a path that feels brighter and more fulfilled than ever before.

Most often when the topic of transformation arises, we often like to ascribe to it an attitude of forward movement, progress, and things changing for the better. What is less often talked about, critically, is the pain, tumultuous introspection, and shattering of the identity that can accompany progress. I have noticed that the biggest breakthroughs my clients have achieved on their own paths to self-mastery have almost always involved some combination of these elements, thus they could almost be thought of as the subtle and perhaps even essential elements stoking the fire inside the engine of transformation.

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Last summer, I started medical school and I thought that the next 4-7 years of my life were set, more or less. Part of me rejoiced that my living structure was predetermined and all I had to do was bear my head down and “tough it out,” as they say. The start of my medical career was no joke and after a few weeks, I was intrigued and horrified at the plight of the mental health status of many of my colleagues, physician mentors, and myself.

The academic and social status I had worked to achieve since I was seven years old quickly morphed into a daily battle of wills between my need to maintain a stable, fulfilled mind and an institutionalized curriculum that felt designed to rip humans apart from their intuition and in many cases, their basic needs. Make no mistake, the knowledge gained is imperative to succeeding as a practitioner of the allopathic faith, but the velocity and abruptness required to thrive in such an environment can border on harmful if you’re an empath and intuitive healer like me.


To make matters more interesting, I began to share my medical backstory story with colleagues, physicians, and researchers and they had little ways of reconciling where I was coming from with the paradigm I was learning. This is a much longer tale to share another time, but the gist of it is that for most of my life since I was a boy, I endured a number of rare and severe illnesses that were not resolvable by western means. I grew up in hospitals and for about 20 years, I was an internal medicine doctor’s worst nightmare.

It was not until I began to resolve the emotional traumas of my past lives & incarnations that every single one of my autoimmune, idiopathic (cause-unknown) conditions permanently healed. This was largely thanks to the revelation, instruction, and wisdom of my teacher, Dr. Brian Weiss, a Yale and Columbia University educated physician who has pioneered this work in clinical practice. You can imagine that I, as a medical student and Ivy-League educated scientist living this as my reality, often felt pulled in opposite directions professionally and personally. I live this tale as my day-to-day experience of life, and yet what I know to be a fundamental truth about how healing works in the human body is simply not what medical school was cramming down my throat. I paused my studies and my identity rapidly crumbled.

My ego howled from the perception of failure and loss: “From Harvard neuroscientist to medical school dropout? Pathetic.”

This was the best decision I ever made for myself.

Every day for several months, I meditated and performed Reiki on my situation and feelings of low self-worth and aimless wandering. I called forth every master I could energetically connect with to bring me clarity and resolve. The energy of desperation and fear of failure was at an all-time high.

Looking back, I recognize this was my ego levelling up, disentangling itself from an absolutist view on how I needed to go about being a healer. I just needed to follow the intuitive process and take the leap.

Through my Reiki meditations, I felt encouraged to share my story on a larger scale, reopen my own energy healing & health coaching practice, and I manifested a slew of acceptances to institutions that resonate with my mission of creating a new type of medical clinic – one for patients who are ready for the next era of medicine. I may go back to MD, I may not. Who knows (and who cares, frankly) — I never needed the degree to carry on my work. I will let my meditative introspections and Reiki guide me.

Like I said, transformation can be incredibly messy. At the same time, it can be equally rewarding.

So as we enter another Spring season, I encourage all who read this to embrace change and transformation, however it might present itself for you.

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Rod Bravo is a Reiki Master, energy healer, past life regression facilitator, personal enlightenment coach, Harvard-educated neuroscientist, and MD, MPH in training who shows others how to approach self-healing, self-mastery, self-love, and life fulfillment. Rod’s training in healing and psychic education draws from 11 years of meditation and study, performing Reiki at Harvard Medical School’s teaching hospital, Qi Gong, Mind-Body Medicine, the Silva Method, and a lifetime of healing experiences as a former patient.

Website: www.bravohealing.com 

RHA Profile: https://reikihealingassociation.com/directory/bravo-health-wellness/ 

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