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Life After Reiki 3

So, you’ve “mastered” Reiki and can now consider yourself among those who have demonstrated their understanding of the Reiki Principles and practice either through commitment, discipline,

Opening the Third Eye with Reiki Practice

I have had some clients concerned about recurrent frontal headaches and/or a feeling of pressure in the forehead, which is sometimes more prevalent during a Reiki session and then calms afterward, som

Visual Art and Healing

(image: Saddle by Janine Antoni)Visual images and contemporary art have always informed my understanding of reiki, energy work and soul realignment. Specific images resonate with who we are an

Healing Personal Power

Healing Personal Power By: Reiki Reverend, Antonio Dixon - Pollightways.comOur personal power, in all its glory, can come from a variety of places and manifest itself in a variety of ways....We

Reiki and the Seeker`s Journey

Reiki and the Seeker`s JourneyIt seems to be a fact that people are drawn to Reiki as and when the time and circumstances are right for them. As a Reiki student I saw this fact wr

Reiki Zen Meditation Music

[embed][/embed]Reiki Zen Meditation Music, is a beautiful relaxing piece of music that you could use as background music while you are meditating. You co

Reiki Music with a 3 or 5 Minute Bell or Chime

Playing Reiki Music during your Reiki Healing Sessions is a great way to help set the scene and create the right ambience in your reiki healing room. Reiki on its own, will of course

12 Things to Consider Before Joining A Reiki Association

Once you have completed your Reiki training and you are now either a Certified Reiki Practitioner or a Certified Reiki Master Teacher; you will need to switch your focus towards setting up your own Re